Correspondence between Larry Evans, President, Orange County Space Society, and Russell Hoffman -- October, 2000

To: Larry Evans
From: Russell Hoffman
re: All your emails to me
Date: Oct 25th, 2000


I don't want a debate with you any more than you want one with me. I like to debate honorable people -- we might get somewhere then. WHAT I WANT IS A RETRACTION OF YOUR DEFAMATION.

I'm entitled to that -- it's the American way. And I have every right to continue to demand it. I'll settle for a debate, though, if you think you can hack it. So far you haven't been able to.

As to your "qualifications" I don't see anything whatsoever that you've listed which indicates you have any knowledge whatsoever about the dangers of low level radiation. NOTHING. In fact, it appears you've carefully avoided that vital portion of your education while endorsing and promoting the use of the "most dangerous substance known to man", plutonium 238.

However, you could probably provide some sort of engineering rebuttal to Dr. Horst Poehler's Cassini Cancers article, which is posted at my web site. I'd like to see that. You say I've made mistakes. Now that you've revealed your area of expertise (and by omission, indicated your areas of ignorance) I doubly challenge you to actually dispute the FACTS, having already made your libelous claims.

And to compare my search for scientific truth to some clowns' "face on Mars" efforts just shows how afraid of looking at the scientific facts you really are. You have not, nor has anyone else, presented ANY evidence, definitive or otherwise, against my position on these issues. I challenge you to do so.

And you have NOT been flying the material safely into space for 40 years as you state. That's just crazy to even say that! After all, SNAP-9A was less than 40 years ago and only a complete idiot would think that was safely done.


Russell Hoffman

At 03:24 AM 10/25/00 -0400, you wrote:
Mr. Hoffman,

See, you just don't listen; and that's my point. I do not want to waste any further time debating you in any way. How many times do I have to state this for you to start to understand it? You keep saying how you give me more stuff to debate, and I keep telling you that I have no desire to do so because I have better things to do. This is especially true since I know that no matter what is debated, you will keep your opinions and I will keep mine. So what's the point other than the fact that you just want someone to fight with? Ain't gonna happen.

You remind me of Bob Hoagland who is out there with books and video about the "Face on Mars." Even after presented with high definition images of the face site from MGS, he still continues to claim that NASA is covering up the evidence for aliens on Mars. No amount of evidence will ever convince him or his followers otherwise. This is the same as your position about nuclear material in space. We have been flying this material safely for over 40 years. This includes launch mishaps and unplanned reentries. Nuclear scientists have published papers in support of the way that NASA handles the material. But whatever anyone says or however many studies are done to show that it is safe, you will never change your opinion. So be it. You and Bob can have a grand time!

You also keep talking about accusations I have made against you and that I have nothing to back it up with. Once again, you are just not listening. You mention how the stuff I have to say is just the same thing over and over. This is because you are not getting the point! I will try and state it one LAST time, v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-l-y.

You made a comment in your original email that stated that anyone in favor of PKE was not properly informed of the facts. I told you I am aware of the facts and I still support PKE. In addition, I know many other INFORMED people who also support PKE. So, for you to keep stating what you do, is an incorrect fact. You keep telling me and everyone else how you are interested only in the facts. Yet here I am presenting you with a simple fact in contradiction to your opinion and you will not accept it. You continue to rant and rave about how I MUST debate you or else.

I am not required to delineate all the facts that I am aware of just to prove to you that I am qualified to make my statements. I was at JPL during the construction of Galileo and Cassini. I was at NASA-KSC during the launch of Galileo. I have worked in the space industry for 30 years and I know that I am well informed about what's going on. That's all there is to it. Very simple really. Are you catching what I am saying this time?

Once again, to sum it up for you: I AM informed and I DO support PKE. Others that I know and work with are also informed and they also support PKE. 'Nuff said. Stop telling people otherwise.

I have no need to leave this supposed debate feeling ashamed, as you have said I must. On the contrary, I am proud of what I have accomplished in my life so far and what lies ahead. I am out there every day working to advance humanity and will continue to do so.

Larry Evans



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