STOP CASSINI Newsletter #166 -- August 8th, 1999

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Subject: Can these lies go on forever? STOP CASSINI #166

Date: August 8th, 1999

Time Frame: Cassini is scheduled to do the flyby of Earth on or about August 17th or 18th, 1999, directly above Polynesia, heading due East. (Closest point of approach: 137 Degrees west Longitude, 23.5 degrees South Latitude.)

Today's Subjects:

(1) There can only be two reasons:

There can only be two reasons NASA changed the point of closest approach, since in their weekly report they told us that TCM 11 (Trajectory Correction Maneuver 11) went exactly as planned. One possible reason for the change is, they goofed somewhere in their calculations (or it was all a big typo, which is a goof-up too). The other possible reason is they didn't goof anything, and have redirected Cassini on purpose.

Therefore, here are the two questions EVERYONE should be asking NASA this Monday morning:



Either way, NASA has played the WRONG CARD this time! They have gained nothing (threatening billions in several countries who have nuclear weapons isn't any smarter than threatening billions who don't) and have lost all credibility. -- rdh

(2) John A. Koskinen, Chair, President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion, responds to the SC editor's statements (+ commentary)

For those who take comfort in small things, this is very small. I received a response from John A. Koskinen, Chair, President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion, to my statement titled Potential Threats to the United States and What We Should Do About Them, Phase 1, which was presented recently on the Y2K-nuclear forum and is also posted here:

Here is the response in it's entirety, including spelling my name wrong:


August 4, 1999

Russel D. Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA

Dear Mr. Hoffman:

Thank you for your message expressing your concern about the safety of nuclear power plants as we move into the next century. This is an important issue and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been monitoring the situation closely. They announced recently that no safety related Y2K problems have been found in any plant and that most plants have already completed all of their Year 2000 work. Nonetheless, all of us will continue to monitor this question closely in the days ahead.

Best wishes.


John A. Koskinen

President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion
Room 216 OEOB
Washington D.C. 20502
(202) 456-7171
fax: (202) 456-7172


Our letter discussed not just the possibility of Y2K meltdowns DIRECTLY related to nuclear plant software or imbedded systems malfunctioning, but also to the danger from an accidental nuclear war, which (we contend) would start with an EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) high above the country as the first nuclear blast (it is tactically the "best first move" for all WWIII scenarios). This EMP burst would instantly ruin all the electronic equipment not only at the nuclear plants, but also at all the hospitals, factories, homes and other businesses throughout the country -- and lead to immediate meltdowns of all the nation's nuclear power plants.

Furthermore, our document was clearly labeled "Phase 1" and we are sorry that Mr. Koskinen expressed no interest in seeing "Phase 2" or any of the other upcoming Phases, which I intend to write as soon as time permits.

Even the most casual of glances at the original article will prove that he has refused to discuss many vital issues, as if I had not even mentioned them.

One should assume, therefore, that I am absolutely correct in my assessments and you should prepare for the worst (while all the time, hoping for the best). If my dire assessment of WHAT we are risking by doing nothing -- by "staying the present course" is NOT correct, it would be John A. Koskinen's DUTY to correct the statements I made, rather than simply assure me that the NRC is looking into one small facet of the whole problem as outlined in my letter! It is his duty to do that, so as to alleviate my (a member of the public's) fears.

He has not done that, only assuring me that the NRC has been "monitoring the situation closely"! That's what I'm afraid of! That we will monitor closely, our impending doom! Instead of doing something about it -- they are acting as if something is being done, when NOTHING of any use is actually being done at all! But we are monitoring the situation closely, he tells me.

Where is his actual rebuttal to my plain, straight-forward claims? I have claimed that any rational person can see that we need to disassemble the nuclear weapons and dismantle the nuclear power plants, before Y2K and forever. I have claimed that this would not disrupt the country nearly so much as even ONE nuclear meltdown would do (let alone, one accidental launch of a nuclear missile by either side, and/or one nuclear-generated Electromagnetic Pulse)! But where is John Koskinen's rebuttal? There is none! He merely assures me that the NRC is "monitoring the situation closely".

