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Here's the question: Is the United States' military engaged in a widespread "test" (or actual deployment) of a new technological "marvel", a real humdinger of an idea. Straight out of science fiction, but now technologically possible. Or was it just a head cold?

Sincerely, Russell D. Hoffman, Editor, STOP CASSINI NEWSLETTER

***** STOP CASSINI NEWSLETTER Volume #86 -- January 28th, 1999 *****
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****** VOLUME #86 -- January 28th, 1999 ******

By Russell D. Hoffman
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*** When is a biological weapon not a biological weapon? (Beat's me!)

For those who are new to this newsletter (at least since issue Newsletter #64 (March 25th, 1998) when we introduced him to our readers), William Thomas is an award-winning and widely published journalist who was one of the first to connect "Gulf War Syndrome" with the U. S.'s own biological weapons sales to Iraq AND the "cocktail" of agents our soldiers were injected with prior and during the war. The views expressed in his book, I believe, are now widely accepted, but he was one of the first, with an extremely well-documented account.

Mr. Thomas is a very straight shooter and meticulous in his cross-referencing. His is desperately looking for more information, as well as hoping we will act on what he has learned so far, by contacting him (at the email address given below) if we have any news ourselves, and perhaps more importantly, by contacting the government and demanding the full facts.

William has had many articles published in many mainstream Canadian newspapers and has won a number of awards in Canada and in the U.S.. This story will not sound straight, it is almost too fantastic to be believed, but it is technologically possible (I go into more detail on that issue below).

If Will Thomas is "on to" something, it's something very, very big.


Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 14:11:12 -0800 (PST)
X-Sender: (Unverified)
From: William Thomas

Hi Russell,

Pls fwd to everyone you can immediately. Thank you!


Something huge is going on. In many regions, I can confirm that hospital emergency rooms are filled to overflowing with a sudden epidemic of acute respiratory patients suffering from something doctors cannot diagnose - and that is NOT the flu. Newspapers in Bakersfield, California are reporting jammed emergency rooms. Here's a typical story from a North Carolina newspaper:

"FEELING ROTTEN? Outbreak of respiratory illnesses has doctors' offices full, but it's probably not the flu." by Rebecca Lentz, Staff Writer

"Call it the creeping crud. Call it a virus. Call it whatever you'd like. But whatever it is, it's miserable.

"Adults and children alike are down for the count with the virus. Upper respiratory infections are keeping doctors' offices hopping and the hospital seeing record numbers of patients.

"Medac, a walk-in clinic, has been busy with patients complaining of similar symptoms. New Hanover Regional's patient count has been at its highest level in history, with 503 of its available 504 inpatient beds filled on Jan. 7. On Sunday, the patient count stood at 454. Even so, the majority of illnesses aren't influenza, health officials said.


This much we know:

1. Reports of odd "contrails" are coming in from 22 states so far. Many sightings occurred months or years before this story was made public - prompting impromptu snapshots and video recordings and calls to the attention of friends and bystanders by people who are quite used to seeing commercial airplanes and normal contrails - and were astonished to see giant X's and grid-patterns woven "like Tic-tac-toe" by large aircraft criss-crossing the sky, often for hours over the same area.

2. These are not "contrails" being reported. The aircraft have been positively identified as USAF Boeing KC-135 and KC-10 air-to-air refueling aircraft spraying an unidentified substance from their tail-booms.

3. The observed tanker aircraft are not engaged in routine formation flying or air-to-air refueling. JP8 fuel inadvertently spilled or dumped to lower landing weights atomizes at jet speeds and does not fall as "cobwebs" observed by police officers and other reliable witnesses. Routine fuel dumping does not continue over hours by multiple aircraft weaving furrows over the same area until clear blue skies are completely hazed over.

4. Now occurring daily, this extremely expensive nationwide "spraying" is deliberate and laid down in specific patterns over hours.

5. These are not "cloud-seeding" activities as no clouds are present and local weather does not turn to rain immediately after these events.

6. In some notable cases, violent and unseasonal storms such as the recent flurry of "summer" tornadoes over Tennessee and heavy snowfall in Bakersfield, CA and Phoenix, AZ have occurred within days of documented (videotaped) spraying. Sharp "spikes" in power output from the USN/USAF "ionospheric heater" known has HAARP were recorded just before last December's "horizontal snowstorm", localized around Turret Peak, AZ. These weather anomalies - and HAARP - may be related to aerial spraying using fast-dissolving, "smart plastic" polymers to catch HAARP's high-intensity radio waves to heat the atmosphere. Or these may be separate experiments.

