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Programmer Russell D. Hoffman's family page

This is the personal area of this web site. It's designed for when I'm away from home, to remind me of home. Don't worry, you're not intruding--you're welcome here too, if you care to visit!

Stories and things regarding various family members... Now this is a real "home" page!

Daniel Tennow Hoffman
Russell's younger brother Daniel has been and/or is a computer consultant, tech-ed teacher, aircraft mechanic, pilot, amateur astronomer, photographer and has three kids.
Randall Melvin Hoffman
Russell's older brother Randy died in 1994. This is a letter to Greens Farms Academy regarding his death.
Lois Miller
A story about visiting my Grandmother for the last time.
Howard Stanley Hoffman
Russell's dad creates cartoons on computers these days, as well as writing our upcoming Statistics tutorial. Here are a few of his drawings.

Wallet Photos of family.

(18k) Sharon L. Hoffman (wife, 1995 photo)
(45k) Daniel's kids (brother, 1995 photo)
(16k) Another Niece (1995 photo)
(50k) Howard and Alice and Sharon Hoffman
(45k) Howard S. Hoffman, Italy, 1944
(35k) Myself taken by myself
(116k) With my mountain bike
(66k) Sharon and her bike

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