Like Hell they are. I bet they spend more time and money monitoring ME! -- rdh

(3) Brits not so clever, Yanks not so clever, Commies not so clever, Thai people clever:

This item appeared on the Y2K-nuclear forum, courtesy John Thomas in England:


From: "John Thomas" (
To: "Y2K nuclear" (,
"Green Party Discussion Forum" (
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 10:48:41 +0100
Subject: [y2k-nuclear] Thai people clever, Brits not so clever

Dear All,

Thai people clever, Brits not so clever.

From the Times, 6/8/99 (Hiroshima Day), pg 19:


Bangkok: The Thai military's computer-controlled weapons system will be shut down to avoid the risk of a millennium bug crisis. Major-General Kharavuth Khemayodhin said that the Thai military was unprepared for the bug and would have to switch off its missile-launching computers minutes before the New Year to avoid accidentally shooting a passenger jet. (AFP)

John Thomas


Y2K did that. What can it do when the missile is nuclear and the target is you and your neighbors?

(4) Peabrains?

We have linked for years, to the Phoenix and Arabeth web site from our "friends of the STOP CASSINI web site" page. We dropped by the P&A web site recently and left a "hello" on the guest book, and got back this short, powerful statement:


At 06:24 AM 8/8/99 +0100, Phoenix & Arabeth wrote:

We have a big test coming up here real quick. Can you get ALL the environment orgs to jump on it and run their own phone and email nets for a last-ditch effort to focus attention on this? I know the NASA-DOE-DOD boys and girls have no intention of listening to you or any of us on this. Nuke Industry just can't let go of their golden goose, which they have been using to milk the public for 50 years. If they can't get us to pay to nuke the enemy, then we obviously ought to be forced to pay to nuke our own food, our water, outer space, and anything else they can think up in their [shortsighted], 1-generation peabrains to swindle us with.

What is wrong with these people (rhetorical question)?


Phoenix & Arabeth
permanent & temporary BODY ART
"Henna Mehndi Handbook"
"Body Designs 1 & 2"


Whatever environmental organization you know of, demand that they return to their roots -- to the nature of our existence and the steps needed to ensure that our sorry asses have half a chance in a polluted and sickening, poisonous sewage trap we once called a garden. Y2K is only one day's threat to nuclear power. Cassini will come and (hopefully) go. But nuclear war threatens us every day, and nuclear waste mounts beside every reactor (and within every reactor). We are reaching a crises. The truth has left the carefully guarded walls of the elitist's government organizations, and the public is in shock. It is time to tell your friends!

Andy Caffrey of Earth First ( points out that investors are running to Wall Street from around the world, boosting our APPARENT wealth while financial institutions around the rest of the world are being hit hard -- thus are sown the seeds of our own financial infrastructure being destroyed.

What do we do? There is plenty of work to be done. There is no need for a global depression, a crises in leadership, or civil unrest over any of this. Yet all these things may happen anyway. Is the world going to be smart enough to realize it is NOT necessary to head towards self-destruction, either by the external fires of nuclear war, or the internal "fires" of nuclear waste spread throughout the environment?

No prophesy I have ever heard of, from any major religion, specifies an exact date for the end of the world, or the passing from sanity to insanity, from tranquility to chaos, from heading toward the ultimate goal of world peace to a global descent into strife and world war. Global Thermonuclear War may be what was meant by the all-consuming fires, but it might have been the eventual burn-out of the Sun just as well, billions of years from now, or it might be also be the spreading of the nuclear "hot" isotopes throughout the environment to the point where living things can no longer live -- but one of these we CANNOT stop, and two of them we can. It might be the arrival of a "killer" asteroid (which is something we might also be able to prevent, but right now we probably wouldn't even see it coming), but I would certainly put my money on "accidental global thermonuclear war" as the most likely cause of wiping out civilization. Today, August 8th, 1999, the "doomsday clock" clicks perilously closer to a technological failure -- a war of machines against humans. Not "high technology" -- that is what these words come to you by -- the Internet, global communications, frank discussions instantaneously throughout the world -- that is not bad. Technology is not to be feared in and of itself. Those who equate fear of nuclear poison with fear of technology are themselves deluded as to what the purpose of technology is. -- rdh

(5) Moral and ethical vacuums:

Here is a portion of a letter to the editor of the STOP CASSINI newsletter from a remarkable woman who knows what she's talking about, whom we have corroborated with many times. If you want to know how nuclear power plants work, or why highly refined nuclear bomb mechanisms inject tritium and deuterium gas into their "pit core", she's the one to talk to.