6. What is definitely known and verifiable is that thousands, quite possibly tens of thousands of Americans - and perhaps more - are becoming ill enough to seek medical attention after these fly-overs, which are continuing at a stepped-up pace as I write.

PLEASE get back on your network right away and ask your conscientious subscribers to once again come through for all of us and bombard their Congressional representatives with an avalanche of faxes and e-mails and phone calls demanding an immediate Senate and House investigation into the deliberate large-scale spraying currently going on across America. This is a national emergency.

Thank you, and all Americans concerned for the fate of their children and their country.

God bless you all,
William Thomas
Independent Investigative Journalist

Spraying story:
See also my 4-hour interview with Art Bell:


When is a biological weapon not a biological weapon? When it's "only" a carrier! What the government may be doing, is using HAARP to create a three-dimensional spider-web-like structure in the upper atmosphere. The energy from HAARP, in the upper atmosphere, solidifies the "smart polymer" (plastic) that they are apparently spraying high above our heads. It solidifies into long thin strands that look like spider webs but they disappear in a few hours and are (so far) nearly impossible to collect.

One of the callers who thought they might have been affected on the Art Bell show where Thomas appeared recently was from San Diego County, where I also live. I recall, within the last 10 days or thereabouts, wondering about an unusual number of spider threads one day. It seemed they were "everywhere", though I didn't think much about it (or go out much either).

Then, my wife and I both got sick with flu-like symptoms, over the past week. Our timing and symptoms appears to match what Thomas is writing about, although, being foolhardy mountainbikers (no, I haven't given up the sport after my last ride, though I haven't ACTUALLY ridden again either!), we simply jacked up on Vitamin C and weathered it out at home with lot of soft rags for tissues, rather than visit the doctor. I only get any sort of flu once or twice a decade, and it only lasted a two or three days. (A little longer for my wife.) We had to give up our Van Gogh tickets in Los Angeles, because of it! Perhaps I can sue the Government for that? (They did not go to waste, we gave them to a neighor who is a school teacher. Great paying job, that.)

I'm just one person, hardly a scientific study, (two, counting my wife, who didn't notice the spider threads, but did get sick), but it seems to me we have all been "dusted" (or "threaded") by the military -- the question is why?

There are two theories, one, that it is a test of weather control capabilities, and the other that it is a test of biological weapons delivery systems. Perhaps it is both.

In any event, it involves the spraying of vast quantities of some substance into the upper atmosphere. This would create a huge, very evenly dispersed cloud high in the atmosphere, which they apparently then (perhaps) electrically charge via the HAARP apparatus (if it exists).

This charge causes the polymer which was sprayed to condense, or connect to itself, in extremely long (and extremely thin) lines, which if you could see it, would be many cubic miles in volume and weigh almost nothing.

It then settles slowly to Earth, perhaps over a period of hours.

Such a thing, would completely cover a vast area. You would not be able to move anywhere without crossing the path of this manmade spider web if you went outside after it settled.

Why would anyone do this?

That is the biological weapons part of the question! The plastic that is sprayed out of the airplanes can have a wide variety of biological agents ATTACHED to it at will. It could be used for mass inoculations or just as easily, to spread a virus.

This may have been only a test, but apparently a lot of people got sick from it.

*** From the mailbag: More on Safe Mode

The next person has appeared in this newsletter before, and this is part one of a two-part presentation of his comments regarding newsletter #85. He is a space-related scientist at a major university. INCOMING EMAIL

I've got a few comments after reading your newsletter #85. The first one is fact rather than philosophy, regarding Cassini's recent "Safe Mode" episode.

you wrote:

If they are using reasonably standard computer terminology, it appears that, probably, there was a hardware failure of the CPU or memory chips, which caused the software to reboot the system. That's how I read "System Fault Protection placed the spacecraft in a safe state", translating it first into standard geek-speak (which I am quite familiar with, having spoken it for nearly 20 years) and then into English (42 years' experience, 43 if you include prenatal listening). It could just as likely be a software error wherein their system software lost track of what was where. You just can't tell from what they've given us, and all this speculation assumes it's in, like I said, standard geek-speak. With NASA, who knows?

