STOP CASSINI Newsletter #155 -- July 20th, 1999

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To: Subscribers, Press, Government Officials

Subject: A nation in mourning once again: STOP CASSINI #155

Date: July 20th, 1999

Time Frame: Cassini is scheduled to do the flyby of Earth August 18th, 1999 (August 17th in the USA) near Africa.

Today's Subjects:

(1) Once our nation's youngest hero, John John is gone:

It appears that the most likely cause of the crash that took our nation's brave little hero-boy, John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and her sister was that he became disoriented while flying less than a mile high in the fog and/or haze off Martha's Vineyard, while traveling out to the family estate. Fox News telephoto lenses proved unequivocally that the Kennedy's privacy was being invaded as they mourned once again, this time for three family members all taken too soon, all taken at once.

John John reportedly had had his flying license for only about 18 months and was not IFR (Instrument) rated -- he was only permitted to fly in VFR (Visual Flight Rules) conditions. The haze or fog obscured his ability to see the horizon, and his inexperience using the instrument panel to fly the plane probably cost him and his passengers their lives, and brought another tragedy to the Kennedy family and to the nation as a whole. Surely, despite his not being "in politics", this still-young man (not even 40) might have become president.

But such was not to be, and God help us, for who remains this year, let alone ten years from now or 20, when he might have made his first run for office?

One has to wonder what would have happened if John John had learned IFR flying on one of the many flight simulators available for PCs, which are extremely realistic if used with the proper equipment and determination, and very cheap and convenient compared to flying lessons, let alone compared to owning and operating a private plane.

One has to wonder what would have happened if he had been able to -- or willing to -- turn back when VFR flight became difficult, as pilots are all trained to do.

One has to wonder what happened -- how did what apparently was a perfectly good airplane, flown by an intelligent and athletic young man, suddenly descend to the oceans, leaving only a radar record showing the classic "stall/spin" descent?

It is already becoming certain that it happened simply because nobody is perfect, and so it behooves each of us to take a lesson from this and remind ourselves, that we have a duty to each other and to our nation as a whole, to work to reduce the risks to ourselves and to each other, and to become better citizens thereby.

(2) NASA can't get it up (again):

Despite the presence of the United States World Champion 1999 Woman's Soccer Team, presumably including that lovely kicker who is probably the World's Healthiest Human -- in body and mind, not to mention that adorable smile and those lovely choppers, with her tight stomach muscles and -- oh yeah, that beach blond hair. Nice legs too. I would try my wife's patience if I go on, other than to say, she appeared to be dressed from head to toe in "swoosh" -- Brandi Chastain.

But alas, even for Team USA, NASA failed to launch its Space Shuttle yesterday. Talk about a let-down. I never liked soccer, but penalty kicks are fun.

Sparks were flying alright at the base of the long, hard rocket, which was already vibrating gently all over -- gently, that is, in comparison to what was supposed to happen next. The on-board pumps were just seconds from feeding fuel to the flame-spurting nozzles of the Space Shuttle's giant, throbbing engines. The moment when space lust turns to full thrust was about to come.

But even the presence of Hillary Clinton couldn't stop NASA from pulling out in the end, turning off the sparks, and cutting off yet another romantic space flight, this time remarkable because it would have been the first time a woman took her rightful place sitting atop the symbol for America's strength: The tall, powerful, ram-rod straight rocket with flames coming out its back end.

As usual for this sort of thing, some Congressional members had come down to watch, too. They were no doubt disappointed, but they probably got to meet the soccer champs (and their moms) so it was hardly a wasted trip. (Besides, it kept them away from Washington and that's always good!)

NASA thinks the abort was for nothing: that it was just a faulty indicator, and there was actually no dangerous buildup of hydrogen gas inside Columbia's engine compartment. As for the payload, a huge telescope, it's expectant users are probably getting used to being left at the alter: It was supposed to go up in August of 1998 but software problems, hardware problems, and then rocket problems each previously prevented its departure.

NASA will try again in two days. At my age, it takes me that long to recover from a thing like that as well!

