From: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Dr. Edward Teller dies without ever being brought to justice

September 10th, 2003


RE: Dr. Edward Teller dies without ever being brought to justice

To The Editor,

Dr. Edward Teller has died at age 95.

Known as "The Father of the H-Bomb", Dr. Teller was probably the most self-assured pro-nuker of them all -- he set the standard for condescending treatment of those critical of nuclear power.

In his life, Dr. Teller excused virtually all uses of radiative materials that anyone ever came up with, including Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Submarines, Nuclear Aircraft Carriers, Nuclear Propulsion for Rockets, Nuclear Airplanes, Thermonuclear batteries for space and for listening devices at sea, and undoubtedly many more top secret nuclear uses.

He felt that each of these uses were absolutely critical for humanity -- or more specifically, for the United States, even the most preposterous, such as nuclear airplanes.  He never saw the dangers of having a little radiation in each of us, and then a little more, and a little more.

It's clear he never understood the fallibility of humans.  He never grasped the economic voodoo that was, and is, required to make his "darling" nuclear power plants appear profitable.  He never thought out the "tit-for-tat" the superpowers would play, matching atomic weapons for atomic weapons at each level, until Russia began exploding 100 Megaton Hydrogen bombs into our biosphere, and finally, public outcry began to have an effect on the arms race.  Teller's invention had finally reached a size no one could stomach, but technically, we could have kept going, and some -- Teller included -- wanted America to respond with bigger bombs of our own.

Dr. Teller was never brought to justice by humanity for killing millions.  Estimates by non-biased scientific researchers are that 60 million people have died, or are alive today but will die, because of radioactive pollution from the Cold War and from Nuclear Power.  Dr. Teller is directly responsible for much of this proliferation of radioactive poisons.

Who knows what justice he might receive now?  If there is a God, why did he give us Dr. Teller's awful "invention" (which, by the way, was an inevitable "next step" in nuclear technology, just as laser excitement is now).

Let God do His Will to Ed Teller now, but here on Earth, we should not forget the horror this man foisted upon the next thousand generations of humans.  The cancers.  The leukemias.  The birth defects.  The  industrial-strength lies of the nuclear industry.

He will not be missed by this writer or by anyone aware of his true legacy.


Russell Hoffman
Concerned fellow mortal
Carlsbad, CA

Author, The Effects of Nuclear Weapons (a widely distributed and reprinted Internet Essay), The Demon Hot Atom (Web Site looking at historic images from various nuclear documents), List of U.S. Nuclear Power Plants (Web Site with plant details, and links to plant owners AND activists), Editor, Stop Cassini (newsletter to the nuclear activist movement).  Mr. Hoffman has a collection of over 350 books on nuclear power, including Better A Shield Than A Sword and Energy From Heaven and Earth (both by Dr. Teller, the latter an autographed copy) and two about Dr. Teller: Energy & Conflict: The Life and Times of Edward Teller by Stanley A. Blumberg and Gwinn Owens, and Teller's War: The Top-Secret Story Behind the Star Wars Deception by William J. Broad.