All satellites and space probes have a Safe Mode of operation. In Cassini's case, the theory is that the star tracker (one type of optical instrument used to determine orientation) lost contact with where it though it should be looking. This caused the on board computer to enter Safe Mode, one part of which is to place the probe in a pre-determined orientation with respect to the sun. NOTHING I've read from the NASA information indicates there was some sort of hardware failure.

you wrote:

So, first they issue a command via the software control program and ground control to fire the thruster. Then, they issue a command to STOP firing the thruster. But what if another System Fault Protection occurs between the "fire" command and the "stop firing" command? Simple: No STOP FIRING command gets issued! How autonomous is the thruster? (Will it keep firing without a command sequence telling it to?) I don't know. But I do know that every step of the process, the software, the hardware, everything, was made by humans. I've yet to meet the perfect human. (Though I certainly hope to, some day.) Clementine, another NASA probe, suffered an extended burn of its thrusters and was lost to all useful science.

Actually, they issue a command to fire the main engine for a predetermined number of seconds. If Cassini entered Safe Mode during this burn, the thruster would turn off. If, after this burn, Cassini's course is incorrect, there will be plenty of time for another burn. In fact, there will be three "trajectory correction maneuvers" between the middle of July and August 11th, prior to the Earth swingby on August 18th.

Here is the NASA info on what caused Cassini to enter safe mode:
Engineers have determined that a particular geometry that the spacecraft experienced during a very slow roll maneuver was responsible for placing it into "safe" mode Monday, January 11. The spacecraft's fault protection software was triggered when the attitude and articulation control system detected a larger-than-expected change in its estimate of the spacecraft's orientation, or attitude. The spacecraft's measured orientation is constantly compared to its predicted orientation, and even a very slight variation for a short period of time will cause the attitude control system to re-establish its attitude. This is accomplished by entering into "safe" mode.

In this particular case, one star was very near the edge of the stellar reference unit's field-of-view. This contributed to a larger-than-normal error estimate and, because of the particular geometry and roll rate, the error persisted for longer than the 50 seconds required to activate the safe-mode response. In safing itself, the spacecraft re-initialized the attitude estimate and placed itself in a thermally safe orientation to await further commands from Earth. Such fault protection software is used on all of NASA's robotic planetary spacecraft, and is designed to ensure that the spacecraft halts non-critical activity and maintains its telecommunications link with Earth whenever an unexpected event has occurred. The spacecraft was never out of touch with Earth, as communications continued through Cassini's low-gain antenna."

The post date of this info was the 15th of January. Your newsletter is dated 18 January. Why isn't this info in it?


(The next section of his email will be presented and answered in the next issue of this newsletter).

The information he quotes is indeed from a followup report I had missed. Oops.

I love how he says "If Cassini entered Safe Mode during this burn, the thruster would turn off." Such confidence!

Have you ever had a computer lock up with the speaker still pumping out whatever the last note it was commanded to play was? This "fault protection software" that sounds so good -- it means we had to rely, for a little while, on one "low-gain antenna" as the only reliable link to Earth. For a little while.

Sure, all their systems have backup systems, but I contend, that humans made the systems, and humans tested them, and these statements I've just had quoted at me, surely show in almost plain English (as close as NASA ever gets, anyway) that humans did INDEED make errors (in describing the geometry of the spacecraft itself to the software that interpreted what the star imaging lenses report).

So I think this, like the Titan IVA that blew up last August, is pretty clear proof, once again, that Cassini was folly.

*** From the mailbag: Immediate threats, long term threats and band aids

At 01:38 AM 1/29/99 -0500, E wrote:
Please add me to your Stop Cassini Newsletter.

I thought I heard on the radio that the craft was malfunctioning and a special meeting of scientists was being convened to deal with public fears in August.

Have people discussed contingencies:

gas masks
aloe vera juice
preemptive iodine uptake (kelp, etc.)
simple decontamination procedures


Thank you for subscribing to the (free, electronic) STOP CASSINI newsletter. There was indeed a problem with the probe, which caused the probe to "reset" itself. It will be further discussed in the next newsletter, which will be out later tonight.

