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We don't run a petition drive at this web site. We recommend that you print out specific documents which move you, and then mark them up with your own opinions and send that to President Clinton. After all, he has already received a nice, color, printed, bound copy of this web site (twice) and periodically gets updates. He needs to hear from YOU now, not me again! Also, by all means please sign some of these other site's electronic documents.

Note #2:
We know of a number of links to our STOP CASSINI web site where we haven't had a chance to inquire if they would like to be listed here! THANKS TO ANYONE WHO LINKS TO US whether they are listed here or not.

Note #3:
The first link is an unpaid advertisement for the company that sells Karl Grossman's environmental videos and many other environmental items. All other links are here because these people have linked to us and of course, are also unpaid either way.

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We cannot be responsible for the contents of these links. We wouldn't want to be even if we could.

Note #5:
[Free Speech Online Campaign] Without the Electronic Frontier Foundation this web site and 50,000,000 like it probably would not exist. EFF is a non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to online resources and information.

Award-winning videos on the fallacy of using nuclear power in space and other environmental issues. Enviro Video offers all of Karl Grossman's award-winning videos.

Rob's Place
Robert Cherwink's electronic monument to spirit, truth, peace, justice, and freedom. Rob has an extensive Cassini area.

South Downs Earth First!
This EF! site, in Britian, is run by one of the funniest writers on the Internet...

Save Our Earth
Environmentalist and Public Radio and TV talk show host (since 1986!) Frederica Russell's home page.

Phoenix & Arabeth
Visit the totally amazing, carefully researched, mind-boggling One-World Global Calendar if you want to know if your cousin in Tibet will be on vacation next week. This site also contains beautiful works of art (including some 'mature' pieces). The webmaster is a magazine cover artist.

New York Greens
This is a great 'green' site with many, many good links to other 'green' causes.

Action Alert
The contents of Action Alert have been gathered from Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now! mailing list. Also, visit the Resources for Progressives web page at the same site for additional great links.

An entire web site dedicated to trying to stop Cassini. Extremely good action plans for you to do! LOVEARTH is also planning several rallies later in the year in NYC and Washington DC. Webmaster Mark Elsis.

rat haus reality / ratical branch
Dave 'Rat' Ratcliffe has been working with Egan O'Connor since 1995 to put all of Dr. John Gofman's published works on the web. "My how much time it takes.... but progress continues." This is an important web site!

An international letter-writing network of environmental activists. In partnership with indigenous, environmentalist and peace and justice organizations around the world, Global Response develops Actions that describe specific, urgent threats to the environment; each Action asks members to write personal letters to individuals in the corporations, governments or international organizations that have the power and responsibility to take corrective action. GR also issues Young Environmentalists' Actions and Eco-Club Actions designed to educate and motivate elementary and high school students to practice earth stewardship.

Let the surf take you to the site of writer and graphic artist Marcus Hammerschmitt. He linked to us, because he opposes nukes on earth and in space. Mostly German stuff, but there's an English corner too, which includes a translation of our article titled: Cassini: An In-Depth Look.

Non-Violent Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (NCANW)
On July 8, 1996 the International Court of Justice in The Hague declared that nuclear weapons violate international law on principal. The NCANW is dedicated to enforcing international law by working towards the abolition of all nuclear weapons worldwide. It was founded in Germany in 1996. Their web site is in both German and English.

InterActivism maintains an informational web page on Cassini, a facts page, and they have numerous "to do" ideas including a FREE FAX SERVICE to help you tell public officials your opinions!

If ever there was a state that needed a Green Party... ;)

The Cassini Debate: Where is it?
Should Cassini's plutonium power source go back to the drawingboard? Edited by Jane Prettyman, formerly at (the old) Esquire Magazine.

Above Suspicion
By Brad Suspicious... Asks the question: Can you expect creativity from a factory? Includes some "mature" pieces.

Netzwerk Friedenskooperative
Network of the German Peace Movement. German-language site. Contains translated articles by Karl Grossman and others, as well as original German-written material by members of the German 'Stoppt Cassini' campaign.

Kai Petzke
Kai Petzke is a Master of Science in Physics at TU Berlin (Germany) and is working towards his doctorate. His subject is Density Functional Theory (DFT) and the calculation of phonons in solid bodies. I don't know what that means but it makes some beautiful pictures and he somehow found time to put together a very well thought out STOP CASSINI web page!

Eric Van der Wyk
King Tet's Domain: A Site for Soaring Eyes. Original music, graphics, crop circles, and links...

John McConnell
Founder of Earth Day, he continues to speak for environmental as well as other global issues.

Proposition 1
This web site was created and is maintained by volunteers of the anti-nuclear vigils in Lafayette Park, at 1601 Pennsylvania Avenue, which have been going on continuously since 1981.

LAKA Foundation
LAKA Foundation is a Dutch documentation and research center on nuclear energy who share offices with WISE in Amsterdam, Holland. LAKA also has a campaign against Depleted Uranium (D. U.) weapons. Look at the WISE uranium website ( to read their excellent brochure, with contributions from Rosalie Bertell, Dan Fahey,

The memoirs of a former NASA scientist who did work for the Interagency Nuclear Safety Panel. An important voice against the use of plutonium in space. Dr. Richard G. Cuddihy suffered a stroke and became a passionate advocate for stroke survivors while remaining passionately opposed to the use of plutonium in space.
Our thanks to each of the above sites. We encourage you to visit them! Please contact us if you know of another site which links to us which we do not have listed. Please contact other sites if you find one you think might want to link to us but doesn't!

Pro-nuclear Cassini web sites:

Throughout our web site we link to pro-nuclear Cassini sites and NASA/JPL web sites, but this one asked us specifically to link to them, and they link back to our site at this time as a voice of the opposition. Besides, they have lots of news and information to check out.

A pro-Cassini site that has Cassini related news, information, pictures, and even a live Cassini-cam!

Other Internet sources of information opposing Cassini:
Fenton Communications.
A web page created by a public relations firm sponsored by Helen Caldicott.
Dedicated to stopping the 1999 Cassini flyby of Earth. One of the most active Anti-Cassini sites on the web, well-connected to other activists.
The coming weaponization of space
by Carol Rosin. An article we posted by someone we no longer listen to, about what the future policies of mankind will inevitably lead to, and her impossibly overly-grand "solution".
Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice (FCPJ).
Peace and activist group based in Gainesville, Florida.

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