(It's "to increase the fission yield, i.e. when the plutonium 239 and/or highly enriched uranium core called a "pit", surrounded by high explosives, has the neutron generator trigger the atomic fission part of the reaction, the core IMplodes and the implosion of the pit along with the injection of the tritium and deuterium gas causes these gases to be heated so fusion occurs then, the fusion in turn releases massive quantities of high energy neutrons in the core producing more fission ("blah blah" I hear [Jeff R.] Nyquist say -- sorry, I'm right because I'm using the "Death of the Earth Squad's" own documents) a process known as "boosting" the yield." --- Pamela Blockey -OBrien, from her letter to the editor.)

Here's more:


"The bombs dropped on Japan were tiny by today's standards. Nyquist and people like him who believe in a nuclear option (and that includes many in both governments, military and the world population,) are not only ignorant, but moral and ethical vacuums, to contemplate the use of any weapon, let alone weapon of mass destruction, is in itself the product of a deranged mind, of a totally alienated human being, the product of many factors, -- a person devoid of compassion and love. The same applies to those who sit in the D.O.E. labs and design weapons of mass destruction. That small cadre of psychopaths, supported by billions of taxpayers dollars and a giant infrastructure -- have literally held the world hostage to their madness, as have their counterparts in other nations. Edward Teller being one of the world's worst. There are the people working on X-Ray/laser/fusion, on ever worse weapons that will lead to planetary destruction if used (and deplete the world's natural resources whilst being built). The peoples of the world (many of whom are ignorant of this evil) have never given their consent to their annihilation by the products of these deranged minds. It is high time that people who know the dangers stop calling them scientists, physicists and the like -- but use their true name: evildoers, deranged -- and get help for them, besides cut all their funding. A society that funds mass destruction needs to rethink their priorities. They are ultimately also funding their own deaths."


She also states,


"...any thinking person outside of the think-tanks and military-industrial complexes of the world (where many seem to be somewhat divorced from the real world to put it mildly) where those people spend years calculating things like the amount of people such and such a weapon can kill, how they can kill them cheaper, in what fashion, how many times over (over-kill, i.e., "you are dead, but I'm too stupid to know that you will stay dead so I'm going to blast your dead body to pulp, then grind the pulp into the ground -- and that should equal three new weapons systems at least because I'll need yet another that will ensure you really are now officially dead.") -- outside of that insane world, in the REAL world, anyone subject to the clouds of smoke and thick toxic fumes coming off forest fires that have also engulfed even small chemical storage tanks and things like small hardware stores full of paint and solvents, or, anyone exposed to a fire at an oil depot or refinery, knows, the pall of thick smoke goes for miles and causes breathing problems for days. Volcanic eruptions cause ashfall and block out the sun for miles and miles, sometimes for weeks it is more twilight-like. The massive Krakatoa eruption caused a climate change round the world of a few tenths of a degree, however the Tambora eruption brought winter conditions to the other side of the world in the middle of summer -- crops failed, there were famine conditions in many areas of many countries including Ireland, Germany and Italy, winters were terrible and the whole mess lasted over two years, caused food riots, deaths from cold and exposure, increased disease and so on. Obviously there would be catastrophic climate failure from the detonation of very few one megaton bombs, let alone say the equivalent of CURRENT global arsenals. As I [Pamela Blockey-O'Brien] am not computer connected I do not know if the issue of acid rain -- (a result of nuclear testing, was that tests produced nitric oxides in the stratosphere, where they also depleted the ozone layer, and they later returned to Earth as acid rain) -- as a result of nuclear war has been raised. An ordinary explosion of a large storage tank of chorine would kill hundreds -- water treatment plants store large amounts of chlorine in solid form (crystals), every gasoline station stores gasoline in underground tanks, hospitals store anesthetic gases and large amounts of corrosive cleaning liquids, large stores have everything from aisles of large containers of deadly pesticides and herbicides in their "garden" departments, as well as hundreds of rail cars and rail tanker cars, containing every imaginable type of toxic chemical in solid or gaseous or liquid form, let alone shipments of things like ammunition. Doesn't Mr. Nyquist understand that all of this would go up in a firestorm as it spreads? Resulting in poison gas combinations, as well as the effects of the gas itself?"

