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by Russell D. Hoffman Copyright (c) 1997

Monday (April 7th, 1997) I read the following item which had been clipped from a recent NASA press release by a friend of mine:

In September, 1995 the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) formally asked [Dr.] Ernest Sternglass to document the basis for his claims about the NASA and DOE analysis. Dr. Sternglass was contacted again in May, 1996, via registered letter, and asked again to validate his claims. He has not responded to either letter.

Then I went to the post office, and there, waiting for me, was a package from NASA containing the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Cassini Mission. Sent via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. Hmmmm.

So I called Dr. Sternglass.

Here's what he had to say:

"They could have looked up all my articles, they had all my references. When you inhale radioactive plutonium it's 100's to 1000's of times more dangerous than ingesting it."

Dr. Sternglass is writing a book about his "work on particles, theory, that sort of thing". So why didn't he respond to NASA's letter? Actually, the question really is, why didn't NASA refer to Dr. Sternglass's previously published, fully refereed reports? Or to Dr. Sternglass's many books, one of which is even available on the Internet? And, Dr. Sternglass had already forwarded much of this material to NASA in the past.

"[NASA] could have gotten all of this information."

So why was NASA asking Dr. Sternglass to provide additional answers? Why won't NASA look at the scientific research that he and others have already done?


A study by Dr. Sternglass and others showed that 55 of 60 nuclear sites had increased cancers surrounding them, and they found that the data was "highly statistically significant".

Dr. Sternglass continued:

"THE ENEMY WITHIN by Jay M. Gould in cooperation with [Dr. E. J. Sternglass], Joseph J. Mangano and William McDonnell contains a summary of all our work showing how the government vastly underestimated [the effects]. 300 some pages, with maps and detailed graphics because Dr. Gould got Breast Cancer studies for ALL the counties in the UNITED STATES--something like 3,000 counties. And graphed it against DOE facilities.

"He found that there is a significant health effect ... especially in the downwind areas.

"The book is full of references to other literature, including in the Government's own publication -- the Journal of the Institute of Environmental Health. In it, Dr. Wing and others at the University of North Carolina concluded again that there was a significant increase in cancer and lung cancer specifically around Three Mile Island. I think they also studied Leukemia."

Dr. Sternglass then went on to discuss how NASA estimates the danger from radiation:

"They make the risk estimates at 10,000 to 50,000 mrad, instead of at 5 mrad."

At those high doses, the effect flattens out -- that's why they choose to try to extrapolate from that level of radiation poisoning, rather than look at the actual effects low-level radiation poisoning has been shown to have!

Dr. Sternglass discovered all this in 1963.

He sent his paper in June 1963 to Congress, so they knew. Adds Dr. Sternglass, "Especially about the risk to newborn and In-utero, Infant mortality... All this is described."

Dr. Sternglass sent this book to NASA, with a letter, which (of course) they haven't put on the Internet. He also sent a copy to the guys at JPL.

Dr. Sternglass continued:

"The effects of low levels of radiation poisoning is far more serious, by factors of 100's to 1,000's than the high-rad stuff they cite. There just was a meeting in Portsmouth, England. The International Workshop on Radiation Exposures by Nuclear Facilities. Subtitle Evidence of the Impact on Health. 9-12 July 1996 Portsmouth England. Sponsored by the German Society for Radiation Protection, which is an anti-establishment organization ... there were dozens of papers from all over Germany. Showing we underestimated the damage to the air, the water... 287 pages with dozens and dozens of papers!"

He continued to list other items NASA could have used:

"Articles in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists... Interviews with me on TV, Radio..."

Clearly, Dr. Sternglass has made every reasonable attempt to put the truth into NASA's hands. So why is NASA asking again for Dr. Sternglass to "validate his claims"? Dr. Sternglass again:

"NASA has become the purveyers of nuclear contamination. They don't want to learn the lesson, [they want to say] that nobody died ... from bomb testing, TMI, Chernobyl ... And especially they don't want to get rid of the nuclear weapons.

"And especially, they don't want to show the effects on newborns.

"Breast Cancer did NOT go up near chemical plants even! But it rose MOST STRONGLY around DOE facilities! Now, they don't like to be sued!"

Once NASA and the DOE admit that they know the truth, they become liable for it. As long as they can claim they didn't know about the dangers, our liability laws might protect them. But if NASA admits that they are actually aware of the true dangers, the whole picture changes. And THAT'S why NASA and the DOE pretend Dr. Sternglass has not "validated his claims." It would be devastating, from a legal standpoint, if they ever admit that they know what Dr. Sternglass has worked so hard to prove in so many ways.

Dr. Sternglass rattled off more citations to me:

"Joe Mangano also has written a huge series of papers showing that Chernobyl had a MAJOR effect on the US... a few MILLIRADS--1 to 10! AND YET THERE WAS A CLEAR INCREASE IN THYROID CANCER!!!

"Recently published in NATURE, there was an article about [the health effects of low levels of radiation in] Greece...

"...Including GENETIC effects on children in Lancet (a British medical journal), in medical journals [in the U.S.], etcetera. The essense of the mechanism has been around for many decades."

I asked him about the effects of radiation.

"You get genetic mutations! Abnormal white cells that can't fight infections! Mutations in hormonal producing organs! The thyroid, the pituitary gland... you get small genetic damage to the cell..."

NASA doesn't need to talk to Dr. Sternglass.

Instead, they need to listen to what he has already said.

Interview and article by Russell D. Hoffman.

Dr. Sternglass's book SECRET FALLOUT: LOW-LEVEL RADIATION FROM HIROSHIMA TO THREE MILE ISLAND is available on the Internet. Published originally by McGraw-Hill, it is an analysis of how we "grossly underestimated the reality..."

DEADLY DECEIPT also describes it, by Jay M. Gould and Benjamin A. Goldman. Published in 1991 by Four Walls Eight Windows Copyright Jay M. Gould. Covers coverups of Savanna River, TMI, others. (Updated in THE ENEMY WITHIN).

THE ENEMY WITHIN by Jay M. Gould in cooperation with Dr. E. J. Sternglass, Joseph J. Mangano, and William McDonnell, Subtitle THE HIGH COST OF LIVING NEAR NUCLAR REACTORS.
Published by Four Walls Eight Windows New York NY
39 West 14th Street Suite 503
New York NY 10011
Published 1996
Both books can be ordered from Four Walls Eight Windows by calling them at:
1 (800) 626-4848



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