(3) FYI: Official EMP-related acronyms:

These EMP-related acronyms are from the same sources cited in item #4 (below) and are contained in the statement provided by Dr. Ira W. Merritt:

(JECH-RFW&P == Joint Economic Committee Hearing -- Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation)

----- CLIP FROM JECH-RFW&P , FEB 25, 1998 -----


----- END CLIP FROM JECH-RFW&P , FEB 25, 1998 -----

(4) The problem of non-nuclear EMP weapons (nukes are far worse)

On February 25th, 1998 a hearing was held of great interest to long-time readers of the STOP CASSINI newsletter who have been learning about the effects of a nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and other Radio Frequency (RF) weapons. I have selected statements I think are most relevant. To compare the effects of the non-nuclear weapons as discussed below with that from an single EMP burst high above the United States is not reasonable -- but only in terms of the extent of the damage. One might cover maybe an acre, or a square mile of area. The other would cover the ENTIRE country.

Joint Economic Committee Hearing -- Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation: Potential Impact on the Economy Wednesday, February 25, 1998:


James O'Bryon
Department of Defense

David Schriner
Electronic Warfare Association

Dr. Ira Merritt
Missile Defense Space Tech Center

Dr. Alan Kehs
U.S. Army Research Laboratories

Available two places. Here is the Cryptome site:

Also available here, in six separate html pages:

Quotes directly from the hearings follow:

From the statement of Mr. James F. O'Bryon, Deputy Director, Operational Test and Evaluation Live Fire Testing, Office of the Secretary of Defense:


"Recent defense guidance has made clear that other nations may very well choose to fight the U.S. asymmetrically, thereby avoiding a frontal assault on our forces in the more traditional war of engagement and attrition. Rather, they very well might choose to select a specific area of our potential vulnerability, for example communications, or information warfare, or other selective threat to attack us more effectively and efficiently. Recognizing that our nation, both militarily and commercially, is heavily dependent upon electronically produced, processed and transmitted information, it makes good sense to assume that rogue nations could easily try to exploit this potential niche warfare area to not only disrupt military command, control and communications but also to attempt to defeat our highly sophisticated military systems which rely increasingly on computers and their related software.

"Drawing much of their technology from the commercial world, our military systems, whether they be tanks, ships or aircraft are heavily dependent upon computers or computer components. They use computers to navigate, to communicate and to acquire and home on targets. In fact, some of our new fighter aircraft literally cannot fly without their computer controls. Destroying, disrupting, corrupting or interrupting computer components could be very serious. As our computers become more and more miniaturized, faster and more proliferated, it may become feasible to attack these platforms through their potentially soft electronic components. As Mark Twain once said, "If you put all of your eggs in one basket, you'd better watch that basket." "


From the statement by Dr. Ira W. Merritt, Chief, Concepts Identification and Applications Analysis Division, advanced Technology Directorate, Missile Defense and Space Technology Center, U. S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command:


"State of the art semiconductors are becoming more vulnerable to the effects of radio frequency energy as semiconductor features become smaller and smaller..."


Here is the statement of Dr. R. Alan Kehs Army Research Lab. From it we can deduce that even this apparently frank and certainly frightening discussion is but the tip of the iceberg, because the connection to nuclear power is unmentioned but all too obvious. To not discuss it is as if to look at a moose and call it a fly.

They pretend they are holding secrets from the American People because they want to hold those secrets from the Russians and other enemies, but the vast majority of the secrets they are holding, they are holding back because if YOU, dear fellow citizen -- if you, the FREE AMERICAN CITIZEN, knew the truth of how vulnerable our nuclear power plants are and what a tragedy it would be if they melted down, they know YOU WOULD BE OUTRAGED. Well, you should be! The devastation they are risking is obvious, and they can say nothing all they want, but I'm telling them, and I hope all readers will tell them, that Americans and citizens all around the world know the truth.

----- CLIP FROM DR. R. ALAN KEHS: -----

"In general, our security classification guide prevents us from discussing anything but the most generic concepts and severely limits the depth of discussion if we remain at the unclassified, full public release level. It is not deemed to be in our best interests to provide details on our programs or roadmaps to weapons development that might assist rogue states, terrorists and others who would eventually wish to use these weapons against us."


