There's no time

Copyright (c) 1999

Written by Russell D. Hoffman, October 5th, 1999

There's no time
by Russell D. Hoffman
October 5th, 1999

What will you do when there's no time?
Asked the peasant of the great thief.
When the bills fall due and it's a Federal crime
will you THEN turn over a new leaf?

As people begin to understand the consequences
of having let you destroy our lives,
there will be hell to pay -- this goes way beyond mending fences --
We have felt the pain of a thousand knives.

What next?

Is your turn coming? Is mine?
What are the worst effects?
Of the nuclear bottom line --
It's cancer, leukemia, and birth defects!

Yesterday, Patch Adams disrobed to the buff
But this isn't a Hollywood movie.
At this rate Y2K stories will be fascinating enough
Even if everything runs smoothly!

Helen Caldicott probably looked terrific too
Marching naked through San Francisco.
50 distinguished scientists turning blue
Made the back page of my paper in San Diego.

There were no pictures.
Tell me this isn't censorship.
Corporate news follows certain strictures
And certain titillating topics they worship.

Nukes isn't one of them.

No matter the protestors were famous and brilliant
scientists and doctors loved by all people.
It was a coordinated effort by media ants
To stop the world from seeing past the steeple.

The Demon Hot Atom, whom crazies do worship
And call their worshiping "science and technology".
But even they, too, must go down with the ship
As their demon destroys ALL biology.

Young Oppy made a huge demon of death in a blazing hot hell
A flaming mass bigger than all but a sun
Now each of us dread the little demon as well
And all the ill things it has done.

It's wrecked our democracy
And it's ruined our health
And as it kills both the strong and the lazy --
It even destroys our wealth.

And it pollutes everything
and it ruins the land
and it harms the animals
and it has got to go before Y2K
and either it has less than three months to live --
or we do.
Humans and the demon hot atom do not belong
on the same planet.
But we are.
Woe is us.

Copyright (c) 1999 by Russell D. Hoffman
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