Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 16:06:47 -0700
From: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: Re: SONGS DEIR / Steam Generator Replacement Project (follow-up questions)

Wed, 27 Apr 2005 SONWGS CPUC DEIR San Onofre Steam Generator Replacement Project To: Andrew Barnsdale, CPUC et al  ()
Date: April 27th, 2005
(In response to your email of 4/26/2005)

To Whom It May Concern, SONWGS EIR Project Team,

We were all taught the following as children: "Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law."  But your letter of yesterday (April 26th, 2005, and shown below) seems to have forgotten that basic lesson.  In it, you claim that the CPUC and the EIR project team are legally allowed to be utterly ignorant of vital facts regarding San Onofre Nuclear Waste Generating Station.

Even without federal permission to "regulate" nuclear power, you still have a responsibility to UNDERSTAND the dangers of nuclear power.  Your letter strongly suggests that just because you aren't allowed to "regulate" it, you don't need to know anything about the dangers.

If you can't regulate the USE of radioactive materials, as you claim, then how can you pretend to be regulating San Onofre's planned steam generator replacement project AT ALL?  The Steam Generator Replacement Project specifically allows the USE of radioactive materials and the GENERATION of radioactive waste which will need to be stored, transported and disposed of somehow, and will be a target of terrorists for thousands of years.

You are permitting the creation of a huge environmental problem on a good day, and risking an even larger environmental disaster on a bad day, and yet you CLAIM that you have NO authority to regulate, and no responsibility to even UNDERSTAND the technology.  If that is true, then your commission has NO useful role in this decision and your EIS document will be irrelevant, because it will not consider the real issues.

As to your claim that the federal government has "exclusive regulatory authority over radioactive materials," I ask you to show me how such alleged regulatory authority overrides a citizen's right to protect himself or herself from harm?  Where does it supercede a state's responsibility to protect its citizens from POISON GAS released during NUCLEAR ACCIDENTS?  You are risking the lives of hundreds of thousands of Californians through ineptitude and/or ignorance, willful or otherwise.  There is no legal authority for such behavior.

I have looked at various state documents which supposedly cede to the federal government the authority which the CPUC and other California regulatory bodies have so conveniently declared they have yielded.  In EVERY CASE I have seen, the wording for such abdication of responsibility SPECIFICALLY SAYS that responsibility shall be given up ONLY so long as the federal government SAFELY regulates the nuclear waste generation or other nuclear project for the citizens of California.  Usually, responsibility is given specifically to the ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION (AEC).

In reality, the federal government has FAILED to protect the citizens.  The AEC was broken up more than 25 years ago for having, among other problems, an inherent conflict of interest within itself (regulation and promotion of nuclear power).  More than 65 countries now have made the mistake of using nuclear reactors for military, research, or power (electricity) production (see list, attached).  Certainly the 6th largest economy in the world -- California -- can have people who are well versed in radiation issues on the SONWGS Steam Generator Replacement Project EIR team.

The law you cite, if it was ever valid, is certainly utterly obsolete -- "quaint" even, were it not so dangerous.  You are swinging a sword in a crowded room with blindfolds on.

Finally, you did not answer my question as to whether representatives from CPUC will be appearing under oath during any of the public hearings regarding San Onofre Nuclear WASTE Generating Station's Steam Generator Replacement Project.

Again, thank you in advance for your response.


Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

At 03:42 PM 4/26/2005 -0700, "San Onofre EIR Project" <> wrote:
Mr. Hoffman,
We are sending you a copy of the Draft EIR as requested.  Some members of
the EIR preparation team will be at the public meetings scheduled for May 12
at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the San Clemente Community Center.  You can
talk to them at either of those meetings.  The first portion of each meeting
will be an informal workshop during which you can ask questions of the CPUC
and the EIR preparers on an individual basis.

A large number of people helped prepare the Draft EIR.  They are listed in
Section J.1 of the Draft EIR along with their roles, educational background,
and years of experience.  Only a few of these people will attend the May 12
public meetings.   Those in attendance will include the EIR project manager,
Jon Davidson, and Steve Radis, who prepared the system and transportation
safety analysis.  Unfortunately, none of the EIR team members in attendance
will be experts in the biological effects of low-level radiation, since that
is not a topic addressed in the Draft EIR.  The federal government has
exclusive regulatory authority over radioactive materials and, as a result,
the State of California has no ability to regulate the storage, use,
transport, or disposal of radioactive materials.