Lastly, here are a number of clips from the statement by Lieutenant General Robert L. Schweitzer U.S. Army (Retired)


To help set the stage, recognize with experts like a former NSA Director that we are the most vulnerable nation on earth to electronic warfare. This thought is echoed by a former CIA Deputy Director, and a former Deputy Attorney General who forecast that we will have an electronic Pearl Harbor if we do not accept a wake up call. Our vulnerability arises from the fact that we are the most advanced nation electronically and the greatest user of electricity in the world.

On the military side, as in the civilian sector, our current superiority is based on microelectronics. To prevail against us, an adversary must cripple, destroy or deny access to those same microelectronics. Can an adversary do so? Very likely, as this hearing will bring out. All of our military doctrine assumes extensive use of sophisticated electronics and communication systems to ensure information dominance and overwhelming battlefield success. As is the case with our civilian infrastructure and economy, our current dependence is large and will continue to grow. Because our battlefield success and the well being of our civilian economy--with which this committee is especially charged–-are so dependent upon the effectiveness of our microelectronic-based systems, we should fully understand any technology that might be used to defeat our systems. This is particularly true of the newly emerging threat of radio frequency weapons. And even more importantly, we must develop countermeasures before such weapons are used against us.


First of all, an RF weapon is one that uses intense pulses of RF energy to destroy ("burnout") or degrade ("upset") the electronics in a target. These weapons can be employed on a narrow beam over a long distance to a point target. They are also able to cover broad targets. They are categorized as high power microwave (HPM) weapons and ultra wide band (UWB) weapons.

The phrase non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse is sometimes used, because these weapons, which are indeed non-nuclear, project the same type of pulse we first learned of in conjunction with nuclear weapons. As a practical matter, a piece of electronic gear on the ground, in a vehicle, ship or plane does not really care whether it is hit by a nuclear magnetic pulse or a non-nuclear one. The effect is the same. It burns out the electronics. The same is true of the computers in this Senate office building, in industry, or on Wall Street.

There is another way these weapons can be delivered to a target, military or civilian. Here the term RF munitions, or RFM is used. Yet these too are properly called RF weapons. These small munitions contain high explosives that produce radio frequency energy as their primary kill mechanism. In the hands of the skilled Russian scientists, these munitions come as hand grenades, mortar rounds, or large artillery shells or missiles. Generally, they produce a short but very intense pulse. While not yet fully understood and with some uncertainties argued as to their capabilities, many scientists are convinced the weapons actually exist. Without making any claims as to what they can do, I offer the following list from open source FSU literature of some nine smaller RF munitions or weapons:

Some of these weapons are said by the Russians to be now available as a hand grenade, a briefcase-like object, a mortar or artillery round.


Applications or potential targets (like those of the larger High Power Microwave weapons) would include all military computers, circuit boards, or chips, of any description, and include the following key components of our military and national infrastructure. They would have equal impact on civilian targets with the advantage less power would be required. Recall that the term "infrastructure" lacks clear meaning, but would include things like:

This list of potentially vulnerable targets could and should be extended to include airplanes, ships, vehicles and the like. Of interest is the fact that we are doubly vulnerable because we are, and will remain, in an era of dual use of military and civilian systems. For example, 90% of our military communications now passes over public networks. If an electromagnetic pulse takes out the telephone systems, we are in deep double trouble because our military and non-military nets are virtually inseparable. It is almost equally impossible to distinguish between the U.S. national telecommunications network and the global one. What this means is that it is finally becoming possible to do what Sun Tzu wrote about 2000 years ago: to conquer an enemy without fighting. The paradigm of war may well be changing. If you can take out the civilian economic infrastructure of a nation, then that nation in addition to not being able to function internally cannot deploy its military by air or sea, or supply them with any real effectiveness--if at all.


We do know that the reduction in military spending by the FSU and many Western nations is prompting the defense industries of many countries to offer advanced weaponry to foreign customers to further their own research, development and industrial capabilities. This trend is almost certain to grow over the next 10 years.

From unclassified sources, we know that Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, China, Australia and France are well ahead in this field, while Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan and Israel are emerging and have ample details of the Russian work and of the proceedings of more than 20 years of international conferences. Without going into any classified matters one may reasonably infer that the pariah nations have similar interests and some certainly have the financial resources to develop or procure RF weapons.

