The Weaponization of Space (part two)

By: Carol Rosin

This letter from Carol Rosin to Susan Lee Solar responds to Solar's request for more information after Rosin's comments were first published in STOP CASSINI newsletter #89.

Hi Susan-

It's a pleasure to hear from you, thanks to Russell! I'm going to start writing this email, now...and won't have time to review or edit this. So do let me know what you think...comments...questions.

To begin...a new concept for most...the militarization of space: In Earth, the military (including the military industrial complex) focused mostly on supposedly "defending" us, though we all know the many aspects of what the war "game" is all about. This game is about to escalate into that place above all our heads...outer space. However, in the process of extending this war mentality and the technology that goes with it, the military has actually provided us with an incredible new capability...the ability to see and know what everyone on Earth is doing...the ability to see so that we can forecast crops, weather, natural and man-made disasters, see polluted lands and waters, etc.. Three quarters or more of the hundreds of satellites in space that provide us with these kind of observations, and with enormous capabilities to navigate and communicate on Earth, are of a military nature. In other words, one way or the other, the military is involved in the research and development, R&D, in the launching of these satellites, and in the control of the information, surveillance, and communication techniques that they provide. Much of the information and communication that has been made available to humans all over the world has helped us tremendously in our personal lives, and in bringing the world's people closer together. I could write volumes about the benefits to people and the environment that these space based technologies that the military is involved with. NASA used to publish, maybe they still do, a booklet about space related benefits...but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the fact that these particular technologies, the ones already in space and the ones on the drawing board that the military has such an important role in, are important to many many of our important issues on earth.

Before I mention a couple of examples, let me emphasize one point. Because of the importance of the highly sophisticated technologies in space, and the services that they provide...and the military role in them...I do not oppose the militarization of outer space. I oppose the weaponization of outer space, and think that we should take another look to see if there are other technologies other than dangerous nuclear ones that we can use in place of the nuclear technologies now being used and planned for in space.

Here's where the new perspective to the military comes in. They are doing something good in that place above all our heads...and we need them to continue to do it and to do more of it...cooperatively with other militaries around the world. In fact, they already are. We sure don't have many military or any other secrets anymore. Only the 'ol boys who still play the "secrets, isolation, confrontaion, fear" games don't seem to notice that we aren't playing with them anymore.

I gave a speech to the CIA top managers a few years ago called, "You can't keep secrets anymore!"

In fact, it is necessary for us to change our perspectives, the way we view the military, because anyone who has been working in the military industrial complex as I have, and those who are realistic, knows that the militaries of the world are not going to just disappear. So, ok, we're a little afraid of them, some of us. But, that doesn't mean we aren't brave enough and wise enough to start to talk, to work with them, in a non-confrontational way. That doesn't mean we can't learn from them about what they are doing, this well organized and highly intelligent organization, that we like...acknowledging their good point. Isn't that, after all, what we want the 'ol boys in our leadership positions on this planet to do? Don't we want them to take a different we can get aggrements and live in peace and harmony with justice and solutions to earth's urgent problems as a focus? Well, if we want others to change, maybe we need to, too.

In my case, I've experienced that most of the people in the military are quite wonderful, even the top brass. I've been speaking to their audiences for years, about alternative defense ideas, and have gone to more military balls than I can count. I sit with the top officers, often, and learn how they think ... mostly in terms of protecting us from the next enemy...but so what. They have, no matter why, brought us to a place, in the still neutral frontier (though not for long if they get away with the current commitment to put weapons into space), in which the world IS cooperating. Thanks to the shared informationa and intelligence, technology, communication, and observation that the military provides.

We now have, you see, the ability to track troop movement around the world, for example. We can, also, see in order to verify agreements to reduce and even to eliminate earth weapons if we want to. OK, maybe the boys still want to modernize their weapons systems on what. Let them do it. Most of the leaders who want to use them for killing are old and dying...they'll soon be gone. But most I've met believe that we need a strong national defense...and don't believe we need space based weapons. There's only a handful, a teenie handful of men who think we need space-based dangerous technologies.

So let the modernize their earth forces so they feel secure while we encourage them to continue to build a cooperative space space. Do you see the beginning of how this would benefit earth?