Please note that an EIR is only an informational document, and that the
conclusions in the Draft EIR regarding the significance of potential project
impacts are those of the lead agency, the California Public Utilities


The SONGS EIR Project Team

-----Original Message-----
From: Russell D. Hoffman []
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 8:06 AM
To: Andrew Barnsdale, SONGS/ CPUC
Subject: SONGS DEIR / Steam Generator Replacement Project (corrected

April 26th, 2005

To: Andrew Barnsdale, SONGS/ CPUC
Aspen Environmental Group
235 Montgomery Street Ste 935
San Francisco, CA 94104

Mr. Barnsdale,

Please send me a copy of the DEIR for the SONGS SGRP ASAP.

I would greatly appreciate receiving the copy in printed ("hardcopy") form,
in addition to a CD-ROM version.

Also, I would like to schedule a specific time on May 12th, when I can meet
with an author of the DEIR, and I would like to know the name and technical
background of the person I will be talking to in advance so I can review
their qualifications and areas of expertise.  I am NOT interested in
talking to any "expert" who is not well-versed in the biological effects of
so-called "low level radiation," the economic and technical details of ALL
renewable energy solutions that were alternatively considered, the
statistical methods used to determine accident rates in large industrial
situations, AND the health effects of a widespread dispersal (say, in the
billion Currie+ range) from a major accident at San Onofre Nuclear WASTE
Generating Station.

Also, I assume the person I will be able to ask questions of will be one
with an actual signature on the document.  I also assume they will be able
to speak under oath, on camera, and under risk of penalty for perjury for

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you as to who I
will be meeting with and when, and to receiving the document formally known
as the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Proposed San Onofre
Nuclear WASTE Generating Station (SONWGS) Steam Generator Replacement
Project (note that the WASTE is hidden from public view in most


Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

Partial list of countries with nuclear reactors (includes defunct).  Note that all but 5 are smaller economies than California:

List of Nuclear Reactors Worldwide



Es Salam


McMurdo Station - PM-3A NNPU "Nukey Poo" US Navy power reactor (operational 1962, shut down 1972, fully dismantled 1979)


Armenia-1 (shut down)




Austrian Research Centers ( at Seibersdorf - 10 kW ASTRA research reactor (in use 1960-1999)
Atomic Institute of the Austrian Universities ( in Vienna - 250 kW TRIGA Mark II research reactor (in use since 1962)


Dhaka - TRIGA Mark II, Atomic Energy Research Establishment (installed 1986)


Sosny, Minsk
IRT research reactor (shut down 1988)
"Pamir" - mobile nuclear power reactor test (shut down 1986)


BR-3 - PWR reactor (shut down)
Doel - 4 PWR reactors
Tihange - 3 PWR reactors


Angra Nuclear Power Plant, Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro - 2 units, PWR
Belo Horizonte - TRIGA Mark I, University of Minas Gerais (installed 1960)


Sofia - IRT research reactor (shut down 1987)


Power station reactors

Bruce Nuclear Generating Station (Tiverton, Ontario)
Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (Pickering, Ontario)
Darlington Nuclear Generating Station (Bowmanville, Ontario)
Chalk River Laboratories (Rolphton, Ontario)
Gentilly Nuclear Generating Station (Becancour, Quebec)
Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station (Point Lepreau, New Brunswick)

Research reactors

Chalk River Laboratories
MMIR-1 - MAPLE class medical isotope production reactor
MMIR-2 - MAPLE class medical isotope production reactor
NRU - 135 MWth reactor
NRX reactor - (1947-????) The first nuclear reactor in Canada
ZED-2 - zero-energy reactor
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia - SLOWPOKE-2 class reactor
Kanata - SLOWPOKE-2 class reactor (shut down)
L'Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal - SLOWPOKE-2 class reactor
McMaster University - 5 MWth MTR class reactor
Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario - SLOWPOKE-2 class reactor
Saskatchewan Research Council Saskatoon)
University of Alberta, Edmonton - SLOWPOKE-2 class reactor
University of Toronto - SLOWPOKE-2 class reactor (shut down)


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Daya Bay, Guangdong


Bogota - TRIGA, Institute of Nuclear Science (installed 1997)

Democratic Republic of the Congo

TRICO I - TRIGA reactor, University of Kinshasa (shut down 1970)
TRICO II - TRIGA reactor, University of Kinshasa