Low cost per engagement All weather Instantaneous engagement times Simplified pointing and tracking Possible to engage multiple targets Deep magazines–simplified logistics (can "fire" or pulse as long as there is power in the generator) Non-lethal to humans when properly adjusted Well suited to covert operations because of lack of signature; deniability Not able to detect attacks; silent when used without explosive devices


If you are not frightened of what our nation is risking by accepting nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants when they are susceptible to all the above weaponry, and Y2K, and natural disasters like Earthquakes and tornados (YES, nuclear power plants can melt down if struck by any of these! Not to mention Tsunamis, space debris, exploding chemical cars on railroad tracks that run next to the nuclear power plants, and a thousand other things. Individually, sure, each is unlikely. But one EMP burst can ruin everything, and sooner or later the other problems will happen as well.

It is time for a change. This nation -- all nations -- need to wake up to the dangers we are building for ourselves, and work as quickly as possible to lesson those dangers where possible AND ELIMINATE THEM where necessary.

I am utterly convinced the United States could survive on 15% less electricity (nationwide average) for the 5 1/2 months it would take to SHUT ALL THE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS DOWN TODAY and have them shut down properly by Y2K. Nuclear power plants take months and months to bring them to a stage where they don't need constant and very demanding attention. They can't just be turned "on" and "off" like a light switch.

Right now, we face all the threats listed above, PLUS any potential Y2K problems, PLUS the problem of "what do we do with the waste" plus many other problems.

They are all solvable -- we can survive and grow as a nation WITHOUT threatening nuclear holocaust on anyone and without risking it on ourselves. But to do so, we have to face reality, and frankly, reality bites.

-- rdh

(5) More places to go for EMP-related information

The above links regarding the Electro-Magnetic Pulse were originally discovered in this huge list:

Still more RF weaponry information is available here. It will make you realize that NOBODY IS MINDING THE FORT!:

(6) Remembering the USS Forrestal, Gulf of Tonkin, 1967

On July 29, 1967 the non-nuclear U.S. Aircraft Carrier USS Forrestal (CVA 59) nearly burned itself to oblivion. 134 U. S. servicemen were killed when a fire started after a missile went off unexpectedly on deck. Had it happened belowdecks, the results would almost have surely been a complete loss of the ship. Had it been a nuclear carrier there would have surely been TWO meltdowns (since nuclear carriers have two nukes each).

----- CLIP FROM: -----

Subsequent investigation showed that the missile launch was caused by perturbation of electronic systems being subjected to a powerful electromagnetic field. One of the missile cables apparently had an improperly mounted shielded connector. When a shipboard radar illuminated it, RF voltages were developed in the degraded connector, resulting in a Zuni rocket being fired across the deck.

----- END OF CLIP -----

(7) From the mailbag: Comments about a letter to Democratic Republic of Congo:



Thanks for your email (shown below)! I've added some comments afterwards:

At 02:17 PM 7/18/99 -0400, Evelynn wrote:

Re: A letter to the leaders and people of the Democratic Republic of Congo: STOP CASSINI #154, July 17th, 1999

Dear Russell
I think that reaching out to heads of state is an excellent tactic. They will not receive from you the same feel good, "don't worry, be happy," garbage they get from our government.

It depends on how good their scientists are. The biggest problem we face is that their own uranium and plutonium proponents are probably just like ours -- they'll "hold the party line" on ALL THINGS NUCLEAR. Hopefully their REAL doctors -- the ones with compassion for their citizens -- will know the truth.

But, if the leaders turn to their nuclear "scientists" (who are usually really just "engineers"!) they'll get fed a line too, because they would rather protect their industry than their people! Although DRC has perhaps the best hydroelectric resources in the known Universe (my encyclopedia states they have an estimated "one eight of the world's hydroelectric potential"), they nevertheless have vast uranium mines (and thus, also have people that own them and profit from them and pay their bribes and salaries). That means they cannot look towards their own nuclear industry for an honest answer. If we have learned one thing in this Cassini battle, it is that the troops stick together. If it's anything nuclear they will support it and if it isn't they won't. Whether it's smoke detectors or power plants or x-ray machines or space probes, any of which we have the technology to replace with benign and more effective alternatives, nevertheless the pro-nuclear folk will always opt for the nuclear solution. (Okay, some x-ray uses have yet to find replacements, but those replacements ARE coming!)