First of all, we continue to share information that we get from the satellites that make it possible to see the earth and that make it possible to observe. With commitment and with of intention...we could give information to our identified "adversaries" that would help them distribute water and food into remote areas, for example. Or we could teach them via TV satellite how to plant rice crops during the monsoons. Reading classes via satellite to remote regions of the world. Health techniques and to clean up the sick waters. Etc.. There are so many examples of how we can make information available to people who would then WANT to cooperative further with us.

Also, once the world sees that we are no longer going to R&D space-based weapons, the largest R&D program in history, the people of the world will rejoyce and feel more secure when they see that our industries, labs and universities will now need to find NEW things to R&D in order to keep their budgets flowing and their jobs in place.

IMAGINE our leaders putting out a call to everyone on EARTH, young and old, all cultures and perspectives, to go to the drawing boards to design a space hospital instead of a space battle station. Imagine the new information we will all get from the study of the most advanced healing techniques and technologies of all time.

You see, we will either be cooperatively building space hospitals, schools, hotels, labs, farms, industries and travel machines or we'll only build a few of them and the emphasis will be as it was on earth on weapons and escalate the war game into that place above all our heads ... with us being taught that we should be happy with the "spin-off" benefits...not good enough for me.

When I say "cooperative world space R&D," I mean that not only will world citizens cooperate in this venture and in the beneifts to be derived, but the civilian, commercial and military sectors will also be cooperating in this. Because that's the way it is. So, we'd better get used to it and participate by dreaming and discussing what we want in our space frontier with the military representative, the industry representatives, the university and laboratory representatives, and with entrepreneurs and anyone who is working to go into space.

You see, we are already exploring, living and working in near term space, with the help of the military. In the early 80's I co-authored a book called SPACE CAREERS that showed jobs of a non-weapons nature on earth and in space that result from the space program, and there will be growing numbers of jobs in the future. Soon humans will travel further into the's now a matter of HOW they do it.

If we travel into space in the same way we traveled around the planet, say good-bye to your children. Go and enjoy your life. Forget this issue completely ... if they continue to R&D space with the intentions they had on earth to "seize the high ground."

You see, the military has a tremendous role in this new once in a lifetime chance that we all have. If we disregard, reject or protest the military in space...we aren't being realistic and we, too, are playing in the old game. We need them. We need to get to know them. We need to give them our input...visions of what CAN be in space that supports what they have already done and are doing...without the intention of space weapons.

Yes, the current game is still the same. It doesn't have to be...we can steer it if we participate together and intelligently. This is where OUR new discussion has to begin. Because if we even discover that we "NEED" the military as we evolve into space, and that they have another role to play in this Space Age, and then we educate ourselves, and everyone in the military and the industries, labs, universities, world, etc., about our new emphasis and perspective...we still have to learn about what the military is doing in space. How? Go and meet the guys! Every time they tell you something good, that is NOT of a weapons nature, say, "WOW, this is great." If they say to you that they are tracking missiles, say, "WOW, this is great. That means you can see what is going on everywhere on earth...and we can now make agreements to not be afraid of each other enough to put weapons into space...right?" Well, there's a bit more to it than that, but you get the picture.

I'm an educator. We are all teachers. This is the time to communicate as we everyone we can, including to the media. The media needs something new, something exciting, something sexy and powerful to talk about. Imagine we start a huge worldwide movement to ban all weapons from the space frontier, while simultaneously calling for world cooperative space R&D. Imagine that we add into our press releases how much we LOVE the military...and the complex...because we see what wonderful things this industry can do, is doing, as they are, also, putting a literal lid on the arms race that was leading us into all kinds of dangers. Now, we tell them, we appreciate the things the military is doing that is bringing us into the state they have worked of local and nation and world security that is based on cooperation. WOW. Wouldn't the media love this?!

Another thing, you have probably noticed tha the way we have been protesting this issue isn't working. We have now got more weapons, no end in sight to nuclear dangers, and the escalation of this about to happen into space. Yes, we have GOT to find a new way of thinking and of doing things. It's all right here for us. We just have to recognize it, get educated, and spread the world.