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Czech Republic



Risø - DR-3 DIDO class reactor (shut down)


Inshas Nuclear Research Center
ETTR-1 - 2 MW LWR (supplied by USSR, 1958)
ETTR-2 - 22 MW reactor (supplied by Argentina, 1998)


Paldiski - 2 PWR naval training reactors (dismantled)


Helsinki - TRIGA Mark II, State Institute for Technical Research (installed 1962)


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Fessenheim, the first one in France
Superphoenix, Malville
ICJT list (


Biblis with Biblis-A and Biblis-B
Gundremmingen with Gundremmingen-B and Grundremmingen-C, A is defunct
Isar nuclear plant with Isar-1 and Isar-2
Neckarwestheim with Neckarwestheim-1 and Neckarwestheim-2
Philippsburg with Philippsburg-1 and Philippsburg-2

Now defunct shut down plants include:
Research nuclear plants in Jülich and Karlsruhe
Former GDR nuclear plant in Greifswald (Greifswald-1 to Greifswald-4, and the not finished Greifswald-5 reactor)
Lingen (research plant?)
Mülheim-Kärlich, build and then shut down because of potential hazards
Niederaichbach (research plant?)
Rheinsberg (research plant?)
Stade, shut down in 2003
Würgassen (research plant?)
Kalkar, never finished
Wyhl, famous nuclear plant that didn't get build because of long-time resistance by the local populace and environmentalists.
IJCT list (


GRR-1 - 5 MW research reactor at Demokritos National Centre for Scientific Research, Athens


Paks - 4 VVER 430 MWe reactors


Power station reactors

Kaiga Atomic Power Station
Kakrapar Atomic Power Station (KAPS)
Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS)
Narora Atomic Power Station (NAPS)
Rajasthan Atomic Power Station (RAPS)
Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS)

Research reactors

Kalpakkam - IGCAR
FBTR (Fast Breeder Test Reactor)
KAMINI reactor
500 MWe prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (under construction)


Bandung - TRIGA Mark II (installed 1997)
Yogyakarta - TRIGA Mark II (installed 1979)


Power station reactors

Bushehr-1 435MWe
Bushehr-2 435MWe

Research reactors

Isfahan, Nuclear Technology Center
MNSR 27 kWt miniature neutron source reactor (MNSR)
Light Water Subcritical Reactor (LWSCR)
Heavy Water Zero Power Reactor (HWZPR)
Graphite Subcritical Reactor (GSCR)
Tehran - TRIGA reactor at Tehran Nuclear Research Center (supplied by USA, 1967)


Osiraq / "Tammuz 1" (destroyed by Israeli airstrike, 7 June 1981)


Pavia - TRIGA Mark II, University of Pavia Mark II (installed 1965)
Rome - TRIGA Mark II, ENEA Cassaccia Research Center (installed 1960)




SLOWPOKE-2 reactor - Kingston, Jamaica


Power station reactors

Fukushima Daiichi (6 BWR reactors)
Fukushima Daini (4 BWR reactors)
Genkai (4 PWR reactors)
Hamaoka (4 BWR + 1 ABWR(Advanced BWR) reactors)
Ikata (3 PWR reactors)
Kashiwazaki Kariwa (5 BWR reactors + 2 ABWR reactors)
Mihama (3 PWR reactors)
Ohi (4 PWR reactors)
Onagawa (3 BWR reactors)
Sendai (2 PWR reactors)
Shika (BWR)
Shimane (2 BWR reactors)
Takahama (4 PWR reactors)
Tokai (GCR, shut down)
Tokai Daini (BWR)
Tomari (2 PWR reactors)
Tsuruga-1 (BWR)
Tsuruga-2 (PWR)

Research reactors

JAERI(Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute) Reactors
Tokai JRR-1(Japan Research Reactor No.1, shut down)
Tokai JRR-2 (shut down)
Tokai JRR-3
Tokai JRR-4
Tokai JPDR (Japan Power Demonstration Reactor, shut down)
Oarai HTTR(High-Temp engineering Test Reactor)
Oarai JMTR(Japan Materials Testing Reactor)
Naka JT-60 fusion reactor
JNC(Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute) Reactors
Fugen (ATR(Advanced Thermal Reactor), shut down)
Jyouyou (FBR)
Monju (FBR)


Power station reactors

Aktau (Kazakhstan State Corporation for Atomic Power and Industry)
BN-350 135 MWe reactor (shut down 1999)

