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Subject: Barely used atomic reactor cores from inefficient reactors, just right for Osama's dirty bomb
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News and views from around the world:

June 5th, 2002

Today's radioactive highlights:

1) Let's do this! (by Bob Nichols)
2) Radioactive Spill Sends 10 People To Hospital -- Head-On Collision Causes Chaos
3) Editor of this newsletter mentioned in article by
Ardeshir Cowasjee in DAWN
 (Pakistan's largest English-language newspaper)
4) URL for DAWN article
5) Letter from
Anupama Ananthakrishnan (an Indian student in America) (+ response)
6) Letter from
Asif Durran (a resident of Pakistan)
7) "I go back to the first use of nuclear power in the USS Nautilus built at Groton, CT..." (testimonial by
Philip I Marie Sr.)
8) "All of us better stand by for a ramming" (Comment by
Jack Shannon, USMC (ret))
9) Contact information for the
author of this newsletter


1) Let's do this! (by
Bob Nichols):

To: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: Let's do this!
Hi Russell,
[some unrelated material clipped]

I've been thinking about this for a couple of months and it finally came together a couple of days ago. Would you help us with a language change, please?
We are letting the industry define our terms. We don't really mean "spent fuel rods". We really mean "barely used atomic reactor core" in our minds, don't we?
"Spent" means "used up", "all gone", "no good any more", "let's get some more" doesn't it?
Normal people must think we have lost our minds when we talk about "spent fuel rods" and go absolutely bonkers. Because it is so innocuous, people think we must have a hidden agenda. The actions we so fervently espouse are not consistent with "spent fuel rod". We can never match the technical language of the "experts" and their ability to rename, expand and confuse the issue. Why should we try?
However, people are very restrained when we are talking about "barely used atomic reactor cores" that have 400 times the radiation of the Hiroshima A-Bomb in the same breath with "Osama" and "dirty bomb" and "inefficient reactors". I have tested the phrase here in Oklahoma City with fantastic results. People make the connection immediately.
I mean, the President and "Rummy" the indefatigable Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld talk about these things. Why shouldn't we support our President?
Are you game?
Let's do it(c)! LOL ... Let's make this change nation wide.

Comment by rdh on the above item:
Sounds good to me, too, Bob!  There are, however, a number of other terms that need to be rearranged:

DOE=Death of the Earth Squad
NRC=Nobody Really Cares
EPA=Environmental Pollution Accountants
FOIA=Free Of Independent Access (post- Oct. 12th, 2001)
Nuclear Waste = The Deadliest Stuff on Earth
Yucca Mountain = The Barely Used Atomic Reactor Core Shuffle
Nuclear Navy = Protectors of the Nuclear Lie (with really big sticks)

 -- rdh
2) Radioactive Spill Sends 10 People To Hospital -- Head-On Collision Causes Chaos

Subject: NW: Fw: nuke accident on the road
Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 8:12 PM
Subject: nuke accident on the road

Radioactive Spill Sends 10 People To Hospital
Head-On Collision Causes Chaos
>POSTED: 11:30 a.m. EDT June 4, 2002
>UPDATED: 4:22 p.m. EDT June 4, 2002
>VALLEY CITY, Ohio -- A spill involving radioactive materials forced
>a road closure and some tense moments Tuesday morning.
> Radioactive Accident 
> NewsChannel5 reported that a pickup truck delivering medical grade
>radioactive fluid used for medical testing got into a head-on
>collision with another truck.
> The situation sent safety teams racing to the scene, causing a
>minor evacuation.
>The crash occurred at about 9:30 a.m. on state Route 252, also known
>as Columbia Road, in Valley City in Medina County.
>Hazmat crews were called to the scene, and the Ohio Highway Patrol
>closed roads within a one-mile radius around the accident scene for
>several hours.
>Lab technicians used Geiger counters to try to track down the
>radioactive materials dumped in the crash.
>Tracy Sullivan, her 1-week-old daughter and young son were forced to
>evacuate, along with several others in the rural neighborhood.
>"It's upsetting (and) it's scary, but I'm sure they'll do a good job
>cleaning it up," she said.
>The spill was caused when the medical courier truck carrying the
>radioactive material slammed head-on into another pickup.
>"The lead containers broke open, and the syringes came out," one
>official said.
>Twenty-three lead-fill boxes exploded during the impact, causing
>dozens of syringes to spill onto the roadway. The syringes carried
>radioactive Tech 99 M, a liquid injected into a patient's body for
>diagnostic brain, bone, heart, and kidney scans.
>"(We had to worry about) scene safety, a victim we had to take care
>of, traffic control and all these agencies coming in," said Chief
>Pete Berger of the Valley City Fire Department.
>The drivers of both trucks, along with several safety personnel,
>were treated and released. All 10 of them were tested for Tech 99
>radiation exposure at Medina General Hospital as a precaution.
>Syncor International, the medical lab transporting the radioactive
>material, said that based on the bent-up case holders, the spill
>could have been worse.
>"We've had a couple of accidents before, but none this serious --
>none with another party involved," said Frank Alto of Syncor
>Police said that the driver of the medical courier truck caused the
>accident, and charges against that driver are pending.
>All of the radioactive syringes have been accounted for, according
>to officials.


