STOP CASSINI Newsletter #177 -- August 17th, 1999 (post-flyby)

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To: Friends and interested parties, media, government

From: Russell Hoffman, Founder and Editor, Stop Cassini newsletter

Re: Cassini flyby reportedly has occurred


Our local news station just reported (about 9:10 pm, August 17th, 1999 PST) that the flyby was successful.

Tomorrow my concern will focus on Y2K-and-Nukes, as well as the dozen or more upcoming nuclear space shots NASA is planning, and the denuclearization of the military forces around the world -- especially our nuclear navy.

This will be NOT be the last issue of the Stop Cassini newsletter, but I don't know what the new schedule will be -- or the new name.

Good night and THANK YOU to the many thousands of people who have emailed me. THANK YOU for being concerned about the environment -- and THANKS also to so many of you who have written such kind words of encouragement.

Special thanks are due so many people I dare not try to list them all now. But even rushed as I am, I cannot skip thanking Karl Grossman for his professionalism, determination and insight. Karl introduced me to the Cassini problem in December, 1996 and has been an inspiration throughout.

One more successful flyby is not enough to prove that rocketing nuke-puke into space, for any reason, is a safe thing to do. NASA has proven nothing but the level of their arrogance tonight.

Please keep alerting people to the dangers NASA threatens us all with.

Russell Hoffman
Founder and Editor
STOP CASSINI newsletter

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