Space holds the key to peace, to urgent and potential problems on earth, and to our survival. We can have peace on earth through peace in space. The military, the industry and others who work on aspects of space R&D, the government officials who supposedly represent us, the activists on all issues...all of us need to know about this new approach, this new information, this new perspective.

Space, our human evolution into it as we present the path for future generations, gives us one moment in time to put a literal lid on the arms race, as it's often called. But, it's up to the very few who hear this to do something about HOW we go there. It's a difficult issue because it seems to be so "far out" from the earthbound ones we all focus on, and must continue to focus on. But, banning all weapons from the space frontier while calling for cooperative world space R&D is something everyone can rally around that is NEW, and WE NEED SOMETHING NEW.

I just worked with a company, Celestis, a wonderful company in Houston who launches ashes of our loved ones into space. What an experience! It takes place on a military base. And I've never been so moved...oh my heart. Being with families who launched their loved ones. As a speaker at the last two memorial services, I played Jon Denver's music about the teacher who lost her life with the others as their launch took off. These accidents show us the dangers that are possible. These are among the first experiments as we go into space. I also played his music about his love of space and space travel. But hearing the voices of the family members who talked of their relatives who so loved space, saw what it is about for all of us...that moved me to tears. There are others out there who have been tapped with what I'm saying.

We humans are going to travel into space as we traveled the earth, and there will be many exciting happenings in space, and on earth as we work to get others and technology up there. We, you and I, are the pioneers, genetic mutants, perhaps, who have connected to this issue. WE have a unique opportunity and responsibilty to make sure that more and more of us are learning about this and are participating in this process. It's a glorious, exciting one...with all kinds of potential for healing and for stimulating a new awareness of who we are in these bodies as we have this human experience.

Right now, we can all do something together. We must be inclusive..even of those whom some consider to be "adversaries," either of our personal lives, our countries, our world, and including those people who run the military. We have no choice. We have only one opportunity BEFORE weapons are placed into space to do anything about this issue...and we don't have much time. We have very little time. Clinton just funded the first tier of the space weapons know, the President who promised if elected he'd "stop star wars."

So, with all our love in the light, and with all our passion, we must now see the military differently. The military is the team who helped get our species launched into space. Yes, they "think" their job is to "seize the high ground." That's why one of our first missions is to visit them, get to know them at their bases, in their jobs, high up as you can learn from, also, teach them by praising and supporting what they ARE doing of a non-weapons nature. Then, as you have that conversation, give any suggestions you have for what you want them to do.

No, don't tell military people you want them to build more roads and schools instead of bombers. They are numb to this stuff. Give them a fresh, new perspective...worthy of the Space Age in which we live.

We need global education and health care information shared, we need new technologies that can see our planet and clean up the environment, we need to see where the weapons and troops are so we can reduce and eliminate wars, we need to give the industry boys something else to do just as you give fighting children another game to play and toys to play with. We need something that will provide the world's people with the kind of information, technologies, jobs and training that will respect their cultures and perspectives while helping them become healthier and smarter. We need to give nation-state leaders as much information as they need to help them in their boundaries and to help them feel more secure. We need to use technology and information services for the purpose of helping people, not for the purpose of escalating more confrontation. We need new worldwide training programs to prepare people for what is happening and what is possible to better their lives, or just to understand them better and let them be. The leaders focus on the economy...let's give the a new kind of economy that is no longer based on arms sales. Space is the ONLY technology, and the space frontier is the place, that is where the old game is entering. ALL WE HAVE TO TO IS TO RECOGNIZE THE GOOD IN THE MILTARY, THE GOOD IN THE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX...AND FOCUS OUR ATTENTION AND THEIRS ON HOW WE CAN CONTINUE TO MOVE INTO A DIRECTION THAT BRINGS THE WORLD'S R&D PROGRAMS FORWARD WITH THE INTENTION OF LIVING IN A NEW WAY...ON EARTH AND IN SPACE...BROUGH TO US BY THE NATURE OF OUR WORKING INCLUSIVELY TOGETHER ON EARTH MIDST OUR R&D TO TRAVEL, TO LIVE AND TO WORK IN THE SPACE FRONTIER.

I'm sorry to give you yet one more issue to add to your pot. But it's a vitally important piece of our giant tapestry of life. And it's one that needs urgent attention.

