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The problem of space debris is a shameful relic of several hundred explosions and mishaps in outer space. Getting past it is the deadly gamble of every space mission. There is no defense against it. And man made nearly every bit of it in less than four decades.

The world needs to preserve the area of outer space known as NEAR EARTH ORBIT so that future space missions will be able to leave the planet! Already, it's so dangerous up there that it is unreasonable to launch highly poisonous payloads due to the risk of collision. What can be done? How did it happen? Read the articles at this web site and learn more!

Main Articles

Space Debris
The Shocking Truth about this shameful pollution.

Failed Russian Probe to Mars
From the folks that brought you Chernobyl

Stop Cassini Home Page
No Nukes In Space! Not now, not ever.
Stop Cassini Newsletter #52: October 4th, 1997
Marylin Vos Savant comments on Space Debris.
Stop Cassini Newsletter #46: September 21st, 1997
Article about a "Mir miss" with space debris.
Stop Cassini Newsletter #24: July 24th, 1997
Article compares the 1989 Interagency report with the 1995 Interagency report.

Other Articles

Comment to NPR
A comment to National Public Radio on Space Junk
Comment to CNN
A comment to CNN on the tethered satellite experiment
Correspondence with someone at JPL
Comments about the rings of Saturn, space probes, aliens, and cosmic nothingness
Letter to NASA
Asking what is being done

Other Environmental Issues
Selected statements on specific issues...

Related Material Outside this Web Site:

Award-winning videos on the fallacy of using nuclear power in space and other environmental issues.
Interagency Report on Orbital Debris 1995
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 95-72164. An online and updated version of the report cited above. I haven't had a chance to review the entire report but it appears to say, judging from its Executive Summary, that the problem is continuing to get worse (as predicted) but they are getting better at monitoring and analyzing it and plan to come up with a plan sometime in the future.
Ultimate Space Debris Homepage
"Created to inform the general public of the growing problem that is commonly referred to as Space Debris." The author of this site has both informative and opinion pieces about the problem.

Note: I have heard of a group called Celestis Inc., of Houston, Texas who will send your ashes on a temporary journey into lower earth orbit, piggybacked onto regular launches, for a fee. They promote space exploration and are quite aware of the problems of space debris. Their plan should not be compared to the one mentioned above for permanent placement of one's ashes in near-earth orbit.

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