Research reactors

Alatau, Institute of Nuclear Physics
VVR-K 10MWe reactor
Kurchatov, National Nuclear Center, Semipalatinsk Test Site
IVG-1M 60 MW
RA - zirconium hydride moderated reactor (dismantled)
IGR (Impulse Graphite Reactor) 50 MW


Riga, Nuclear Research Center, Salaspils
5 MWe research reactor (shut down)


Tajura Nuclear Research Center, 10MW research reactor (supplied by USSR)


Ignalina nuclear power plant


Kuala Lumpur - TRIGA Mark II, Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology (installed 1982)


Laguna Verde
Mexico City - TRIGA Mark III, National Insatitute for Nuclear Research


Rabat - TRIGA (under construction)


Power station reactors

Borssele - 452 MWe PWR
Dodewaard - 55 MWe BWR (shut down 1997)

Research reactors


North Korea

Power station reactors

Shinpo (Simpo)
North Korea 1 - PWR 1000 MWe
North Korea 2 - PWR 1000 MWe (under construction)

Research reactors

IRT-2000 - 0.1 MWt heavy-water moderated research reactor (supplied by USSR, 1965)
Yongbyon 1 - 5 MWe Magnox reactor (activated 1987)
Yongbyon 2 - 50 MWe Magnox reactor (under construction)
Taechon 1 - 200 MWe reactor (under construction)
Taechon 2 - ? (under construction)


Research reactors

Kjeller reactors
NORA (activated 1961, shut down 1967)
JEEP I (activated 1951, shut down 1967)
JEEP II (activated 1966)
Halden reactor
HBWR - Halden boiling water reactor (activated 1959)


Chasnupp - 300 MWe PWR
Kanupp - 125 MWe PHWR


USS Sturgis - floating nuclear power plant for Panama Canal (operating 1966 to 1976)


Quezon City - TRIGA reactor, Philippine Atomic Energy Commission (installed 1988)

Puerto Rico

Mayaguez - TRIGA reactor (dismantled)


Power stations

Cernavoda-1 PHWR CANDU reactor 700 MW
Cernavoda-2 PHWR CANDU reactor 700 MW (under construction; starts operation in 2006)


M gurele, near Bucharest (1957-1998)


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Power station reactors

Beloyarsk / Zarechny
Kalinin / Udomlya
Kola / Polyarnye Zori
Leningrad / Sosnovy Bor
Seversk / Tomsk
Volgodonsk / Rostov

Research reactors

(There are approximately 109 research reactors in Russia. [1] ( )
T-15 fusion reactor at Kurchatov Institute


Jaslovske Bohunice - 4 408 MWe WWER,
Bohunice A-1 - 1 388 MWe WWER (shut down)
Mochovce - 2 388 MWe WWER


Ljubljana - TRIGA Mark II, Jozef Stefan Nuclear Institute (supplied 1966 by USA to Yugoslavia)


Power station reactors

Almaraz-1 - 1032 MWe
Almaraz-2 - 1027 MWe
Ascó-1 - 930 MWe
Ascó-2 - 930 MWe
Cofrentes - 994 MWe
José Cabrera, Almonacid de Zorita - 160 MWe
Santa María de Garoña - 460 MWe
Trillo - 1.066 MWe
Vandellòs GCR, Tarragona
Vandellòs-1 (shut down after fire, 1989)
Vandellòs-2 - 992 MWe

Research reactors

Argos 10 kW Argonaut reactor - Polytechnic University, Barcelona (shut down 1992)
CORAL-I reactor

South Africa

Power station reactors

Koeberg (near Cape Town)
Koeberg-1 920MWe
Koeberg-2 920MWe

Research reactors

Pelindaba - Pelindaba Nuclear Research Center near Pretoria
Safari-1 20MW swimming pool reactor
Safari-2 (dismantled 1970)

South Korea

Power station reactors

Kori - 4 PWR reactors
Kulchin - 4 PWR reactors
Wolson - 4 PHWR reactors
Yonggwang - 4 PWR reactors

Research reactors

Aerojet General Nucleonics Model 201 Research Reactor
HANARO, MAPLE class reactor
TRIGA General Atomics Mark II (TRIGA-Mark II) Research Reactor


Miniature neutron source reactor




Power station reactors

Beznau 1

Research reactors

Lucens (shut down 1969)


