Selected Artwork at The Animated Software Company web site

Selected Artwork at this Site

Following is a list of selected drawings, photos etc. available at this web site. You might also want to visit our special web pages for selected artists

All images are GIF's and usually less than about 40K in size unless otherwise specified. All images were drawn or photographed by Russell D. Hoffman unless otherwise specified. Mountain Bike Park logo drawn by Ronald Schnier. All images are copyrighted (c) by their owners unless otherwise specified and may not be used without written permission. Also please visit our Random Art pages!

* The original photos of the Cruquius pump museum are provided courtesy of Cruquius Museum, Holland.
* Dymaxion Map copyrighted by The Buckminster Fuller Institute 1938, 1967, 1980 and 1992. All Rights Reserved.
* Buckminster Fuller Photo copyrighted by The Buckminster Fuller Institute. All Rights Reserved.

Made in U.S.A.

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