----- FROM PAMELA BLOCKEY-O'BRIEN'S LETTER TO THE STOP CASSINI EDITOR (excerpted with grateful permission.) -----

With such good and knowledgeable friends, with such strong arguments, with such weak, disoriented and ineffectual opponents, why can't we stop this nuclear juggernaut? It is because although each of their arguments is weak, and each of their leaders are misguided, and all of their proponents are confused, there are, alas, a lot of THEM and only a relatively few of US. (Please redistribute these newsletters!)

(6) Jack Shannon: Some of you are going to the Brig, and good riddance.

We introduced Jack Shannon, Major USMC (Retired) to our readers in newsletter #156:


At 08:17 PM 7/30/99 -0400, Jack Shannon wrote:

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 17:48:36 EDT
Subject: The Nuclear Navy Corruption

I talked to a Navy Officer today concerning Jim and Bet Hills nightmare at the hands of the Nuclear Navy Officers. He was nice enough but it was clear that the Navy is going to do nothing to correct the physical brutalities and other physical and mental injustices against Mr. and Mrs. Hills and their family.

Nuclear Navy Officers went so far as to kidnap one of their children in Connecticut until Mrs. Hills car was searched for a bomb. I thought Naval Officers were supposed to exercise a certain amount of common sense. The Nuclear Navy hasn't exhibited anything except some Rickover political acumen for fifty years and it is about time that they should be exposed in total and that is what we are going to do. So you Nuclear Navy Officers better stand by for the fight of your life. Some of you are going to the Brig, and good riddance.

I have, therefore decided that we will have to fight the Nuclear Navy in a no holds barred, bare knuckles battle against this most corrupt of all military organizations. I, personally, love a good fight and it's even better when one knows one is going to win the fight before it starts. So far we have tried to expose some of the more egregious Nuclear Navy practices in a decent manner, now we are going all the way. We might even decide to fight as dirty as the Nuclear Navy, that would be difficult but we can try.

Please look at my WEB site ( ), for the tip of the iceberg about what this sub-organization of the DOE (another incompetent bunch of bobs) is capable of. Is it any wonder that the Chinese took top secret information right out from under the noses of these people and their ilk? The workers are competent and the managers don't know their a----- from left field.

Since the Navy has decided they want a fight we will give it to them. If they think tail-hook did a job on their recruiting wait till the information we have on the Nuclear Navy becomes public.

John P. Shannon Major USMC (Retired)
Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer
Former Supervisor of Nuclear Physicists and Nuclear Engineers
Former Manager of Health and Safety at the Nuclear Navy's largest site

[I have forgotten more about the Nuclear Navy than most Officers now on Active Duty know]


For more information about Jack Shannon, and Beth and Jim Hill , please visit his web site!

(7) A note about NASA's new flyby numbers, and a discussion of WWIII:

Unlike the Environmental Impact Statement which is "written in stone" when it is printed and distributed to hundreds or perhaps thousands (or even millions? I wish!) of people around America and around the world, NASA's web page can be changed at will. Previously -- prior to a few days ago -- NASA's web site for the Cassini mission gave the location of the closest approach point to Earth as somewhere in the Gulf of Guinea, west of 0 degrees longitude and south of 0 degrees latitude. Now that same page gives the point of closest approach as 137 degrees west longitude and 23.5 degrees south latitude "in the South Pacific Ocean" (but actually over French Polynesia). There is no correction or explanation printed. It just changed.

I know at least one reporter is after NASA for an answer and I hope many more are as well, come Monday morning. Welcome back from vacation, NASA. You've got some unfinished business to take care of. Some explaining to do.

I wonder if I was expected to thank NASA for moving the target half-way around the world, away from a more populated area and toward a less populated area (immediate vicinity, that is. Under possible impact from a late change in direction (say, the last few hours or half day) MORE people are now immediately threatened than before). Instead of thanking them (which seems completely ridiculous to me), I would ask NASA this: If I had three sons, and someone promised to shoot a bullet in the general vicinity of two of them, should I be then thankful to that person if they suddenly changed their threat, instead, promising to shoot in the general vicinity of my third son?