This issue, the call for a ban on all weapons in space, which includes supporting the military non-weapons uses of space, is the barometer of HOW we go into space, but it is also the barometer of HOW we are going to live our days on this planet.

With continued war mindset and technologies, and with the continued equally as obsolete ways of protesting, along with the dangers, brain and economic drain that would be caused by escalating wars into that place above all our heads and thus more and more on EARTH as they are connected...OR we can go into space in a way that brings the whole world together...for the first time. Yes, with a new way of thinking on everyone's part...based on the largest R&D program in committed to putting weapons in space, BUT they are not there yet. Once there, it's too late.

Again, the military, unknowingly, is helping us to build a new kind of security system, and because they are inexoribly linked to the industries and the economy, they have helped us build the beginnings of a new kind of marketplace of jobs and profits, products and services that can be directly applied to solving our earth environment, human and other animal problems and to creating a wealth of benefits and an abundance of opportunities for all people of the world.

So, it's time to spread around a new concept, even to educate the military about what they ARE doing as we learn about what they are it win-win, getting to yes, conflict resolution, supportive, spiritually aware kind of perspective. And, it's time to start a campaign to support the military in space (even I can hardly believe I say this) as they lead us into space.

All it takes is a simple opening of your heart, your mind, too, and to put our egos aside for a second to let this new information, this new perspective about the military in. Sure they have been doing and thinking differently, but look what we can bring to their intention, right now. What they are doing that IS great IN SPACE for all of us on earth. Please, go and learn from them, directly. Write about it. Talk about it. Learn about space, too, and spread the word.

We can provide such an incredible future for our children, unless we want them to apply what they are learning in terms of space weapons games on computers and in cartoons. There is a fun future in store for them, however, one that includes a clean and happy planet, if we make it happen, right now.

The window is almost closed. The space weapons program is accelerating behind the WAG THE DOG style politics.

Imagine, we've got the support of the military, and the military industrial complex, and the space enthusiasts who now support nukes and weapons in space because they came out of the old game mindset, but we've got them all in agreement, now. Imagine this, because we can make this happen. And, if we do, if we get them all to see how we can evolve into space, how we can transform the entire war game, the technologies and mindset, into a space game, with an even higher state of consciousness and technologies, things that are in everyone's best interest...things that will excite, thrill, bring passion to the world's peoples...Imagine...because we can create the reality we want as we Ambassadors to Space make it happen.

I hope this helps to explain this military perspective to you, Susan. Does it? Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions. None are dumb, that's for sure. This isn't any easier for me to articulate than perhaps it is for anyone to hear for the first time. If we gathered enough momentum around this perspective, I believe we could put a literal lid on the weapons industry and mindset ... along with all the dangerous related technologies...and that the boys would then want to look for other things to do because they won't want to shut down their funding and R&D projects. Most of them don't care what they work on, they just go with the flow to get the funding they need...and that is why most I talk to who are opposed to escalating weapons into space won't speak out...they need the money and the jobs and are afraid they'd lose them. However, WE can speak out.

Any questions you may have I'll be glad to attempt to answer, and these questions or comments will surely help me further, too.

Please feel free to use my words or to edit as needed.

As we speak, I'm going through boxes, too many file cabinets that fill rooms, filled with papers I've written on this subject. Our Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, ISCOS, wrote gobs of papers on every related subject for every related meeting or person or conference who would listen since early 1983, before Reagan announced the program that was actually committed since the early 50's. I'm throwing most of it out. It's time for this new approach. The old approaches are not more acceptible than are the old approaches of the games that are destroying us.

You are working on vital issues. They can all be related to this one. I support and appreciate you so much for what you are doing. We can have clean water and get rid of the toxic waste, etc.. We just have got to give the boys something else that is as grand and interconnected as are all the issues you are working on. The largest R&D program in history can be the first transformation point...these boys and girls working on this stuff can keep working on their focus on space, but WE can show them how we want them to focus on say seeing where the toxic waste areas are from their satellites and then focusing their R&D space age technology on cleaning it up. (I used to be married to the romantic Senior Counsel for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Dept of can imagine how Three Mile Island was the main cause of our divorse.) Anyway, it's all related. You can make it up as you go along...what the SDI boys can continue to do that would heal your issues. That's why you have to get into that belly of the beast to learn what they ARE doing, these guys, and then to praise them so they'll know you appreciate them (most are not bad people), and then work with them to see how/why/what they can be doing when the agreement has been made worldwide to ban all weapons from space. Their transition won't be difficult...they are doing what you want right now, probably, or could, but they are "classified" or working on something that is a part of the space-based weapons intention. That doesn't matter...the other thing we have to do is get the ban on space-based weapons agreed upon...and that won't even emerge into the conversation of the big boys unless we simultaneously call for worldwide R&D cooperation as we explore, research and develop space.

