From: Russell D. Hoffman
Date: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 11:23:20
To: Dr. Helen Caldicott
Subject: Dusting Iraq -- A COCKTAIL OF DEATH FOR EVERYONE -- Let's Discuss It.
George Bush the Tyrant intends to release 3,000 weapons -- many if not most
made with Depleted Uranium -- against Iraq in the first 48 hours of his
"war" ("ruthless slaughter" being a more accurate term). This dastardly
plan was initially revealed a few weeks ago, but has suddenly become
front-page news today.

Let's discuss it.

With Command-&-Control surely among the first targets, Saddam Insane will
have no way to command his troops to surrender while this onslaught goes
on, even if he wants to. Even if he survives.

Bush will have no intention of stopping the bombardment, anyway.

It will be an event unparalleled in history, roughly equivalent in
destructive power to all the years of bombing during WWII, or to all of

It will drive sane people crazy. It will be designed to produce decades of
suffering, as the wounded will have to be cared for with no electricity, no
running water, no fuel, no food, no medications, no bridges, no airports,
and no young strong healthy men to do the work that will need to be done,
the first few hundred of these bombs undoubtedly being "Daisy Cutters" and
"Long Sticks" which will wipe out 80% or 90% of the Iraqi Army, maiming the
rest horribly -- just for sheer terror, this will be done.

The "military advantage" gained will be nil, since the current military
advantage is already utterly overwhelming.

The dust alone from this operation will kill tens of thousands of old
people, young people, and people with weakened immune systems, such as from
HIV, or from prior radiation or chemical exposures.

That's JUST the dust -- not including the Depleted Uranium and other
dangerous chemicals in the weapons. And it's also not including the
dangerous chemicals in the targets the weapons hit.

In the end, it will be the infants who will suffer most.

The dust storms from this operation will spread all around the world.

If Bush the Maniac is actually RIGHT -- that Iraq has hundreds or even
thousands of Chemical, Biological, and maybe even Nuclear weapons, there is
NO WAY this vicious U. S. attack will succeed in DESTROYING all these
weapons in this one massive remote-controlled air assault.



Bush the Aggressor may be unleashing a fatal blow to MILLIONS or TENS OF
MILLIONS around the world by this action. These deaths will occur later,
probably mostly in rainy areas, because rain tends to clean the air of

Bush will be able to deny every one of them during his lifetime, but
history will see BUSH as THE TERRORIST if he does this!

Please send this email far and wide -- tell the President we don't want any
more of his massive assaults on humanity. We don't want his pitiless
aggression. We don't want to pay the moral debt he is incurring in the
pursuit of oil and global capitalism, which he calls Democracy, but in fact
is anything BUT democracy.

Our nuclear power plants and the waste they've created -- and continue to
create every day, at the rate of about 10 tons a day -- make America TOO
VULNERABLE for this sort of MADNESS. We MUST be the Nation of Peace if we
are truly to be the Nation of Freedom. In war, there is no freedom, and
Bush the Child has us now in a Perpetual State of War.

Russell D. Hoffman
Senior Air Quality Advisor
Planet Earth
HQ: Carlsbad, CA, USA

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Dear Readers,

If words had wings, I am delighted to say that this morning's essay ("Dusting Iraq") would be an eagle.  But can it stop a war?

Below are three responses and a reprint of the original essay.  If you have not passed that document around yet, please do so!  Media should feel free to reprint the essay as well.

Not that any will, of course...

Thank YOU for reading!


Russell D. Hoffman
Senior Media Censorship Analyst
HQ: Carlsbad, CA, USA




At 01:56 PM 3/5/2003 , "sherryl-annette" <> wrote:

Re: Permission to copy your work

I am impressed with your web site and the information you have on it. I have just put in my diary on the following that came in my email.
I will promptly remove it if you would like. I posted it to let people know about the nuclear and about your site.
Then I made another entry giving only the URLs where the readers may go check things out for themselves.
I am asking for your permission to have used your work.
Here is a copy of the entry in my diary. The following entry is about the URLs for your site that I wish to keep and have others see.
You are welcome to check out the diary.
Thank you
sherryl-annette snyder


Re: Permission to copy your work (granted with pleasure and honor!)

Dear Ms Snyder,

Thank you very much for your email -- I'm delighted and very honored that you have included "Dusting Iraq" in your online diary.

That item just kind of "popped out" when I got up this morning and read the front page of my local paper, and then thought for an hour or so about what it might be like if Bush does this awful thing.