And if I had 1000 children (!), should I express thanks to the shooter who turned away from 999 of them and then threatened only one? Should I be thankful (in my heart) to God (or chance, or whatever) that that happened, and yet express thanks which I do not feel towards the threatening shooter, as a tactical move to get the shooter to put down the gun, or keep it aimed solely at the one?

Should it matter which one it is?

The answer to these questions explain (I hope!) why NASA's relocation of the closest point of approach halfway around the world means little. We are all still threatened. The most likely dispersal would be a high-altitude one, which will float down after drifting for days, weeks, or even years or decades. The tiny, hot, deadly particles will sift throughout the environment, intensely burning the cells -- the building blocks of life -- of all those living creatures which they end up in -- just like the fires of Hell! Would humans do this to their planet? YES! They do! They will! They are!

Not to -- what is their favorite phrase? -- "fear-monger" or anything, but Hell on Earth is a very accurate description of this stuff. And 400,000 Curies of vaporized plutonium is a Hell of a lot of plutonium of any type, but ESPECIALLY Pu 238!

Plutonium and life mix as poorly as any two things in the universe. Risking the dispersal of this plutonium is pure insanity. Yet as all readers of this newsletter know, it is THEY (or their more rabid supporters) who call ME crazy! But I didn't invent any of this! It is what NASA is doing. The only question is, "Why?".

As it happens (as NASA would say), I was one of three sons. Two of us are currently alive. The other died of complications following leukemia. Leukemia is usually caused by manmade environmental pollutants such as plutonium. It is impossible to know what caused Randy's illness, but it is EASY to know what to do to make it less likely to suffer the loss of another loved one later, which is this: STOP "RISKING" THE POLLUTION! When you do something risky over and over, you make it a near-certainty that something will go wrong eventually. Cassini, for all its horror, will come and go but once. (NASA had a backup plan, which would have had Cassini do TWO flybys for Earth -- one in August, 2001, and one in August, 2004. I bet they're real glad they didn't have an unexpected delay which forced them to use THAT plan (Launch date would have been March, 1999 (see page 2-9 of the 1995 Environmental Impact Statement for the Cassini mission).

Doing things in an ecologically sound way is a good-natured way to behave. Radioactive pollutants mutate human cells on a microscopic level. An EMP-creating, Y2K-related, accidental nuclear launch to start World War Three is not funny -- it's sick. Pamela is right. Jack is Right. Phoenix and Arabath -- every one of us is utterly right, and the Department of Energy is utterly wrong. Get rid of DoE? Hell no! Make those rascals clean up their mess, open up all activities regarding that cleanup to the public for scrutiny and personal action (such as leaving the vicinity) -- these are what America needs, and all the world too, NOT the lies and destruction caused by nuclear horrors, ongoing, past, and future!

Here is one final quote from Pamela's letter to me which arrived recently (which she had previously quoted from for me to use in earlier newsletters). The entire letter is awesome and I'll try to type it in bit by bit and present it all as quickly as possible (it's 12 pages, altogether, and vital reading (one sitting stuff). She marked this section as special for me -- "N. B.", which stands for Nota Bene, which means (loosely translated, I'm sure) "of special note":

"The fact of the matter is this: After the Bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in mid-September, 1945 a special team of US Government and military researchers arrived and began systematic estimates of early and "delayed" health effects. A Press code restricting references to A-bomb matters was issued. There is a lot more to this I am omitting [for brevity], but the team called itself the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC). Many years later it was reorganized with the Japanese assuming overall direction and called Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF). but the HEALTH EFFECTS RESEARCH REMAINED UNDER AMERICAN CONTROL, AND FUNDING WAS, AS BEFORE, PARTIALLY ASSUMED BY THE U. S. NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, WHICH IN TURN GETS ITS MONEY FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. BEFORE THEY WERE SPLIT UP, THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY AND THE NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION WERE THE ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION. THE NATIONAL ACADEMY HAS "MANAGED" THE ATOMIC BOMB DATA SINCE 1945. For the first five years, as the monster babies were born, and died, born to those who could even get pregnant, as male sterility and female reproductive problems, and spontaneous abortion (because the child could not be carried at all -- it spontaneously aborted,) were rampant. Some children that were born had underdeveloped brains. So researchers dismissed all that, measuring only "profound retardation" as a health effect -- meaning total "vegetables" unable to do a single thing. Survivors died from their burns, pneumonia, irreparable lung damage, gastro-intestinal damage, bone marrow damage, and -- not surprisingly -- intense grieving. Mutated crop and vegetable strains died out. (See Dr. R. Bertell's "No Immediate Danger" as one of the sources.)"

