From: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: Re: June, 2002 article on the Kennedy Bros. and related issues

TO: "Rem Rieder" <>
      Editor and Senior Vice President
      American Journalism Review


RE: June, 2002 article on the Kennedy Bros. and related issues

To The Editor;

I commend you on your careful investigation of the nepotism issues regarding a pair of Kennedy brothers, and their involvement in, and reporting on, the activist community around Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, 25 miles north of New York City (Fly in the Power Plant, American Journalism Review, June, 2002, p. 14, in the "Free Press" section, edited by Jill Rosen).

However, I feel it is extremely remiss of your reporter not to take the opportunity to point out that this happens on both sides of the fence: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Richard "Rich Rad" Meserve and CNN Reporter Jeanne Meserve are siblings, who have reportedly always been close. Ms Meserve has reported shamelessly many times on CNN regarding nuclear issues, without any mention of this connection.

The NRC is the ONLY regulatory agency that oversees nuclear power plants (curiously, OSHA, EPA, etc. are all kicked out for no good reason, while NRC pretends it can handle everything).  CNN is the #1 societal control squad as measured either by how flooded it is (from what I hear) with CIA operatives, or by the number of numbed viewers who sit in front of it.

I'm happy to say that, in the past few months, CNN seems to have separated Ms Meserve directly from nuclear issues, possibly in response to this author's strident complaints -- rather than apologize, they seem to have chosen to skirt the issue.  She still reports on energy-related matters; recently she reported on a 40-year coal fire in Pennsylvania.  Since nuclear energy is the "whipping boy" of coal and vice-versa, this wasn't much of a separation.

"It's an unconscionable breach of journalistic ethics for a blood relative of one of the prime people in this debate to be assigned to cover it ... to not identify the connection between the two Kennedy brothers is outrageous."  -- Arthur Wiese, vice president of corporate communications for Indian Point's owners, Entergy Corp. (as quoted in your article (p. 15)).

I agree completely, and since it is unlikely that Mr. Wiese and I will agree on many things in life, I might as well flaunt it when it happens.


Russell Hoffman
pro-DNA activist (which you refer to as "anti-nuclear" activism your article)
Carlsbad, CA