Take smoke detectors, for instance. They are being made smaller and smaller, with non-nuclear components. When they get small enough and cheap enough, we can expect to see them by the score in each room of every well-built house in America. The average home right now has one or two, but what about when they are as cheap as night-lights and use just as little electricity? Then they will proliferate. But if they are nuclear-based solutions, then when they are themselves incinerated they will release their radioactive substance to the firefighters and the surrounding community (as they do now).

Take nuclear power plants. Please!

Take x-ray machines. Ultrasound and other far superior (even if still not perfect) replacement techniques have been around for decades now, yet the relatively cheap (if you don't have to pay for the radwaste for the rest of eternity) x-ray machine remains dominant, DESPITE ITS KNOWN DANGERS! How ridiculous, yet it is happening!


Of course none have said that, and they will all claim the reason is because being against Cassini at all is, they will say, illogical. Of course, it IS eminently *logical* to oppose Cassini, as any reasonable citizen can determine for themselves, and indeed, as many thousands or perhaps even millions, have. Despite the media blackout. Despite the pretend infighting that silences this critic and all the others who oppose this and wish to be heard. Right now, thousands of people a day are visiting the Stop Cassini web site. That's really very good! Yet we hear nothing on T.V. about it at all!

The Democratic Republic of Congo has signed a number of environmental treaties, but environmental treaties generally are notoriously weak and ineffective in the nuclear arena. Big, powerful forces don't want you to know the truth. And don't want to be seen doing their midnight dumping.

For example our own Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not handle most nuclear issues here in the United States! That alone, is an atrocity.

And my experience has been that whatever problems America has, other countries generally have ten times worse. If our EPA is useless, theirs is probably nonexistent!

The one bogeyman everyone agrees to is nuclear war. Even Jeff Nyquist claims he is opposed to nuclear war -- but supports the building and deploying of nuclear weapons, which cripple the country that builds them before crippling the country that gets attacked with them, before crippling and killing a soul here and a soul there scattered around the rest of the world for generations -- indeed, millennia. The nuclear dumping that has gone on over the years can only be stopped if a complete accounting -- in public -- is made. For example how can we clean up nuclear waste dumped at sea if we don't even know where it is? It's hard enough to find an entire small plane even when we know where it dropped off radar!

In the 50's the American People had to be sold a lie in order for them to embrace the nuclear future that was being offered them. Al Gore' dad was one of the main proponents of that lie, and thousands of others bought into in themselves for whatever reason -- usually just by assuming that things they were being told about the relative size of the dangers were true. But how many of the thousands -- hundreds of thousands -- of civilian and military nuke plant and weapons workers were really told the whole truth about what their plants and weapons were doing to them and to the rest of the world? Almost none! They were lied to in all phases of the operation. In the most recent example the U. S. Government downplayed the dangers (both to the soldiers AND to the public) of radioactive materials (D.U.) which was used by the Coalition Forces during the Gulf War (and by NATO in Yugoslavia too).

There are numerous records available which indicate the level of training that soldiers have traditionally received. Training booklets since the 1950's consistently understate, misrepresent, or completely ignore every important fact about radiation which we now know to be scientifically undeniable. Training films were even worse.

We now know:

(1) That spreading radioactive materials throughout the environment doesn't reduce the intensity of the effects on the human body, it just reduces the rate (how frequently) those effects occur among a given population. Therefore, it's NEVER a good idea to spread radioactive materials into the environment if it can be prevented.

(2) That it mutates living cells at the atomic level. The radioactive decay of a single atom is enough to mutate one (or more) cells.

(3) That radioactive decay is unstoppable -- it is a little tiny nuclear explosion!

(4) That the radioactive decay will occur at some time which is utterly unpredictable for a single atom, but highly calculable as a statistical average for a large batch of atoms.