What the authorities did five years later, we (Pamela and the Stop Cassini newsletter editor) described in the previous newsletter (#165).

From these lies, a 100 trillion dollar horror has been foisted upon the Earth. By Y2K we better figure out how to stop it. Maybe we don't even have that long. Maybe we have longer. But we don't have forever, that's for sure. If we prefer the third fire to be our fate (the sun burns out and engulfs the Earth in about 5 billion years, by which time, who knows what science might produce?), we had better stop the nuclear demon in its tracks, and soon -- both the large unstoppable nuclear explosion (nuclear war) and the small unstoppable nuclear explosion (nuclear "waste", which is what it ALL is). -- rdh

(8) There will be no help, there will be no hope:

"In the event of nuclear war, there will be no survivors, there will be no chances, all will be obliterated....such a war would not drag on for years, It will be over in a matter of days. And when it is all over, what will the world be like? Our fine great buildings, our homes will exist not more. The thousands of years it took to develop our civilizations will have been in vain. Our works of art will be lost, radio, television, newspapers will disappear. There will be no means of transport. There will be no hospitals. No help can be expected for the few mutilated survivors in any town to be sent from a neighboring town -- there will be no neighboring towns left, no neighbors, there will be no help, there will be no hope."

Former Admiral of the Fleet, the Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the former Supreme Allied Commander in South East Asia (1943) LORD LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN, May 11th, 1979 in a speech in Strasbourg on the occasion of a prize being awarded to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (provided to us by Pamela Blocky-O'Brien).

And note, he probably wasn't even talking about the effects of the ElectroMagnetic Pulse, back in 1979, and even if he was, it's effect would be 1000 times worse today, since that is probably how much more computerized we are now than we were in 1979. Look at your watch. Literally. -- rdh

(9) What you can do today to stop the assault against our health:

The hour is very late for Cassini. THIS IS ALSO the most dangerous time -- until the very last few minutes or perhaps, at most the last hour before the flyby (which occurs at an unknown time, probably August 17th for most of the world). THEREFORE, UP UNTIL THE VERY LAST DAY, Cassini should be redirected! It should be redirected away from the Earth's notorious man-made (about 99% manmade, at least) orbital debris field, which goes out about 50,000 miles from the surface of the Earth in ALL directions! Cassini could become a deadly hulk (as can any rocket) just for passing through this mess! If that happens, it would be left, according to NASA's own documentation (page B-4 of the 1995 EIS for the Cassini Mission), in an orbit that could intersect our own! Tell NASA to redirect Cassini TODAY!

To stop Cassini from doing the flyby and other future mad-scientist launches, please redistribute this newsletter to everyone you know! Chances are they have never heard of Cassini, never visited our STOP CASSINI web site, never heard of or considered the effects of the Electromagnetic Pulse that will undoubtedly start a nuclear war if one occurs at all. And chances are good they would not even be able to tell you who played Dr. Strangelove (and two other roles) in the movie of the same name! There is a crisis in education in America and around the world -- you can take it seriously or you can let it kill you. But if we all join together and oppose this impending global destruction, maybe, just maybe, we can convince the powers that be to put down their genocidal toys.

To learn about the absurd excuses NASA used to launch Cassini and its 72.3 pounds of plutonium in 1997, ask them for the 1995 Environmental Impact Statement for the Cassini mission, and all subsequent documentation. At the same time, be sure to ask them for ANY and ALL documentation available on future uses of plutonium in space, including MILITARY, CIVILIAN, or "OTHER" (just in case they make a new category somehow!). To get this information, contact:

Cassini Public Information
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena CA 91109
(818) 354-5011 or
(818) 354-6478

NASA states that they do not have the resources anymore to answer most emails they receive. Liars! They have $13 billion dollars to play with. They can answer the public's questions!

Here's NASA's "comments" email address:

Daniel Goldin is the head of NASA. Here's his email address: or

Here's the NASA URL to find additional addresses to submit written questions to:


Be sure to "cc" the president and VP and your senators and congresspeople, too.

Always include your full name and postal address in all correspondence to any Government official of any country.

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