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The Davis-Besse Newsletter is dedicated to presenting all the information currently available for understanding why this near-catastrophe happened, in order to determine what might be done to do to stop a similar (or completely different!) catastrophe from happening in the future. Other nuclear issues are also discussed.

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"Why do you give a forum to corporate spokesliars?" (Letter to Tom Henry, Toledo Blade (Nov. 2003))

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Collected News and Views #14 (June 6tth, 2002):


End of world scheduled for July 4th, 2002 -- don't miss it!

(1): Atomic Terror Alert: If the White House Knew Something About Future Attacks, the Time
to Act is Now (by
Harvey Wasserman, CounterPunch, May 28th, 2002)

Barbara Starr, Star Reporter for CNN, Screws Up The Logic For Bush and Putin's benefit

(3): How a Banana Republic Dies (by
Francis Boyle)

(4):  NRC issues more security orders (from Platts.com's Nuclear New Flashes (May 24th, 2002)

(5): NRC Policy doesn't pass the straight-face test (sent in by
Ray Shadis)

(6): Fwd: In Minnesota, Bush cheerleads the new "Nuclear Power 2010" plan (by
Kevin Kamps)

(7): NRC promises full testing for shipments to Yucca Mountain (by
Doug Abrahms Reno Gazette-Journal, May 23rd, 2002)

(8): DOE has no nuclear waste transportation plan, sez x-ntsb chair

(9): It is nice to see the good old free market system spreading the truth for us, since the government seems determined not to do so (by
Wille deCamp)

(10): Yucca - Inefficient Reactors, A Lazy DOE, A Mountain of Deadly Fuel (by
Bob Nichols)

(11): NY Times Magazine has pretty good article on nuke terrorism

(12) Links to essays and correspondence by
rdh since DB#13


Collected News and Views #13 (May 27th, 2002):


What did we know and when did we know it?

(1): Who knew?  BUSH KNEW!  But the question is: What does he know NOW?

(2): We are the Guardians of life on Earth (Letter to the Editor by
Barbara Bailine)

(3):  Anthrax attacks: FBI cover-up and NY Times whitewash (by
Patrick Martin, May 15th, 2002)

(4): Lawmakers question NRC (by
Jim Mackinnon, Beacon Journal, May 15th, 2002)

(5): TVA thinking about restarting an old nuke (Reuters, May 15th, 2002)

(6): Nuke companies buying Congress (AP, May 14th, 2002)

(7): Nevada senators spar with Abraham during Yucca hearing (
Steve Tetreault, LVJR, May 17th, 2002)

(8): Yucca Mountain won't even be big enough!  (AP / NY Times)

(9): Whistleblowing makes for great TV. But the aftereffects can be brutal (
Cora Daniels, Fortune, April 15th, 2002)

(10): Leaking fuel assemblies at Vermont Yankee prompt swap with spent fuel for summer

(11): A blast from the past:  1996 AAAS article on nuke waste cleanup

(12): BBB Rules Nuclear Energy Institute Ads Inaccurate


Collected News and Views #12 (May 15th, 2002):


Bang bang we're dead...

(1): Happy Independence Day -- bang bang, we're dead (I) (NY Times)

(2): NY Times looks at San Onofre

(3): Happy Independence Day -- bang bang, we're dead (II) (
Bill Gertz, Washington Times, May 13th, 2002)

(4): Corrosive Culture- The Davis Besse lesson: You just can't trust the NRC (www.citizen.org)

(5): Residents fume over reactor leak secrecy (
Rob Ryser, The Journal News, May 11th, 2002)

(6): Yucca:  It's just an insurance scam (by
Bob Nichols, Oklahoma City, OK, sent in by ReCarDeaux)

(7): The Bush war (against recalcitrant Governors) continues...

(8): State officials pretend to be concerned about the safety of nuclear fuel at Maine Yankee

(9): "
The framework was just a little off" OR, how the DTE chairman miscalculated his way into a top position in the Nuclear Industry (article by James V. Higgins, The Detroit News)

(10): Researchers Probe Depleted Uranium, Cancer Link

Stop the CPUC from Killing the Renewable Energy Industry


Collected News and Views #11 (May 9th, 2002):


CNN's CROSSFIRE is shooting blanks at decoys...

(1): Selling Nuclear Plant Safety (by Jack Shannon, USMC (Ret.)

(2): NRC Davis-Besse Oversight Panel to Hold First Meeting May 9 in Oak Harbor, Ohio (this item was seen in RADBULL)

(3) Events raise nuclear fears (seen posted on DOEWATCH)

(4): Reactor List and Repairs (this item was sent in by Molly Johnson)

(5): Radiation causes multi-generational genetic mutations -- researchers are surprised (the public isn't) (seen posted on DOEWATCH)

(6): She's got that right! (but what is she going to do about it?)