Power station reactors

Chin Shan - 2 BWR reactors
Kuosheng - 2 BWR reactors
Lungmen (under construction)
Maanshan - 2 PWR reactors

Research reactors

Taipei - TRIGA, Tsing Hua University (installed 1977)


Bangkok - TRIGA, Office of Atoms for Peace (installed 1977)
Bangkok - TRIGA MPR 10, Ongkharak Nuclear Research Center (under construction)


Istanbul - TRIGA Mark II, Technical University of Istanbul (installed 1979)


Power station reactors

Chernobyl-1 RBMK-1000 LWGR (shut down 1996)
Chernobyl-2 RBMK-1000 LWGR (shut down 1991)
Chernobyl-3 RBMK-1000 LWGR (shut down 2000)
Chernobyl-4 RBMK-1000 LWGR (exploded in Chernobyl accident 1986)
Khmelnytskyi - 2 WWER reactors
Rivno - 4 WWER reactors
South Ukraine, Konstantinovka - 3 PWR reactors
Zaporizhzhia - 6 WWER reactors

Research reactors

Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research (shut down)
Sebastopol Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry (shut down)

United Kingdom

Power station reactors

Berkeley (shut down 1989)
Bradwell (shut down 2002)
Calder Hall at Sellafield (shut down 2003)
4 Magnox reactors
Dounreay fast reactor (shut down 1994)
Prototype fast reactor
Hinkley Point, Bridgwater
Trawsfynydd (shut down 1993)
Winfrith - Dorchester, Dorset
9 reactors, shut down 1990

Research reactors

Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell
GLEEP (shut down 1990)
BEPO (shut down 1968)
LIDO (shut down 1974)
DIDO (shut down 1990)
PLUTO (shut down 1990)
Billingham - TRIGA Mark I reactor, ICI refinery (installed 1971, shut down 1988)
CONSORT reactor, Imperial College London, Silwood Park campus, Ascot, Berkshire
VULCAN (Rolls-Royce Naval Marine)
PWR2 (Rolls-Royce Naval Marine)
JASON PWR reactor, Greenwich, London (dismantled 1999)
JET fusion reactor, Culham
Neptune - Rolls-Royce Naval Marine, Raynesway, Derby
Sellafield (named Windscale until 1971)
PILE 1 (shut down 1957 after Windscale fire)
PILE 2 (shut down 1957)
WAGR (shut down 1982)
VIPER - Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston, Berkshire

United States of America

Power Station Reactors

NRC Region One (Northeast)

Beaver Vally, Pennsylvania
Calvert Cliffs, Maryland
Connecticut Yankee, Connecticut (Decommissioned)
FitzPatrick, New York
Ginna, New York
Hope Creek, New Jersey
Indian Point, New York
Limerick, Pennsylvania
Maine Yankee, Maine (Decommissioned)
Millstone, Connecticut
Nine Mile Point, New York
Oyster Creek, New Jersey
Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania
Pilgrim, Massachusetts
Salem, New Jersey
Saxton, Pennsylvania (Decommissioned)
Seabrook, New Hampshire
Shippingport, Pennsylvania
Shoreham, New York (Decommissioned)
Susquehanna, Tennessee
Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania
Vermont Yankee, Vermont
Yankee Rowe, Massachusetts (Decommissioned)

NRC Region Two (South)

Bellefonte Nuclear Generating Station, Alabama (Unfinished)
Browns Ferry, Alabama
Brunswick, North Carolina
Catawba, South Carolina
Crystal River 3, Florida
Farley (Joseph M. Farley), Alabama
Hatch (Edwin I. Hatch), Georgia
McGuire, North Carolina
North Anna, Virgina
Oconee, South Carolina
H.B. Robinson, South Carolina
Sequoyah, Tennessee
Shearon Harris, North Carolina
Surry, Virginia
Turkey Point, Florida
Virgil C. Summer (Summer), South Carolina
Vogtle, Georgia
Watts Bar, Tennessee

NRC Region Three (Midwest)

Big Rock Point, Michigan (Decommissioned)
Braidwood, Illinois
Byron, Illinois
Clinton, Illinois
Davis-Besse, Ohio
Donald C. Cook, Michigan
Dresden, Illinois
Duane Arnold, Iowa
Elk River, Minnesota (Decommissioned)
Enrico Fermi, Michigan
Kewaunee, Wisconsin
LaCrosse, Wisconsin (Decommissioned)
LaSalle County, Illinois
Monticello, Minnesota
Palisades, Michigan
Perry, Ohio
Piqua, Ohio (Decommissioned)
Point Beach, Wisconsin
Prairie Island, Minnesota
Quad Cities, Illinois
Zion, Illinois