Kalynda Tilges
Nuclear Issues Coordinator
Citizen Alert - Las Vegas
P.O.Box 17173
Las Vegas, NV   89114
702.796.5662  Voice
702.796.4886  Fax

Comment by rdh on the above item:

Ohio has had some unique opportunities this year to learn about the hazards of nuclear power.

-- rdh
3) Editor of this newsletter mentioned in article by
Ardeshir Cowasjee in DAWN
 (Pakistan's largest English-language newspaper):
At 02:45 AM 6/5/02 , "Bill Smirnow" <> wrote:

 Hi Russell,
                     Just thought you'd like to know that much of your & Pamela B. O'Brien's "The Effects Of Nuclear War" was published [below] in the largest English language paper in Pakistan, "Dawn."

  Hopefully this will help bring some sense to the consciousness of many ignorant people.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Harsh Kapoor" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 4:19 AM
Subject: [abolition-caucus] For what do we fight?
(Ardeshir Cowasjee )

> DAWN (Karachi, Pakistan)
> 02 June 2002
> For what do we fight?
> By Ardeshir Cowasjee
> Reacting to my column of last week in which I quoted Albert
> Einstein's (probably apocryphal) remark after he had seen the effects
> of the atom bomb on Japan about wishing he had been a shoemaker
> rather than a scientist, a reader responded saying that it should be
> clockmaker.
> However, one observation of Einstein's which is not apocryphal, but a
> recorded fact is: "If relativity is proved right, the Germans will
> call me a German, the Swiss will call me a Swiss citizen, and the
> French will call me a great scientist. If relativity is proved wrong,
> the French will call me a Swiss, the Swiss will call me a German, and
> the Germans will call me a Jew."
> This calls to mind our physicist, the Ahmadi, Professor Abdus Salam,
> my contemporary. When he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1979, he was
> recognized and lauded as a Pakistani and a Muslim, although the 1973
> Constitution did not admit to the latter. When I met him in the
> mid-1980s, I asked him whether he was still considered to be a
> Pakistani and a Muslim. He held my hand, smiled, and replied, "Does
> it matter?" But, then, I was talking to a profoundly educated human
> being.
> Another reader has forwarded to me a paper published in 1999 by
> Russell D. Hoffman on 'The Effects of Nuclear Weapons'. It sets it
> all out very neatly. This paper has been checked by our present
> nuclear physicist, Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy, who confirms its contents to
> be reasonably accurate, qualifying at the same time that the effects
> described therein are for a 1,000 kiloton bomb and that Pakistan and
> India profess to only possess bombs ranging from 20 to 25 kilotons.
> Let us remember how, during the latter half of May 1998, there was
> much joyful dancing in the streets of both India and Pakistan. Why?
> Because, in all probability, nine out of ten of the people of both
> countries had no idea of the effects of a nuclear blast. They still
> do not know, because the leaders of both countries, irresponsible and
> self-serving, have not bothered to tell them. They do not know there
> is nothing to dance about in either the possession or the use of
> nuclear weapons - they are not known as weapons of mass destruction
> without valid reason.
> The US, the sole world superpower and the sole possible intermediary
> in the dangerous game now being played on the subcontinent, knows
> well that as many as nine out of ten who die from a nuclear blast do
> not die in the explosion itself - they are not simply and neatly
> instantly vaporized.
> The State Department is now considering the evacuation of some 63,000
> of its citizens (amongst whom are my three lovable Jack Russell
> terriers of Virginian origin) who now reside in South Asia. There is,
> naturally, no reason why any foreigner, and for that matter any
> Pakistani or Indian, should be vaporized merely because of the
> shenanigans of stupid men.
> Current estimates are that 12 million will be killed outright in a
> nuclear exchange between the two warring countries, and countless
> more millions will linger on, dying slowly, painfully, horribly.
> Taking Hoffman's 1,000 kiloton blast as an example, those within a
> radius of, say, six square miles will be killed by the gamma rays
> emitted by the blast. They will be the lucky ones. They will have no
> warning, no idea as to what it was that cooked them. Outside the
> circle, for another ten miles or so, every living thing, human or
> animal, will be instantly blinded by the bright light from the
> explosion, many times hotter than the sun, whether their eyes be open
> or closed. And from fifty miles away from the epicentre, those who
> happen to be looking towards the detonation will lose their sight.
