What YOU can do to help stop Cassini

by Russell D. Hoffman

Copyright (c) 1997

"The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". -- Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Many people ask me what the best thing is that they can do to help stop Cassini and other nuclear nightmares. I wish I knew the best answer to that, but here is some correspondence on the subject...

I recieved this message after Newsletter #4 went out:

Dear Russell,

Thank you for your clarity of mind. It is good to see that you are remaining positive and objective regardless of the critism of those less educated about the matter than yourself.

You are a light at the end of a horrifying tunnel. A tunnel I have been in for quite some time since I educated myself on the grim reality of the waste aspect of nuclear technology.

Thank you for being an inspiration. You make me proud to be an American.

[Next is an enclosure the above author included in her email...]


Subject: Cassini mission

My name is Beverly Cook. I am in the Office of Nuclear Energy in DOE and I am team leader in the group that has responsibility for DOE's involvement in the Cassini mission.

First, a great deal of information is available on the Cassini mission in the NASA/JPL home page.

I will not repeat the information that appears on this home page. The home page does give explanations on why NASA decided they need nuclear power sources for the Cassini mission, the history of the use of nuclear power in space, and information on the construction, testing and safety of the radioisotope thermoelectric generators to be use for Cassini.

Please review the home page information. If you have further questions, you may send them directly to me, Beverly.Cook@hq.doe.gov

Here is my answer...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your comments. You probably cannot overestimate how much they mean to me...

As to the letter from Beverly Cook of the DOE, I suggest you write to her again and SPECIFICALLY state that you have carefully reviewed the EXACT documents which she is refering to (if indeed you have, and you probably have) on Cassini, and have also reviewed the opposition documents (both Karl Grossman's and mine).

Then simply start pointing out the questions you have, SPECIFICALLY, one by one, until your fingers tire from typing. Then print it out a few times, and send it to her, and "cc" the President. ALSO send it by email.

I have already TORN TO SHREADS a number of their documents as you know -- ask her what NASA and DOE's responses are to my allegations, especially that the RTGs are specifically designed to incinerate. Just to see what they say. But try to make them really answer! Ask them to specifcally prove to you that the RTGs are NOT designed to incinerate, considering all the logic that's been presented which indicates they are. Tell her you believe that my arguments are "compelling" or some such thing--however you feel, just tell her.

What Cook has done in her email is twofold: First, it is a delaying tactic because each chain of correspondence adds days or even weeks to the process -- and Cassini launches in about 170 days or something -- maybe less, I haven't counted lately. Second, she is sending you to documents which are shear and utter nonsense and which are shear and utter propaganda -- and she may not even know she is doing that! She will discount my RTG theory herself -- instantly -- but probably will not dare read it or will not dare think that it's so obvious -- anyone can understand it. Tell her that if I am wrong, you are calling on DOE and NASA to prove it -- to all of us. Call for a Congressional hearing. Call for justice.

We are a Nation under siege by undemocratic, dishonest forces. Somehow, we MUST reach the President--he was elected. He works for us. He signs off on Cassini. He must not be allowed later to truthfully say "My God, if only I had known!" He must learn the truth while we still have a President I believe we can trust -- at least, I think so -- more than I care to admit! So whatever you do, whatever you send or email to any government agency or official, be sure to ALWAYS 'cc' President Clinton. Many of us voted for him (including me) -- this is the most important support he can have. Also, 'cc' all your other elected officials. They are hardly likely to all be part of a conspiracy. They want the truth, and they want to present the truth to others.

Truly, as you say, I too am proud to be an American. But how did the balance of power shift so thoroughly from the people (who I am proud to be one of) to huge, dishonest and secretive government agencies, war machines, corporations, and media? I CANNOT BE HEARD -- only people passing my documents around on the Internet will get the voice out -- because every one of these powers is aligned against me -- and a few others, besides. Paranoid? Just practical. GE and Westinghouse own NBC and CBS. GE is a major contributor to PBS. All the Space Reporters with access to NASA all love NASA. I'm pretty well shut out.

Make no mistake about it -- these are among the most powerful forces on the planet. America has something like 50,000 nuclear warheads, the Russians have 30,000 or so -- and now both sides are working together to dominate the planet. It is Russian plutonium we are using in Cassini, for example. This 'nation under siege theory' is not the idle speculation of a cult leader. I can't even lead a horse to water. I have no cult, I have no group. I have no followers. I am a lone voice. I am just a 'naked' observer of the situation -- but I (and others far more educated than I) think that perhaps, I do see some truths.

In outer space, and here on Earth, truth must rule the Universe. If NASA is so right, why are they so dishonest about it? (Refering not just to the RTG affair, but to the whole 36 count "indictment" article, and to all the other items at the web site.) I want my questions answered! And you, too -- you have been shoved aside by Beverly Cook. Shove back.

How did this horrible state of affairs come about? I don't know. BUT I HAVE A THEORY. Complacency. We let it happen. We are letting it happen. And they are very good at manipulating media and public thought. They are very good at brushing you off with an 'answer'. Very, very good at it. We all have to break out of that thinking and be free again.

What can we do about it?

Well, for starters, I guess we all need to COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN! And reach out to others and get them to complain. And not settle for non-answers that appear in the guise of answers, as your email from Beverly Cook does.

Reprint this message everywhere! I will tell it from the mountains! I will tell it from the valleys! And when I am gone, I will YELL it from the grave! I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!


Russell D. Hoffman


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