NRC Region Four (West)

Arkansas Nuclear One, Arkansas
Callaway, Missouri
Columbia, Washington
Comanche, Texas
Cooper, Nebraska
Diablo Canyon, California
Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
Fort Saint Vrain, Colorado (Decommissioned)
Grand Gulf, Mississippi
Hallam, Nebraska (Decommissioned)
Hanford N Reactor, Washington (Retired)
Humboldt Bay, California (Decommissioned)
Palo Verde, Arizona
Pathfinder, South Dakota
Rancho Seco, California (Decommissioned)
River Bend, Louisiana
San Onofre, California
South Texas, Texas
Trojan, Rainier, Oregon (Decommissioned)
Vallecitos, California
Waterford, Louisiana
Wolf Creek, Kansas

Plutonium Production Reactors

Hanford Site, Washington
B-Reactor (Pile)
F-Reactor (Pile)
D-Reactor (Pile)
H-Reactor (Pile)
DR-Reactor (Pile)
C-Reactor (Pile)
KE-Reactor (Pile)
KW-Reactor (Pile)
Savannah River Site, South Carolina
R-Reactor (Heavy Water?)
P-Reactor (Heavy Water?)
L-Reactor (Heavy Water?)
K-Reactor (Heavy Water?)
C-Reactor (Heavy Water?)

Research Reactors

Idaho National Environmental and Engineering Laboratory, Idaho
52 research and test reactors including...
Nevada Test Site, Nevada
BREN Tower

Research and Test Reactors Licensed To Operate
Aerotest Operations Inc., San Ramon, CA - TRIGA Mark I
Armed Forces Radiobiological Research Institute, Bethesda, MD - TRIGA Mark I
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY - TRIGA Mark II
Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI - TRIGA Mark I
General Electric Company, Sunol, CA - "Nuclear Test"
Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID - AGN-201 #103
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS - TRIGA Mark I
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA - HWR Reflected
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD - TRIGA Mark I
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC - Pulstar
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH - Pool
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR - TRIGA Mark II
Penn State University, University Park, PA - TRIGA
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN - Lockheed
Reed College, Portland, OR - TRIGA Mark I
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Schenectady, NY - Critical Assembly
Rhode Island Atomic Energy Commission, Narrangansett, RI - GE Pool
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX (two reactors) - AGN-201M #106, TRIGA Mark I
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ - TRIGA Mark I
University of California-Davis, Sacramento, CA - ?
University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA - TRIGA Mark I
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL - Argonaut
University of Maryland, College Park, College Park, MD - TRIGA Mark I
University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA - ?
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI - Pool
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO - Tank
University of Missouri, Rolla, MO - Pool
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM - AGN-201M $112
University of Texas, Austin, TX - TRIGA Mark II
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT - TRIGA Mark I
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI - TRIGA Mark I
U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO - TRIGA Mark I
U.S. Veterans Administration, Omaha, NE - TRIGA Mark I
Washington State University, Pullman, WA - TRIGA Mark I
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA - GE

Research and Test Reactors Under Decommission Orders or License Amendments. (These research and test reactors are authorized to decontaminate and dismantle their facility to prepare for final survey and license termination.)
CBS Corporation, Waltz Mill, PA
General Atomics, San Diego, CA (two reactors)
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Sandusky, OH (two reactors)
Saxton Nuclear Experimental Corporation, Saxton, PA (one power reactor)
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA (two reactors)

Research and Test Reactors With Possession-Only Licenses. (These research and test reactors are not authorized to operate the reactor, only to possess the nuclear material on-hand. They are permanently shut down.)
Cornell University Zero Power Reactor, Ithaca, NY
General Electric Company, Sunol, CA (two research and test reactors, one power reactor)
Nuclear Ship Savannah, James River Reserve Fleet, VA (one power reactor)
State University of New York, Buffalo, NY
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DoE list (
ICJT list (­includes the defunct


URR reactor


Ulugbek, Tashkent
VVER-SM tank reactor (shut down)


RV-1 reactor


Da Lat - TRIGA Mark II (supplied by USA 1963, shut down 1975, reactivated by USSR 1984)

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