(5) That the radioactive decay is just this: the atom simply shoots off a particle, and it's the speed and size of that particle that makes the difference -- NOT what the particle is (for alpha particles, for example, it's just a helium atom without any electrons. No big deal there. But put one inside your lung, being shot out of what was a micro-moment ago a virtually unbreakable bond -- a stable atom -- and the result can be a slashed and torn cell. Of course, sometimes nothing gets hit, and other times the slashes and tears kill the cell outright, or wound it in a way that is "harmless" to the rest of the body (you've got trillions and trillions of cells, but does that really mean you LIKE losing any of them to a NASA science experiment?). But sometimes -- and it's not known exactly how, but there's no doubt that it happens -- sometimes the alpha particle damages your DNA, which is the vital code that tells every one of those trillions and trillions of cells in your body what it is and what it does, and how to do things and when, and when to divide and when to divide again. And definitely, who wants THAT to get damaged? Your DNA is really your most valuable possession!

The American Public in the 50's were new to television and the endless dream of good times and high living it produces. The artificial Euphoria it induces, as it tells us each night that the worst thing WE have to worry about is a fire on Main Street, USA. And we, the people, are the drones who, because we can pick between a hundred stations now, think we are free.

Hughes Corporation runs ads (in Space News, for instance) for classrooms in the desert with computer screens hooked to satellites for teachers. Feel-good kinds of stuff. But what the students in the photo really need is a REAL teacher, and REAL computers, and REAL fiber-optic cables to the Internet, and an air-conditioned building to learn in. And a home with a floor to go home to. Not one of those 100 channels, with its mind-numbing Americana that never was, never is, and never will be, on it.

In other words, we are all still being sold a lie. A lie that we have helped the world in the past 50 years. We could have, but instead we exported nuclear power. We did this, after our own citizens in a thousand local efforts -- nay, 50,000 local efforts -- stopped them from building any more of them in our own country. They would have put one in every city in America if we had let them.

Instead we stopped letting them, so they started exporting them. Westinghouse and General Electric.

Thomas Edison used to electrically shock elephants to death at fairs. But he wasn't quite so awful a man as he sounds: He felt he was desperate to show people the dangers of that awful fire-starter, Alternating Current. If it could do this to an elephant, what could it do to YOU? Direct Current, his choice, had (and has) many advantages and when this country gets its act together and starts pulling toward the future, one thing it's going to do is cut down the voltage most houses receive from the street, to a low-voltage DC current and of course, some fiber optic cabling. THAT'S what the future holds! Low voltage houses that don't need plutonium or Americium smoke detectors!

But, instead we were sold a lie. A lie that we need nuclear power. Nuclear weapons. Nuclear food irradiation, nuclear medicine, nuclear fire safety devices and nuclear rockets of all sorts. But the most famous lie of them all was: "Nuclear Energy will be too cheap to meter!"

Hydroelectric had (and still has) a much better chance of that. But instead:

We bought the lie and what was then known as Zaire was one of the countries that "profited" from that decision, i.e., their "vast" uranium mines were exploited mercilessly, as were their uranium miners. In fact, in matters of scale, it is probable that DRC has already lost more people (miners and their families) to the nuclear holocaust of the last half of the 20th century than Cassini would cause, even coming right now upon them!

Do they know this? Do they deny it? Does it worry their leaders? Does it worry their people? Does anyone outside the Democratic Republic of Congo care? I think we all should care what happens to people inside the DRC, simply because they ARE people. For, every person is an equal part of the whole, which together is humanity.

Thanks again for writing!


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, California


(8) Is a Nyquist/Hoffman debate in the works?


At 07:31 PM 7/16/99 -0700, Geoff Metcalf wrote:
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 19:31:39 -0700
From: Geoff Metcalf (
To: "Russell D. Hoffman" (
Subject: Re: J. R. Nyquist is my bogey man tonight: STOP CASSINI #153, July 16th, 1999


Geoff Metcalf here. I host a daily radio talk show in San Francisco, and also have been a columnist for WorldNetDaily since January of 1998.

I am a 'constitutional conservative' and beyond that pride myself in focusing on WHAT is right or wrong rather than WHO.

I don't know if Nyquist will accept, but I will contact him if YOU would be interested in debating this EMP thing on the air. I can promise you an equally balanced and FAIR debate format. I've done a lot of these, and ALWAYS equally balance the time.