Regarding your suggestions, no, no one's thought about these sorts of things! That is to say, there are no official plans for anything like that. There are no plans to be prepared to fly in whatever relief might be needed anywhere in the world. In fact, the only preparation I know of is that they have placed the entire operation under the Price-Anderson Act, which limits government liability to less than $10 billion dollars domestically and only $100,000,000 outside the United States -- not even enough to air-lift the iodine or whatever they might need. Barely enough to airlift enough geiger-counters to the general area that might be affected, in order to figure out where to bring in the "antidotes" (which have only a limited value, anyway).

As we get closer and closer to the actual date, the odds undoubtedly do indeed approach the mythical "one in one million" that NASA predicts. Indeed, in the final hours before the flyby, we will (hopefully) practically KNOW that it has missed us -- the first time. But the threat is not over even then.

The problem, is that at any moment, the probe can go dead. It can be hit by space debris. It can have a bug in it's operating system that causes it to shut down -- and never restart. These things happen -- with surprising and startling regularly -- to space probes. They explode for no known reason, disappear, go silent forever.

In 1998, a typical year, for instance, 8 satellites broke up. Seven involved vehicles launched prior to 1991 (Source: The Orbital Debris Quarterly News, January 1999, Page 5, Volume #4, Issue #1). These data indicate that satellite (or probe) breakup can happen at any time.

If Cassini does this, that is the real problem. Then the probe will be flinging about the solar system for perhaps months, years, decades, even perhaps centuries, before it (without any warning) might slam into Earth, which would be terrible for whoever is around then (The half-life of plutonium 238, the majority of the plutonium on Cassini, is 87.75 years. It has a containment system, of some limited value. But that containment system has not been tested for it's effect over long periods of time such as decades or more. (Source: NASA 1995 EIS for the Cassini mission.)

Our immediate worry is not just the flyby, but the whole operation. Right now, the probe is a threat. If it stops responding to our calls, it is lost.

Anyway, on the other hand, a good discussion of what one might do is probably well worth engaging in, not only "just in case", but for all the other nuclear assaults the human race has subjected (and continues to subject) the human race too.

Lastly, I haven't heard about a gathering of scientists in August. Please let me know if you hear anything more definite.


Russell Hoffman
STOP CASSINI newsletter

*** From the mailbag: Is Cassini crippled and heading towards Earth?

INCOMING EMAIL At 10:57 PM 1/28/99 -0800, S wrote:
Dear Mr. Hoffman,

My boyfriend said he heard on the radio today that Cassini was heading towards Earth, "crippled."

Can you tell me what that means, please?

Best regards,




Thanks for your email (shown). My next newsletter, due out later tonight, does give a bunch of new information which may interest you and/or your boyfriend relating to the issue. I would say that your boyfriend is not entirely wrong -- indeed, Cassini had a problem last week that caused it to reset itself according to preset conditionals -- in other words, it appears to have rebooted itself. Is it STILL crippled or was it an anomaly that will not happen again? Who knows? Certainly not NASA! Their latest report simply states, "The Cassini spacecraft is in an excellent state of health and is operating nominally." Whatever that means.

As to where it is aimed, it is currently aimed towards Venus, for a late June flyby of that planet. If it were to "go dead" now, for instance, it seems to me entirely possible that it would do that flyby anyway, unassisted. It is, after all, undoubtedly aimed at the spot near Venus where they wish it to go. After that flyby, it will be left traveling much faster, and aimed slightly off from us (NASA makes a big deal about how much the "bias" is, but it's really a very small amount. Ask them, for example, how much fuel they expect to burn to "correct" the "bias" in the last 10 days of the flight. That will give you a very accurate indication of the tiny nature of this so-called "bias"!).

About eight weeks after that second Venus flyby (there has been one already), the probe, with its 72.3 pounds (launch weight) of (mostly) Pu 238 and Pu 239, will do a flyby of Earth -- us. That comes up in August (probably the 19th, but I suggest asking NASA directly for the exact time and date).

So I would tend to agree that your boyfriend has described the situation more or less correctly, if somewhat briefly. My elaboration is fractional as well, because after all, NASA sent me about 1000 pages of documents I had to wade through to understand exactly what game they were playing. It's pretty slick.

Thanks for writing!


Russell Hoffman
Stop Cassini Newsletter


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Welcome new subscribers!

Thanks for reading,
Russell D. Hoffman
STOP CASSINI webmaster.


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