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Subject: Re: Politics 101: Is this a democracy? (Nobody ever said activism would be easy!)
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Here are some additional commentaries from today (June 4th, 2002):

1) Patricia Borchmann
2) Jennifer Viereck
3) Comments on dangers to nuke plants, spent fuel pools, and dry cask storage systems
5) Some spooky comments (clip)
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1) Patricia Borchmann:

At 08:22 PM 6/4/02 , wrote:

Jennifer Viereck -

Thank you for comments from an outside observer's perspective.

I don't think Russell and I are on opposite sides of the fence - I've already used his valuable website ( and the San Onofre to link enabling readers to send direct emails to Gov. Gray Davis, and President Bush and NRC,
(just recently during the last week);  my recent messages sent said to shut down San Onofre ASAP, stop generating more waste; that Yucca Mtn won't solve it or fix it, and dry cask storage won't solve it or fix it.  

Maybe others think I'm a wimp only because I hope to develop more cohesion, consensus instead of division, and want very much to develop a strong support base here for southern California activists.  But, I've worked hard on this for a long time, and even if Russell and I have differences of opinion and style, I think that's OK.    His work makes major contributions (w/experts in the fields) that I can't compete with, and am not trying to. I realize all the scientific experts/physicists/metallurgists/engineers and technical people he brings to the table only ADD to the dialogue, and expand our opportunity to upgrade the learning curve of ordinary citizens (non-scientists like me).  And I read it all, and want to learn more.

But I don't believe that the exchanges in this debate are bad....I think they are a very good thing.....this dialogue is valuable, and are not something I want to back down on, or see minimized, or have to apologize for.  Instead, I hope we can keep it going.   I'm proud to be a member of a community who cares very much about the collective future of our planet, the earth, biology, humanity, the present and future inhabitants, and doing the best I can as an activist to stop the insanity and danger of continued, prolonged life at nuclear power plants.  The switch to renewable energy sources exclusively is what we all are seeking, as opposed to the BushCheney energy policy.  

So, that's my piece.  I'm still battling it out w/NRC and SCE to get all the technical documents that should be made availabe to any member of the public, but so far, have either been withheld, or according to NRC are proprietary info for release only by SCE (Ray Golden is my contact); or according to Ray Golden, some of the technical analyses/documents required by 10 CFR 72.212 haven't even been performed yet.  Yet SCE's already pouring concrete pads at San Onofre for NUHOMS 24PT1, and the debate about the legitimacy of the General License issued by NRC for SONGS, versus the Site Specific License, (at Diablo Canyon).    That also 's what was discussed (among many things like seismic risk) at the Public Meeting in San Clemente held by NRC in April 2002.  I'm still plugging away - demanding responses from NRC and SCE - in a way where legal intervention will be possible with a solid chain of evidence, which I'm trying hard to build.  

Best regards,

Patricia Borchmann

Patricia Borchmann was the one who got me especially concerned about San Onofre last year (May, 2001).  She has worked doggedly to get the plant shut down for about six years now, usually alone.  Most people make some effort, then move on to easier tasks (and EVERYTHING is an easier task!).  It's a privilege to get to work with Patricia.  We are "training" each other as best we can, since we both know the real battles will only get harder and harder.  So I don't like to let her get away with stuff I don't like, and she doesn't seem to like to let me -- if that's not "all good", what is?  The Nuclear Mafia will not be shut down easily, but either America takes them on, or we wait until after a meltdown to do what we could have done before.  That choice of waiting for a meltdown to wake America up is utterly unacceptable.  -- rdh

2) Jennifer Viereck:

At 02:05 PM 6/4/02 , HOME <> wrote:

Subject: Re: Politics 101: Is this a democracy?

I just have to tell you ALL how much I love and appreciate your passion for doing right in the world, each in your own way, each true to your own ethics and personality. Thank you for all that you do, and for inspiring me to do more.
For myself, what motivates my own actions to protect the planet and her inhabitants is a deeply ingrained spiritual belief that as adults, we are here to maintain harmony and balance in all things. So, to try to correct someone's understanding of toxins in a way that offends them seems counterproductive to me.
However, I also believe through personal observation in David Brower's model of environmental activism- that the more radical do two things that enhance the work of the less radical:
1. They make them seem more reasonable and credible;
2. They hold their feet to the fire and push them a little farther.