You would get 5 minutes..Jeff would get 5 minutes..You get 5 minutes to rebutt...he gets give minutes to rebutt. I ask some questions of both of you...listeners may call in (and I balance the pro/con listener queries). You each get 2 minutes to conclude.

Any interest??

Best regards,



----- MY RESPONSE -----


Thanks for your kind offer. I think I'm pretty much of a "constitutional conservative" myself, but everyone mistakes me for a "bleeding-heart liberal" because I care passionately about the environment and the underprivileged. Well, whatever.

I think the issue of America's vulnerability to a nuclear EMP is vital to the longevity and security of the nation. We need to think about it and do something about it, and I don't mean building more fallout shelters!

Personally, I think it's useless to even consider a debate with Nyquist: He hasn't been debating anything yet in the newsletter (though I wish he would!) so even if he agrees to show up, I fear you won't get a good repartee from it. So far, I've been called probably just about every vile thing Nyquist can think of, so that's what I expect he'll hit me with on your show, instead of the facts. Besides his insults, he has SO MUCH he has said which is contradictory, and not to mention flat-out wrong: 22 operating nuclear power plants in Yugoslavia? Non-nuclear EMP weapons are similar to a nuclear blast's potential effects? My motto is "Better Red than Dead"? He's made all these claims, and they are all silly.

However, I'm sure I have a good grasp of the real facts, and would be happy to defend my position in the format you've suggested, even against an enigma like Jeff Nyquist.

I only have a few minor stipulations which I hope you will not be put off by:

1) That I unequivocally will receive a tape of the broadcast, to be sent out within a week of the show. If transcriptions are normally made available, of course I would want that emailed to me as well for posting at my web site or other uses.

2) That Nyquist's audio feed be not significantly better than mine (which will be a standard phone line with a "Hello Direct" headset, unless you wish to make other arrangements).

3) That my Internet web site URL be given at least twice on the air and approximately as often as gets a plug that day. (You could say, perhaps: "Russell David Hoffman is a technologist, futurist, peace activist and the founder and editor of the electronic STOP CASSINI newsletter. For the past 15 years, as owner and programmer for The Animated Software Company, he has been writing educational computer software which is used in colleges, universities, schools, hospitals, doctors offices, and yes, folks -- he tells us his software is even used by nuclear power plant operators to train their staff. His personal web site can be found at the following URL: and he is listed in the most recent (1998-1999) Marquis Who's Who for Media and Communications and has presented to grant recipients of the National Science Foundation and many others on the uses of computers for training purposes" or something along those lines.)

4) That I have at least 24 hours notice of when you want to do the show.

5) I'm assuming it will be a live broadcast.

I hope you don't think these are outrageous stipulations. I look forward to hearing from you.


Russell Hoffman

----- END OF MY RESPONSE -----

We'll see what happens. If it's on, I hope I'm properly prepared for -- if not a battle of wits, at least a battle of half-wits.

-- rdh

(9) Reaching out: Find an Embassy and tell them what you think!

Here is a web resource which can lead readers to contact information for Embassies around the world:

----- CLIP FROM -----

"We are nearing completion of our searchable diplomacy database with over 50,000 addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of diplomatic posts worldwide..."

----- END OF CLIP FROM -----

(10) What you can do today to stop the Cassini flyby of Earth:

To learn about the absurd excuses NASA used to launch Cassini in 1997, ask them for the 1995 Environmental Impact Statement for the Cassini Mission, and all subsequent documentation. At the same time, be sure to ask them for ANY and ALL documentation available on future uses of plutonium in space, including MILITARY, CIVILIAN, or "OTHER" (just in case they make a new category somehow!). To get this information, contact:

Cassini Public Information
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena CA 91109
(818) 354-5011 or
(818) 354-6478

NASA states that they do not have the resources anymore to answer most emails they receive. Liars! They have $13 billion dollars to play with. They can answer the public's questions!

Here's NASA's "comments" email address:

Daniel Goldin is the head of NASA. Here's his email address: or

Here's the NASA URL to find additional addresses to submit written questions to:


Be sure to "cc" the president and VP and your senators and congresspeople, too.

Always include your full name and postal address in all correspondence to any Government official of any country.

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