Scanned-in pages from NASA's June 1995 "Final" Environmental Impact Statement on the Cassini Mission

My apologies for any complaints about the quality of the scans.

Page 2-10
Begin Section 2.2.4 Spacecraft Electrical Power and Heating Sources
Page 2-11
Diagram of Cassini spacecraft
Page 2-12
Section Electrical Power System Performance Criteria
Begin Section Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators
Page 2-13
TABLE 2-2: U.S. Spacecraft Launches involving Nuclear Power Sources
Page 2-14
Continuation of section (RTGs)
Page 2-15
Figure 2-5: An RTG (exploded (pardon the pun) view)
Page 2-16
Figure 2-6: Diagram of General Purpose Heat Source Module
Page 2-17
Begin section titled "Safety considerations"
Page 2-18
Table 2-3: Representative Characteristics and isotopic composition of Cassini RTG fuel
Page 2-19
Continuation of "safety considerations"
Page 2-20
End of "safety considerations" section.
Section Lightweight Radioisotope Heater Units
Section 2.2.5: Spacecraft Propulsion Module Subsystem
Page 2-21
Figure 2-7: The Principal Features of the Radioisotope Heater Unit (RHU)
Page 2-53 Non-Nuclear Power Sources. Solar Energy
Page 2-54
Solar Energy (continued)
Page 2-55
Solar Energy (continued)
Page 2-56
Solar Energy (continued)
Page 2-57
NASA's square vision for a solar array.
Page 2-58
Solar Energy (conclusion.)
Fuels and Chemicals.
Power Beaming (Microwave and Laser) from Earth.
Page 3-12
Figure 3-7. Wind Roses Indicating Seasonal Wind Directions -- Lower Atmospheric Conditions: Cape Canaveral/Merritt Island Land Mass.
Page 3-26
Figure 3-11. Offshore Water Depth Near CCAS/KSC Region.
Page 3-40
Worldwide Plutonium Levels. (Text continues on page 3-44)
Page 3-44
End of "'Worldwide Plutonium Levels" section.
Page 4-49
Short-Term Inadvertent Reentry During Earth Swingby
Page 4-50
Table 4-8: Summary of Average (Expectation) case source terms for inadvertent reentries during Earth swingby
Page 4-51
Continuation of Short-Term Inadvertent Reentry During Earth Swingby
Page 4-52
Conclusion of Short-Term Inadvertent Reentry During Earth Swingby
Long-Term Inadvertent Reentry From Interplanetary Cruise
Page E-10
EPA letter to NASA finding the EIS to be "insufficient" (Page 1 of 2.)
Page E-11
EPA letter to NASA finding the EIS to be "insufficient". (Page 2 of 2.)

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