> The initial gamma burst will be followed, a tenth of a second later,
> by a multi-spectral heat blast, followed over the next few seconds by
> a pressure wave which will cause all living things in its way to
> bleed from every orifice of their bodies. The wave will be
> accompanied by high-velocity winds, as great as 70 miles per hour as
> far away as six miles from the epicentre, which winds, carrying
> dangerous debris, will cause multiple wounds and injuries. The wave
> and the winds will cause the death of many, and those that survive,
> over perhaps an area of a hundred square miles, will later suffer
> from vomiting, skin rashes, and an unquenchable thirst. Their hair
> (dyed or natural) will fall out in clumps, their skin will peel off.
> After all this, there is more to come. The next immediate threat is a
> firestorm of intense heat and hurricane force, that can, in the case
> of a one megaton blast, cover a hundred square miles, driving towards
> the centre where the mushroom-shaped cloud is rising, miles up into
> the skies, reaching out to cover an area of almost ten miles across.
> The cloud will dissipate within an hour, and then comes the invisible
> untrackable spread of death and disease. The cloud's drift will carry
> a deadly cargo for thousands of miles, over international borders
> into countries which have no involvement in the India-Pakistan
> dispute.
> More fun to come. Further death and destruction, and no dancing in
> the streets in which the asphalt is melting and burning as burning
> people try to run along them. Those on fire who can find water in
> which to jump will catch fire again when they surface. Survivors of
> the initial blast who have lived through all these subsequent horrors
> will die over the next few weeks as their bodies begin to break down
> internally, at the molecular level, life ebbing away painfully as
> they slowly bleed to death from each and every orifice and pore.
> Other deaths will occur much later from the widespread release of
> radioactive materials into the environment. Cancer, leukemia and
> other genetic damage will strike generations to come.
> For the first day or so after the blast, visible pieces of fallout
> will appear, some like great chunks of marble. Later, and continuing
> on and on, the fallout will be invisible and trackable only with
> geiger counters carried by men in moonsuits which, under the
> circumstances, would be unobtainable.
> The final manifestation is the Electro-Magnetic Pulse caused by the
> nuclear blast, which can be as large as the subcontinent and as
> deadly. It can electrify metallic structures in such a way that an
> entire country can seem to have been struck by lightning in one fell
> swoop. To cite just a few of the happenings, pacemakers will cease to
> work, aircraft will fall from the skies, train tracks and telephone
> wiring will carry the charge, and whatever does not explode will
> cease to function.
> There are no benefits, none at all, to be had either from the
> possession of, or from the use of, nuclear weapons of mass
> destruction. Our jihadis may console themselves, and fool others, by
> propagating that so far the Indian nuclear arsenal is far inferior to
> ours.
> Nuclear physicist, Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy (, has
> prepared a 35-minute video documentary film which takes a critical
> look at what the bomb has done for the two countries. He has
> suggested to our moribund PTV that it show this film so that the
> people know what is what when it comes to their precious nuclear
> arsenal, but typically PTV has refused. Obviously, its useless
> mandarins are too afraid. Should anyone, prior to their impending
> possible vaporization, wish to see this video they may obtain a copy
> from Pervez.
> All going well, I should be writing again next week.
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Comment by rdh on the above item:

An excellent article!  I'm glad to have been of some help.  It should be noted that nuclear devices are extremely versatile weapons of mass destruction.  A few small nukes (even in the 1 to 2 kiloton range) can be used to create a massive firestorm by simply ringing a city with them.  In that case you get a greater "yield" (deaths per kiloton of weaponry) than you would get if you set off just one big bomb.  Nuke war planners know this -- that's one use of multiple warhead delivery systems.  (Other uses are, of course, to wipe out multiple cities at one time.)  In both cases, accuracy of delivery is the name of the game.  Powerful modern weapons and nuclear materials are incompatible.  Human life depends on the two never being mixed.  I'd love to get rid of all the world's weapons, but even so, our nuclear facilities could still suffer catastrophic accidents.

