Bob Aldrich's letter to RDH this morning (09-18-2001)

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Subject: Followup letter from Bob Aldrich, California Energy Commission, to Russell Hoffman, Concerned Citizen (with response)
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To: Bob Aldrich, Webmaster, California Energy Commission
From: Russell Hoffman, Carlsbad, CA
Date: September 18th, 2001
Re: Your letter to me this morning

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Please take me off your e-mail list.  I do not wish to receive any more information from you.  If you have additional questions regarding nuclear issues in California, please write to the NRC.

Bob Aldrich
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Mr. Aldrich,

Yesterday, as a representative of the California State Government, you responded to my letter about the need to shut down the four operating nuclear power reactors in California due to terrorism threats and other concerns.

You told me, "I can assure you that the state and the operators or all energy systems are doing what they can to protect the public health and safety."

I responded with what I believe is overwhelming evidence that your response to me was "hollow and meaningless".  I showed you statements by a nuclear physicists, a 30-year former employee of the plant, and others, to prove my case.

I also asked you to pass my concerns to someone in the California State Government who could  answer my questions responsibly and knowledgeably.

This is a perfectly normal request from a California State citizen, and it is your duty to act accordingly to resolve me concerns, especially my concerns about your own letter to me from the previous day!

Your first letter to me gave my your own personal assurances that we are safe.  I wish to know your background to make those assurances.  How many other Californians have you given similar assurances to?  And I wish to have someone in California's State Government explain to me how it is possible that I am safe from nuclear disaster.  Instead you tell me to contact the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Why?  Our laws which ceded jurisdiction to the Federal Government were absolutely clear on one thing:  If the Feds did not operate the plants safely, we must take control back.

Therefore, SOMEONE in the California State Government must be aware of what is happening at the nuclear power plants operating within the state.  Otherwise there is no way the State could know if it should execute its written responsibilities to take back control if the plants are improperly run (or if they are being run when they shouldn't be run at all).  I wish you to pass ALL my correspondence with you to that person in the California State Government who can answer my questions professionally and factually.

Furthermore, I want an apology from you for your hollow assurances and today's rude response.


Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

Attachment (1): Letter received from Laura Hunter, Environmental Health Coalition, after "cc'ing" her my last letter to you.


Thanks a lot for sending these.  I will distribute them to many others.

Laura Hunter
Environmental Health Coalition
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