Y2K Is Coming

Copyright (c) 1999

Written by Russell D. Hoffman, September 30th, 1999

Y2K is coming
By Russell D. Hoffman
September 30th, 1999

Y2K is coming
of that you can be sure,
and the tune that some are humming
is "we haven't found a cure".

Lies may come and lies may go
but the truth remains forever.
Y2K could be quite a show --
and it's more certain than the weather.

Everywhere there are signs
of turmoil, strife and trouble.
Accidents there, corruption here (and fines) --
a bursting nuclear bubble.

For those who haven't heard about
what dangers we all face.
Let me tell you with no doubt
the facts about the case.

Everything's on hair triggers
and fear is growing daily.
But there are those who say "who cares?"
(and media lizards are quite scaly).

Facts abound to say, "be warned" --
"THIS is your final warning!"
And those who once were cruelly scorned
are with new facts this morning.

In Japan, whom we did bomb
to smithereens in World War Two.
A nuke fuel process went all wrong
and irradiated workers -- a dozen or two.

Yesterday it was the same,
new tragedies were reported.
And as they figured out the blame
"It's the mindset!" we retorted!

Leslie Brown, 28, of York, PA,
came down with thyroid cancer.
She may not live to see the day
Those who killed her accept the answer.

Low Level Radiation kills
as well as does the big stuff.
Anyone who says different fills
You with useless lies and kids' stuff.

Tomorrow you will have a choice
of what you want to do.
If you wish to add your voice,
I need yours and everyone's too.

So far, so bad -- no matter what I say
this message has been drowned out.
But in 92 days -- on Y2K
Everyone will have found out.

Why have I tried, and tried, and tried
to warn the world of what's up?
Because today I cried for those who died
and can no longer say they're fed up!

I speak for Leslie Brown et al --
I speak for my dead brother.
I wish to speak for those yet unborn
and for even every other!

If anyone can prove me wrong --
the message I have brought us
Let them step forth and bang their gong
And say what God has wrought us.

Copyright (c) September 30th, 1999 by Russell D. Hoffman.

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