-- rdh

4) URL for DAWN article:

From: "Rita Kilpatrick" <>
To: <>
Subject: DAWN - Cowasjee Corner; 02 June, 2002
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 17:55:51 -0400

Dear Russell,
I found this DAWN article that Pamela mentioned and am forwarding it to you in case this link of use.
Thanks for all your efforts on this crucial
The Quakers are forwarding the e-mail around with your and Pamela's piece that we got the other day and included the phone numbers for the Pakistan and Indian embassies.  Rita Kilpatrick

5) Letter from
Anupama Ananthakrishnan (an Indian student in America) (+ response):

At 08:36 AM 6/4/02 , "anupama ananthakrishnan" <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Hoffman,

I am an Indian National, studying here in the United States.

I read your article "effects of nuclear weapons" dated more than 2 years ago .(

Today, my country and its neighbor pakistan stand at the brink of a war that may involve the use of nuclear weapons. And the city of my home for 23 years, Bombay, will be the first city to be bombed in the eventuality. Such a possibility fills me with dread. When I read your article, i thought about my parents and sister who live there and will never leave even if this is sure to happen as they dont see how anything will be different in any other place. Away from the people I love, I only hope and pray that such a thing will never happen.

I wanted to clear your misconceptions about what the educated people of India think about this issue. We think that neither India nor pakistan, china, russia, france, england or even the USA need any nuclear bombs. We think that the use of nuclear bombs is not even a possibility for anyone. We think that no one is as mature to assume the responsibility of owning nuclear bombs or policing the world to keep it a nuclear free zone. We believe that nuclear disarmament is the only way of eliminating the possibility of such a horrific event.

Most of all, USA , China, Russia, France and England believe that they have the power and autority to dictate and assume the role of Kings of the earths who can tell their subjects how the world needs to treat them.

If they were such responsible and good kings, we would have disarmed nuclear weapons in  the world after  hiroshima and nagasaki. That has not happened. Instead these countries try to justify why they can have nulcear arms and others cannot.

In the eventuality of a nuclear war in my country, I will hold my country and pakistan responsible for such a hasty act to come to a quick solution.

However, the world and espcially the 5 super powers will be responsible for making available the possibility of a super weapon and the blood of another tens of millions people in addition to victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be on their hands.

Its time America and its people face the eventuality of a nuclear war and along with the priveleges of being a world leader, assume the responsibility of ridding this world of nukes.

Only time will tell if America has the makings of a resposible country that will exercise its powers to make way for a better future or a power hungry rich and rogue nation that can only think of furthering its own power. You too will have to decide which way your nation will go.



Dear Anupama Ananthakrishnan,

Thank you very much for your letter [shown above].  I agree that the United States and the other nuclear superpowers have grave responsibilities to the rest of the world for letting this cycle of nuclear denial begin in the first place, which is leading inexorably to a catastrophic point of no return.

Even if we realigned ourselves today as a non-nuclear world (always possible, for we are free-willed human beings), we will still need a strong dose of good fortune to save the planet from impending "doom and gloom".  There are probably a few good, honest uses of nuclear materials in research and medicine.  Together, they account for only about .00000000001% of the radioactive material in our environment right now (as measured in Curies; by volume it would be a somewhat greater percentage).  It's clear where the worst problems lie -- nuclear power and nuclear weapons.  There are over 1,000 tons of nuclear waste in the spent fuel pools at my local nuclear power facility (I calculated it out very carefully from available information a few weeks ago and realized that it had to be at least that much).  And of course, there's even more in the reactors.  There are over 100 other reactors in America.  Someone ought to be concerned about all this.

We need more than luck, we need miracles -- because the nuclear states haven't realigned their thinking for global nuclear (and terrorist) realities.  They have not accepted that we're heading for a series of awful nuclear catastrophes.  Nobody in government -- the ONLY ones who could possibly stop it -- will do what is necessary.  Small steps won't work.  The CIA should be knocking on Corporate America's door's if they want to find the planet's worst terrorists.

