Correspondence between Larry Evans, President, Orange County Space Society, and Russell Hoffman -- October, 2000

To: Larry Evans, President, Orange County Space Society
From: Russell Hoffman, concerned U.S. citizen
Re: Your latest threat to me (re: "major litigation")
Date: November 17th, 2000

Dear Mr. Evans,

Regarding your absurd previous email (shown below), I'm sure you are aware that email is entirely a public forum. It is not (normally) encrypted (none of mine to date has ever been encrypted). It is sent through public channels where many people can (if they want) look at the information. It is not stored on encrypted machines in the vast majority of cases. So your original and follow-up comments accusing me of various crimes and misdemeanors were as public as anything I've sent you -- but I haven't heard you have the good sense to apologize yet.

In any case, I'm sure the FBI has been listening all along to your accusations against me as well as to my rebuttals, as has no doubt, the CIA, NSA, NASA and who-knows-who-else. As you mention, so have many others, unquestionably. How many people have YOU shared your rude comments to me with?

In any event, the reign of terror the nuclear industry brings down on everyone who tries to speak out about the facts has GOT to stop. Frankly I'm pretty tired of being called names by people the likes of you. Maybe now you have some inkling of what it feels like, since now you seem to be offended yourself. But for the shear volume and grotesqueness of offensive commentary, YOU should be the one doing the apologizing right now, not me -- as I've stated from the beginning, after you first started sending your defamatory emails.

Up to this point I have answered every letter you've written me. I've offered you hundreds of comments you could start an honest debate over, or which you could show your own scientific knowledge over, attempting to refute my points. Yet still you threaten, accuse, and then, having claimed over and over that you are callous to my words, you suddenly now claim (see below) that I'm due for "some major litigation" for some word that finally hit home with you -- that is, that you think (or your lawyer thinks) you can build a case around.

If you wish to defend yourself against my accusations, that's your business. I've given you every opportunity, and yet you simply continue to support the tossing of hundreds of pounds of the most deadly substance known to man up in space, regardless of past failure rates. I've already presented to you exactly the reasons I called you what I called you.

If you're not satisfied with the answer, then let's debate the issues here and now. I think my case is impregnable, as long as good science is allowed a strong voice in the hallowed courtroom of public opinion -- or any courtroom where justice can prevail and kangaroo judges do not force vital issues to be set aside due to legal contrivances on the part of well-paid lawyers.

What were the American soldiers who killed people in My Lai? They were murderers. What are American soldiers who are arrested for sex crimes, say, in Okinawa? Rapists. What are the various captains who, now and then, have been found to be in command of their ships while in fact, stone-cold drunk? They are derelicts. And what is the name of those who purposefully dump toxic nuclear waste into the environment a little at a time, thus diluting it "below regulatory concern"? And what do you call those who support their actions?

I think I've clarified the issue sufficiently, but if you think "serial killer" is a better title, considering that these missions keep happening despite the clear and obvious danger, or if you think "baby killer" is more appropriate, considering that babies are at least 10 times more susceptible to the dangers from radiation that you or I, well, then let me know and I'll consider making a further clarification.


Russell Hoffman

P.S. Some friends of mine have suggested "planet killer" and "Lucifer" as well. Take your pick, Larry Evans. Just don't call yourself a "benign scientist" because that you most certainly aren't.

At 10:01 PM 10/31/00 -0500, Larry Evans wrote:
Mr. Hoffman,

Well, you have really stepped over the line this time haven't you? In two emails now you have called me a "terrorist." You have not even done so in private emails (such as what I send to you). Instead you always choose to make your replies very public, including our California Senators, Governor, and the President of the United States. You have made VERY serious allegations against me in your zeal. When you call someone a terrorist and report that person to the U.S. Government, you had better be prepared to explain yourself to that government, including the FBI.

I will give you one single chance to print a public apology and retraction of your statements against me. If you fail to do so, you have opened yourself for some major litigation.

Larry Evans




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