So, may we each continue the fight and be true to our own hearts!
Thank you all.
Jennifer Viereck

It should be noted that the real "radicals" are the mad scientists who push nuclear agendas without a full understanding of the dangers it presents, or of the political absurdities which got us to this dangerous nuclear precipice, or of the availability of alternative energy solutions for this planet.  I certainly don't consider my ideas "radical", but rather, practical and immediately implementable by compassionate people governed by a strong government whose power comes directly from righteous citizens believing in it.  Such a government could march into the nuke plants tonight and shut them all down immediately.   Does anyone really expect one of the OTHER superpowers to be FIRST to come to the nuclear realization that LIFE and RADIATION don't mix?  No -- it will be America.  And it will happen soon, or it will probably happen too late to save millions of us.  It will only take one really bad accident. to wake us up -- but that cost will be too high. -- rdh

3) Comments on dangers to nuke plants, spent fuel pools, and dry cask storage systems

(from a letter written today to the webmaster of a pronuker web site):

What size airplane did you say the dry casks were tested to survive?  I didn't see that in your answer, but perhaps I missed it somewhere.  Cessna 172, Citation, Triple-7, Concorde, or Space Shuttle -- or maybe just a hang-gliding suicide bomber with C4 strapped to his chest?

You make the call, and send us the calculations, government reports, etc. to back up your claim.

When you are done with that, let me know how many RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades) it takes to blow up a reactor control room.  One not enough?  I'm sure Osama has more than that, somewhere in America.

Also, let me know how many 50-caliber slugs you think it takes to breach a transportation container.

And how many rail tankers full of gasoline or other flammable liquids will the rail cars of spent nuclear fuel pass (especially while in tunnels, on bridges, between mountains or tall buildings, etc.) on its way to the reprocessing centers, especially if 100% of our electricity were actually delivered by nuclear in your wished-for never-ending nuclear recycling economy?

Have you calculated the medical effects of a 10 kiloton nuclear weapon set off directly above a spent fuel pool, in an airplane guided by a suicide-pilot who plans to see Allah as soon as he's finished with his work for the day?

Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA


This young mother, a neighbor who moved out of state and returned recently to the area, has a darling young daughter:

At 09:10 PM 5/30/02 , K& wrote:
Hi Russell and Sharon,
This is  a simple howdy on a happy note.
I, as an intellectual apprieciate your notes and commentary.  However, as I
read your truths and realities it is terrorism in it's own way.  The
information is terrifiing.  I believe what you say.  That causing me to
think beyond my daily scares, I believe is good for me to bless my moments.
Truly anyday could be my day to die.
Please don't think that I'm saying to stop correspondence.  Only know what
you put an already daily scared mother into.
Please don't stop your letters,  just giving you a response.
PS.  what's this mineral ion component tablet they say any person living by
an atomic reactor should have access to to prevent nuclear radioactive
Sounds like a bunch of aftermath crap to me but it was on the news a few days
It will be good to hear from you both.
I would be glad for you both to rollerblade by some day.  We live at...
By for now and hope to hear your good works soon.
Be Well

I'll skate by with KI tomorrow! -- rdh

5) Some spooky comments (clip):

(This is a portion of a letter from a friend (regarding the pro-nuke site mentioned in item #3, above)):

At 05:50 PM 6/4/02 , a friend wrote (clip):
Now you need to be careful also, as you are on the hotlist forsure !
So all sorts of attempts to provoke or elicit some sort of responses
and various provocateurs could make attempts on you via email.
For various reasons, such as "How volatile are you?" and other psyche
profiling, political profiling, scientific profiling, IQ & skill levels, and risk
assessments etc.  So please be careful.  Anyone who is educated,
talented and smart and anti gov is a target of the bureaucratic pinheads and
bastards out there.  Have you ever been interviewed by agents of any sort?
Just answer that to yourself, I don't want to know ! ;-)

The answer is, sometimes I'm not sure I ever talk to anyone BUT spooks! -- rdh

6) Contact information for the author of this email:

Bye for now, with love to all, from rdh!