Scanned-in pages from EG&G Mound Applied Technologies' February 1997 LWRHU FSAR

Light Weight Radioisotpe Heater Unit
Final Safety Analysis Report
for the Cassini Mission

Preliminary Release

My apologies for any complaints about the quality of the scans.

Note: The webmaster for the STOP CASSINI web site has a minor affiliation with EG&G Mound Applied Technologies. In 1989 they purchased a copy of my Russell's "P11" Animation Machine for about $60.00 and upgraded at least once. Until receiving the document which has been partially scanned at these pages, I have had not other affiliation with EG&G. However, this is certainly enough of an affiliation to feel it should be mentioned, because my software business traditionally tends to be favorably inclined towards its customers. See our STOP CASSINI Newsletter #32 for a discussion of these documents.
Cover page.
EG&G Mound Applied Technologies LWRHU FSAR for the Cassini Mission. Preliminary Release.
U. S. Government DOE Memorandum
This sheet contains the following statement: "This preliminary release of the FSAR does not constitute a formal Department of Energy release of the FSAR in support of the launch approval process. It is provided to describe the methodologies which were used as the basis for the information presented in the SEIS."
Prepared by, Reviewed by, and Approved by signatures for this document.
Page i
Executive Summary
Page ii
Exectutive Summary (conclusion.)
Page 1-1
Section 1.0: Introduction.
Page 6-05
Indicates the number of Curies in each RHU and other physical properties.
Page 7-35
Section 7.7: (Accident Scenarios) VVEJGA Inadvertent Reentry
Page 7-36
Section 7.7: (Accident Scenarios) VVEJGA Inadvertent Reentry (Continued)
Page 7-37
Section 7.7: (Accident Scenarios) VVEJGA Inadvertent Reentry (Conclusion)
Page 7-38
Table 7-3: VVEJGA Variabilities and Uncertainties.

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