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Subject: Re: Sorry (followup from Sara Barczak)

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Dear Sara,

Actually, your post was just the "icing on the cake"; the fourth in a series of condemnations of Meserve and the Nuclear Renaissance meeting which I had collected and presented to Public Citizen.

Mr. Slocum, Public Citizen's "Research Director", had already taken the low ground before your comment arrived, having chosen to attack me, rather than reflect on, or reconsider, their self-inflicted moral dilemma.

Thanks very much for writing and adding some clarification to this murky mess.


Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA


At 10:47 AM 8/7/02 , "Sara Barczak" <> wrote:

Subject: Re: Sorry


I'm sorry my posting of that nuclear workshop has now caused this whole
debate.  I only posted it so that 1) others could know about it that hadn't
heard before 2) we could find out who was going, what they knew, etc. 3) to
get feedback from Pub.Citizen as it appeared that they were the only NGO
that is against nuclear power that was presenting.  I didn't know this whole
blow up was going to occur.

I was invited to present at a NRC conference in DC last year and we turned
it down for a variety of reasons...including concern on why we were giving
legitimacy to the whole thing and because we knew that it was a waste of
time for the most part (Pamela agreed and helped us decide).

I told Tyson that I appreciate Pub. Citizen's work (we can't do it all
ourselves) and that I knew they would not present themselves as "the" group
to ask all questions/positions/etc. for those of us who oppose nuclear power
(for instance, we're opposed to dry casks--many other groups don't appear to
be and I would hope they wouldn't assume to speak for GCE on that issue).

Anyway, I'm sorry this happened and I appreciate that you share accurate,
detailed information and that you're a strong supporter of Pamela and her
hard work over these many decades.

I was just horrified at the bad timing of the thing and the content of the
conference and frustrated by how closed it appeared to be to those of us
interested in the subject.