I'm working on a book with the former head of military space planners (how's that...we were on the cover of one magazine...our viewpoints once so opposite), and I'm trying to figure out which direction my personal book about all this should take.

Thank you for your response. And, again, don't hesitate to contact me anytime.


Carol Rosin

Whether we like it or not, and some still think we should not go into space or even have technolgy at all, we are there and are going to be there. Whether we like it or not, the military controls about 3/4 of what is in space. (Mostly we hear about the civilian and commercial space ventures...but these are all inexoribly linked to the military uses of space...though you probably haven't heard about that.)

Anyway, since

just want to be in an important position in which they can be in service...mostly to protect us and to help in some way...and that isn't a bad thing. It's just that the game can change now, and most people on earth know that they don't want the environment to break down further or to lose their children or a limb in a war anymore. So, if you look at this military existence differently you raise your eyes towards the space frontier, and there aren't many of us doing this in a way that is associated with our issues or with the war's just so far away that it doesn't yet seem relevant to most, will begin to see that we can now start the new game by actually acknowledging the good in the military...and by working WITH them to steer ourselves into the new path towards the high ground, towards our highest consciousness and spiritual awareness, and, therefore, towards our evolution into our inner and outer space, so to speak.

what does she mean by military uses of space that

bwould benefit all nations? I can understand the cooperative environmental uses, possibly even commercial, but the world military -- is the idea to be able to spot internecine conflicts in a nation or region before they materialize and with the UN's or some UN replacement's OK, do something about it?

This is the first time I've come across this literature, being too fully involved the last 2 years in fighting nukewaste dumps in Texas and the subcrits and highlevel waste in Nevada to take on space nukes - I do agree completely with her analysis that our groups should be fighting all weapons in space --(not to mention all weapons) - not just nukes, and with her point that if we don't raise the positive alternatives, our efforts are just struggling with the tentacles of the octopus, leaving hte brain to generate more tentacles.

I have been working in texas and mexico with the notion of a movement which opposes toxic economic projects with positive economic development -- green building, mass transit, renewable energy production and installation, water conservation and waterless septic systems instead of resource-wasting constrution, more polluting vehicles on the road, increase in polluting energy use, perpetuation of water-and other-resource-wasting septic systems, etc.

The grassroots expression of this came last spring when I created a group with some Mexicsan-American women and others along the border called Grandmothers Alliance for the Future. I would like a way to dialogue more with Carol, as her ideas and her passion strike a chord.

Susan Lee Solar
Austin, Texas
(512) 707-0405

At 06:15 PM 2/5/99 -0800, you wrote:

>Hi Russell-

At 09:41 AM 2/2/99 -0800, Russell D. Hoffman wrote:


As I hope you have received, I forwarded your comments (before having read them all) directly to Carol at

Having now read what you have written, I just want to let you know YOUR comments have "struck a chord" with me. I will want to publish them in my newsletter, especially if Carol writes a good response.

sure - keep me posted - thanks


But I have practically given up fighting for mass transit, "green" buildings, and so on, not because I disagree with any of those battles, but because I can't fight them all. It's so important for all of us to lend our voices to as many causes as we can. We need to all be aware that what we are doing and saying is not unusual, or different, or weird. It is the feeling of the whole nation.

I think once we trust ourselves to all have at least some common goals, perhaps we can get begin to accomplish something. Your causes are all good and we have very similar ones here in California which you have instilled in me a will to pursue more than I had been. California wants mass transit, yet the proposed line borders on the brink of not being funded or of being done half-right with insufficient funding -- a band-aid version.

Thanks for writing.


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