(7): NRC Chairman Richard "Rich Rad" Meserve comments on Victor Gilinski's comments on Davis-Besse (distributed by Ray Shadis, May 9th, 2002)

(8): Your lame Yucca Mountain debate today (letter to CNN's Crossfire, by
rdh, May 8th, 2002)

Nuclear Energy Institute suggests regulatory changes to nuke licensing

(10): Davis-Besse NRC report out (pdf)

(11): Conference on radiation dangers (seen on DOEWATCH)


Collected News and Views #10 (May 6th, 2002):


"Nothing more than an act of terrorism"


(2): Alternatives to nuclear power. (A quick overview by
Arthur Doucette, May 4th, 2002)

(3): I am afraid that in order to stop the Nuclear Industry it may take a Revolution or a Civil War (by
Jack Shannon, nuclear physicist, nuclear engineer, former KAPL employee, whistleblower, May 4th, 2002)

Richard Geary).

(5): Maryland's largest tornado on record just missed nuclear plant (by Johnathon E. Briggs, Sun Staff, May 1st, 2002 (sent in by
Molly Johnson)

(6): The NRC is losing it!  (Losing face?  Losing power to fight the will of the people?  Losing respect?  (They lost that a long time ago!))  No: Losing isotopes. (by
Joby Warrick, May 4th, 2002, The Washington Post)

(7): Nuke Crane Accident

(8): Billionaire
Warren Buffet predicts nuke attack on U.S. (article by Joe Ruff, AP, May 5th, 2002)

Nuclear Energy Institute predicts new nukes coming to your town soon! (Reuters, May 6th, 2002)

Osama's reward (humor)

(11): This planet could support 60 billion people, at least... (a statement by
Russell Hoffman)

Collected News and Views #9 (May 1st, 2002):


(1): Industry Funded Study Says Shutting NPP Would Raise Costs -- but EXPERIENCE suggests otherwise (Comments by Raymond Shadis + NY Times article by Winnie Hu, April 30th, 2002)

Nukes close, infant deaths go down - Tooth Fairy Project - NY Times April 30th, 2002

(3) Throwing good money after bad:  Davis-Besse to be reopened at any cost:
Reactor's restart is further delayed (
John Funk,  Plain Dealer Reporter, April 25th, 2002)

(4) Their fate WILL BE OUR FATE:
Radioactive dust is escaping from the Chernobyl sarcophagus (BBC news, April 26th, 2002)

(5) Spent nuclear fuel is a danger to everyone:
The Yucca Mountain Plan by
Bob Nichols (forwarded to rdh by Richard Geary)

(6) The Yucca Truck from GM (Gigantic Motors) (also by
Bob Nichols and forwarded by Richard Geary)

(7) Spent Fuel Train boarded by escaped convicts in North Carolina! (from
NC WARN via Molly Johnson)

(8) A look back at the NY Times' Week In Review on Davis-Besse, March 31st, 2002

(9) Correspondence between
Paul Lavely, Director ORS, UC Berkeley (and a former NRC inspector) and rdh regarding dangers of "reracking" spent fuel

(10) New book by
Dr. Helen Caldicott / PSR nuke conference in LA June 2nd, 2002


Collected News and Views #8 (April 28th, 2002):

1) Hear about the near accident at the Ohio nuclear plant? I'm not surprised. (Victor Gilinsky, Washington Post, April 28, 2002)

2) Here are some differences between Davis-Besse and Oyster Creek (Russell D. Hoffman, April 28th, 2002)

3) Independent look sought into woes at Ohio nuke plant (Tom Henry, Toledo Blade, April 25, 2002)

4) Reflections on technology and responsibility / Ideally, science is nothing more than truth, unmasked (letter to American Physics Society (APS), April 19th, 2002)

5) [JerseyShoreNuclearWatch] From the NYT: April 13, 2002 The Hole in the Reactor By DANIEL F. FORD (with comments by Raymond Shadis)

6) Correspondence with Dr. W. R. Corcoran, Ph.D., P.E., Nuclear Safety Review Concepts

7) U.S. Questions Nuclear Plant's Repair Plan (Matt Wald, NY Times, April 11th, 2002)

8) US finds no widespread corrosion at nuclear plants  (Reuters, April 10th, 2002)

9) Government officials, neighbors voice little fear over plant safety, cite economic impact (Jim Mackinnon, Beacon Journal business writer, April 5th, 2002)

10) Chernobyl's legacy of radioactive poisoning passed on (Elizabeth Piper, Reuters, 4/26/2002 (published in the Boston Globe))

11) 50 Questions about San Onofre Nuclear Waste Generating Station (by Russell D. Hoffman, 4/25/2002)


What's happening to our reactors, and why aren't we reacting to it logically and urgently? (Includes an explanation of EMBRITTLEMENT):

Fwd: [UnplugSalem] David Lochbaum, Union of Concerned Scientists, on Davis-Besse: "Reactor With A Hole In Its Head":

"Sanitized view of Davis-Besse" (+ NYT article + jet impact comments):

Technical details on near-catastrophe at Davis-Besse are profoundly disturbing (based on early information):

Eugene Wigner, Ed Siegel & Mark Hetherington and others identified it, now it's happening!