Many people in your country want to step back from the brink of nuclear disaster, and so do a lot of Americans.  I believe people around the world want to stop thinking about the unthinkable.  We want not to be threatened anymore, by a painful, undeserved, and untimely death.

I believe that the biggest mistake the United States in particular, and the world as a whole, is making, is that it tries to uncouple nuclear weapons and commercial nuclear power production.

Both are based on carefully avoiding mass-murder to get what their promoters/users/handlers want.  The parallel theories say, on the one hand, that mass murder will be avoided by political means, and on the other, that technology in the hands of highly trained experts will avoid a catastrophic meltdown and the associated mass-murder when thousands of times more radioactivity is released into the environment than even an atomic bomb releases.

Either way, they say, catastrophe is always avoided.

What's the worst nightmare of all?  Attacking a nuclear power plant with a nuclear bomb, of course!  I have heard that India and Pakistan have exchanged data about exactly where their nuclear power plants are, so attackers will (in theory) avoid them.  Am I to assume they are also going to be told exactly where all the transportation vehicles are at all times, and how does anyone know this information is 100% correct, and won't be misused?

Small groups of terrorists have a terrible tendency to act on their own, and it's a lot easier to figure out how to attack a nuclear power plant than to figure out why you shouldn't do it, which takes years and years of studying the "anti-nuclear" literature and comparing it to the pro-nuke "party line", which believes -- or claims to believe -- that attacking a nuclear power plant with a nuclear weapon would be harmless because all it would do is increase the background radiation a little.

The reasons not to attack a nuke plant are humanitarian, and religious (perhaps), but technically, if you REALLY want to hurt your enemy, that's how.  You will poison the whole planet, of course, including your own descendents.  But that hasn't stopped George Bush Jr. from threatening to use nuclear "bunker busters", nor has it stopped him from using "slightly depleted uranium" for bullets and armor, nor has it stopped him from sailing his nuclear naval fleet all over the planet.  Nor has it stopped him from planning to double the "fleet" of commercial nuclear reactors in America by 2040.  And nor has it stopped him from exporting reactor technology, which creates nuclear bomb AND "dirty bomb" material, to poverty-stricken countries who will eventually be stuck with smouldering ruins of their own.  Russia has such ruins already, and America, India, Pakistan, and all the other nuclear "powers" will all have such ruins too, unless there are drastic changes of attitude and policy soon.

Thank you, again, for writing, and I hope our leaders listen to your comments carefully.


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA

Three related links:

Statement from May, 2002:

Statement from November, 2001:

An excellent article in DAWN, which refers to the essay you read:
"For what do we fight?"
(It will be moved to the archives, I presume, fairly quickly)

6) Letter from
Asif Durran (a resident of Pakistan):

Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 02:03:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Durrani, Asif" <>
Subject: A Letter From the Resident of Pakistan ...
To: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>


After reading your 'Letter to the Resident of Pakistan and India' (at i decide to write this letter and share few words with you... Especially the last sentence in which wrote :
 Anyone with contacts in India or Pakistan -- please forward this letter to them...
Encourage me to write this letter!

As a responsible, educated and moderate Pakistan i have deep concern about the current situation
between India and Pakistan. (You know very well how the India and Pakistan are frequently talking
about the Nuclear War....)

You are right, that during the latter half of May 1998, there was much joyful dancing in the
streets of both India and Pakistan. Why? Because, in all probability, nine out of ten of the
people of both countries had no idea of the effects of a nuclear blast. They still do not know,
because the leaders of both countries, irresponsible and self-serving, have not bothered to tell
them. They do not know there is nothing to dance about in either the possession or the use of
nuclear weapons - they are not known as weapons of mass destruction without valid reason

As state by our President General Pervaiz Mussharf on number of occasions that the use of Nuclear Bomb is "Un-thinkable" and we are ready for 'un-conditoinal'  talk with India at any place at any
time..but yet good gesture from the Indian government...i thinks, its the responsibility of the
super power (America) to diffuse the tension between the India and Pakistan and bring both
countries back from the brink of nuclear war!

In short the purpose of this mail is to invite you to join me and bring the respect and dignity
of mankind to the world... I run a mailing list which contains over Three thousand recipients
from Pakistan (and some from India) the aim of this list ( is to
promote awareness of humanright, human dignity and tolerance in the society. As the founder and
owner of this list i invites you to join this list and share your views and word with more than
3000 people of the sub-continent.

