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Mr. Slocum,

FYI; here is one more comment to add to the mix.  Is the panel the only opportunity Ms Hauter will have to speak?



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This is totally outrageous - a "Nuclear Renaissance" conference scheduled
from 9/10-12--right around the 1st anniversary of Sept. 11th.   The address
is but the 2nd one tells all - which is an 8-page brochure and
guess who is one of the featured speakers, NRC Chairman Meserve.  There's
mention of new reactors, Yucca status, nuclear security, etc., etc.

I see Wenonah Hauter w/Public Citizen is on one of the panels.  The "early
bird" special prices end Aug. 9th (Nagasaki Day--another bad timing
decision) and are QUITE high regardless of any "special."

This is disgusting, really.  Is anyone able to go?

Any input from presenters?


Sara Barczak
Georgians for Clean Energy

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