I'm reading WINGS OF DEATH right now, by Dr. Chris Busby.  It paints a horrific picture of just how much damage low-level particulate (microscopic) manmade radiation is doing to humans.  On CSPAN recently, Dr. Caldicott said children are 20 times more susceptible to radiation than adults.

I believe the sane world needs to come together and rise up in unison against those who promote nuclear war, nuclear power, nukes in space, and other nuclear "solutions" to the world's many problems, all of which are solvable through diligence, sharing, hard work, and the honest exchange of ideas.  (Nuclear fits exactly none of those criteria.)

Thanks again,

Russell D. Hoffman
(Author of "Dusting Iraq")
Carlsbad, CA


To: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: Re: Dusting Iraq -- A COCKTAIL OF DEATH FOR EVERYONE --  Let's Discuss It.
Mr. Hoffman,
Your well reasoned letter is just the sort of thing that should be on every American's mind. I know that B2 wants to kill a whole lot of little brown people to punish them for having the dictator we picked for them; but, I think he ought to give it another thought since the uranium in the air might reach us in the US. I guess we could blame it on Canada, eh?
I'm going to check with my crack TV weatherman, Gary England of Oklahoma City's own Channel 9, "More Local - More Meaningful" and see what he says about how long it will take for the uranium dust to get here. I'm sure his crackerjack radars can see around the curve of the earth to see it coming. I'll report back, he's doing a cast right now about the increasingly approaching tornado season.
I called my local army surplus store and they say that the itty-bitty dust pieces of "uranium oxide" are too small to be caught by gas masks, that the uranium passes right through. But he said that then we would have our own personal internal radiation source.
I guess this is the "glow in the dark" thing that every talks about. Not good, I think.
Mr. Hoffman, isn't there any way to make a gas mask that we can get that will catch the uranium dust? Surely, if we are going to bomb the top 20 feet of Iraq with uranium bombs, our government ought to give us uranium-dust masks that work. In designer colors, too, since everybody has to get one.
I'll get back to you on the weather report. I'm sure Gary will know how long it will take for the uranium cloud to reach us.
Bob Nichols
Oklahoma City
Home of the Original Big Terrorist
Bombing in the United States Memorial
5th & Hudson, Downtown OKC

[[[ Note: Considering the reported failure rates on military-grade gas masks, I'd say we're SOL on this one.  Fortunately for us (not so fortunate for everyone between Iraq and us), the dose will be relatively low by the time it reaches us in the US.  Thank goodness for us that Bush isn't bombing Canada or Mexico (yet)!  The distance between Iraq and here isn't so great, though, really, and it certainly doesn't mean there will be no deaths in America directly caused by chemicals Bush releases in his massive assault.  However, the deaths will probably be widely scattered and their exact cause will be impossible to prove.  At best, after decades of people dying, they might realize there's a cluster of leukemias somewhere, or something, but they won't trace it back to a rainfall a few weeks or months after BUSHWHACKER #2 hits Iraq.

I'm sure that wearing a gas mask permanently is not particularly healthy, either.  It could take years for this stuff to finish falling out of the sky -- the first time.  Then, it gets inhaled or ingested by various animals, and plants absorb various elements, and fires, wind, and rain (and sewage, and so forth) spreads it around, and around, and around.

Bottom line:  Breath deep now, because you might not want to later. -- rdh ]]]


At 03:17 PM 3/5/2003 , DAN GHIOCEL wrote:

Dear Mr Russell D. Hoffman,
I received and read your email regarding the Iraq war.
While I already know the facts in the email, I wonder if anybody is listening out there. I think there is a degree of drunkness of power out there " The world is against us, a lot of people are against what we are doing,  but we are so great and powerful that we go ahead anyway!." Of course, I wish you luck in your struggle for peace!
Dan Ghiocel


Dear Dan,

Thank you very much for your email.  If I knew what else I could possibly do but continue to complain, I'd do that too.  Perhaps I'm supposed to go to Baghdad right now.  My wife even has some old "frequent flier" miles I could use, which might expire unused otherwise!  Of course if I thought my presence could stop a war, I'd go in a heartbeat.

I've always wanted to visit the cradle of civilization, ever since I read about "Mesopotamia" (now called Iraq) as a student in about the 4th grade, nearly 40 years ago.-- it looks so beautiful (I understand its climate is a lot like California's), and the people have always seemed so friendly and down-to-earth when they are interviewed on TV.  And they don't even seem to hate us, even after BUSHWHACKING #1.  These are probably really good people.  Most of them.  The vast majority.

Perhaps Dr. Caldicott will join me and we can stop in at the Vatican along the way.

Thanks again for writing!


Russell D. Hoffman
Senior Peace Negotiator
HQ: Carlsbad, CA, USA



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