Lets joins our hands together to bring peace, tolerance and equity of mankind in the world!

waiting for your positive reply
your sincerely

Durrani, Asif
BS(Computer Science)
Computer Engineer

Comment by rdh on the above item:
I joined the list! -- rdh
7) "I go back to the first use of nuclear power in the USS Nautilus built at Groton, CT..." (testimonial by
Philip I Marie Sr.):

Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 09:20:41 EDT
Subject: As I recall.........

Hi Russell;

Just a quick note that is triggered by the use of the phrase "Nuclear Mafia".

I go back to the first use of nuclear power in the USS Nautilus built at
Groton, CT. The brainchild of Hyman Rickover. I have worked in this sub.

Back in the 50s we were hell bent on building big nuke bombs and had a need
for lots of plutonium. Where to get it. That was when the US government
decided to talk the utility companies into nuclear power plants. They agreed
to give the private industry the government paid for GE technology for free.
Once the power companies took the bait, they needed Nuke trained personnel.
The only source of course was from the Rickover nuclear navy.

I watched as these nuclear trained officers were hired by the utilities and
once in the door, rapidly worked their way up into management. Once in charge
it was more nukes as this was their thing.

Of course we found more efficient ways to build bombs and suddenly too much
plutonium but these ex navy nuke officers were on a roll. So today, the true
original purpose for Nuke power plants has long since died. Now we are stuck
with the most deadly substance on earth, plutonium. One ounce of which would
be enough to kill every human being on the planet, if spread out in each
human. Nuke plants in Waterford, CT had over 7 tons of plutonium in the
nineties and has been building ever since.

So I agree totally with Wasserman the other night on Art bell. This nuclear
waste is too deadly to move and must be entombed, in place.  Nuclear power
plants should be shut down, YESTERDAY.

When they were first proposed, I as a resident of Niantic, CT, got mailings
telling the people that nuclear power would be so cheap, it wouldn't be worth
while sending a bill. They lied then, they lie now, they will lie in the
future. That's a given.

Philip I Marie Sr.

Ex; Senior Nuclear Quality Assurance Engineer
     General Dynamics Electric Boat Div
     Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Dept of the Navy
     Combustion Engineering
     North East Utilities

Comment by rdh on the above item:
I haven't heard the Wasserman interview on Art Bell yet, but Wasserman has written a lot of great stuff.  He has the lead-off article in my Davis-Besse #14 newsletter, now about a week late (but due out soon!) -- rdh

8) "All of us better stand by for a ramming" (Comment by
Jack Shannon, USMC (ret)):

Subject: The Mossad

Just something to think about!

I find it incredibly hard to believe that all of the Western Intelligence
Agencies, along with the greatest intelligence gathering organization in the
world, The Mossad [Israel's Intelligence Agency], did not know that the WTC
attack was coming.

I have an opinion that the "investigation" and "reorganization" of the FBI is
nothing more than a smokescreen for what the worldwide intelligence community
really knew and when they knew it. Is it possible that the "World" [including
our own Government] wanted the attack to happen to make it easier for our
Government to take away our Civil Liberties? To invade Afghanistan, to build,
and protect, a new oil pipeline, to the Indian Ocean? Is Oil really that
important to the multibillionaires of the World? You bet your sweet patty it

It is a virtual Government axiom to "reorganize" a federal agency, or to
appoint another bureaucrat, without any knowledge of the organization, to
head up an agency that appears to have failed in its job. 

The CIA was probably more responsible for failing to know about 9/11/01 than
the FBI, but I don't see the CIA being reorganized. 

If we are really at "war" why hasn't Congress declared it as such. The six
months are up for the President to order American troops into action w/o a
War declaration. Are we now in another "NATO Action"? A NATO Action near the
Indian Ocean is interesting, if not laughable!

I submit that there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye and all of
us better stand by for a ramming, as we used to say in the Corps.

Just Mussing
John Shannon Major USMC [Retired]  
Comment by rdh on the above item:
Listening to the news, it seems that with each day comes yet another revelation about what the Bush Administration knew prior to 9-11.  But what is America going to do about it? More importantly, what does Bush know now about the vulnerabilities of nuclear power that he isn't telling us? -- rdh
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