Scanned-in pages (GIF images) from a 1981 report used by NASA in their 1995 "Final" Environmental Impact Statement for the Cassini Mission

My apologies for any complaints about the quality of the scans.

Title of the report:


Written in 1981 by:

D. E. Rockey, R. Bamford, M. G. Hollars, R. W. Klemetson, T. W. Koerner, E. L. Marsh, H. Price, and C. Uphoff.

Published by:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California.

History of getting this document:

Karl Grossman spent literally years wrestling this report out of NASA/JPL. He started long before the Galileo mission was launched, but it was not until AFTER Galileo launched that the document finally arrived.

On page one of the document is a hand-written comment by Karl Grossman which reads "I got this after [the] Galileo launch -- and claims by NASA that nuclear was necessary for it."

Our thanks to Karl Grossman for his extraordinary efforts and for sending us as clean a copy as he could make for us to scan in.

To learn more about Karl's efforts to get this document, and about NASA's and the military's nuclear space policies in general, I recommend his wonderful and exciting book THE WRONG STUFF.

To order THE WRONG STUFF by Karl Grossman:

You can order the book by phone directly from Common Courage Press. It is distributed by Login, who are located in Chicago. Dealers should contact Login directly. Here are both addresses:

Common Courage Press
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1436 West Randolph Street
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NASA's use of this document:

Although the report is from 1981, NASA used quotes from the report in the June 1995 Environmental Impact Statement in Support of the Cassini Mission, undeniable evidence of its current applicability.

However, as we have documented at this web site in our Rebuttal To NASA's Rebuttal (see especially section 2-12(e), NASA actually misquotes the report entirely!

Page 1
Abstract, Introduction, Summary of the Actual Galileo Mission Using RTGs
Page 2
Summary of the Actual Galileo Mission Using RTGs (continued), Overview of a Hypothetical Galileo Mission Using Concentrated Solar Arrays, Concentrated Solar Array (CSA)
Page 3
Concentrated Solar Array (CSA) (continued)
Page 4
Concentrated Solar Array (CSA) (continued), Batteries and Power Conditioning
Page 5
Attitude and Articulation Control, Propulsion
Page 6
Comparison of the RTG and CSA Spacecrafts, Summary

Related pages at this web site:

Page 2-53 of the June 1995 EIS
NASA's own words about the report showing how they misrepresented it to the public.

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