STOP CASSINI Newsletter #174 -- August 16th, 1999

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Subject: Science is a public asset, not a military secret: STOP CASSINI #174

Date: August 16th, 1999

Time Frame: Cassini is scheduled to do the flyby of Earth TOMORROW! NASA is nuts!

Today's Subjects:

(1) Quit now? After we've come this far?


Hans Karow
Member, Cassini Redirection Coalition (CRC)
S 32 C 6 RR # 1
Tel./Fax: (250) 498 3135 E-mail;

Honorouble Jim Gouk MP, West Kootenay-Okanagan
545 Confederation Bldg.
House of Commons
Tel.: (613) 996 8036, Fax: (613) 943 0922 & (250) 365 2793

August 16, 1999

RE: Cassini's high risk Earth fly-by this August 18, 1999, 3:28 GMT

Dear Mr. Gouk,

This is my last plea that you, as the representative of the Kootenay-Okangan constituents, urgently press the Canadian Government to ask U.S. President Clinton to have the nuclear fueled Cassini space craft redirected to prevent its high-risk Earth fly-by on this August 18, 1999, 3:28 GMT.

The countless information you have been provided over the last two years from the Cassini Redirection Coalition (CRC) have showed you, that there is NO 100 % guarantee that Cassini will NOT plunge back to Earth and in case Cassini re-enters Earth a serious long term contamination of earth will occur, threatening all living on Earth for thousands of years.

Alternative safe energy sources are available for a mission to Saturn however NASA has ignored these options.

As you are aware, the Canadian Government has not responded to the specific questions with regards to Cassini's safety (with special reference to the independent U.S. Interagencies' Cassini Safety Evaluation Report (SER), which shows various contradictions to NASA's own (biased) Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)).

Enclosed is another reminder of my letters to NASA, which have not been responded to.

Also note, that only NASA's own EISs are available in their web-site whereas the SER has never been referred to in NASA's web site with regards to Cassini's safety, nor is the SER available in their site.

Concerned groups world wide MUST assume, that the U.S. Government and NASA, as well as the governments of countries directly involved with the Cassini mission, are hiding and lying to the general public.

Even the governments of the countries not directly involved with the Cassini mission, like the Canadian Government, have not taken any measures to check the SER. The CRC has asked many times whether the Canadian Government is aware of the SER. So far and up to today the Canadian Government has avoided and ignored SER, has never directly answered to SER, instead the Canadian Government always referred to EISs when answering to the CRC's specific SER questions in which no comments about EISs were asked for. Hence, the Canadian Government is hiding information from the Canadian general public.

The Cassini redirection Coalition is prepared, with the help and support of others including respected authorities, to soon request information under the Freedom of Information Act, to find out whether the Canadian Government has known about SER and whether the Canadian Government is aware of the content of the SER and whether the government has a copy of the SER.

Dear Mr. Gouk, I beg please do your utmost to contact our Prime Minister and our government today and tomorrow and until shortly before Cassini's planned Earth fly-by, that our Prime Minister asks the U.S. President to have the Earth fly-by avoided by re-directing Cassini into the Sun to be destroyed.

More than 6 Billion humans and all other living species are at stake, compared to little more than 3 Billion U.S. Dollars to have Cassini built.

Tiny space debris, the size of a pea can be worth more than the above: US$ 3 Billion AND more than tens of Millions people AND all other living species on Earth. If that pea-sized space debris hits Cassini (and there are millions if not billions of man-made and celestial origin orbiting around Earth), then " we may go the way of the dinosaurs-by methods not even remotely suspected" (according to renowned John Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., as quoted from THE WRONG STUFF, The Space Programs Nuclear Threat To Our Planet", by Karl Grossman).

With deep concern, very truly yours

Hans Karow

cc.: Dr. John W. Gofman, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Earl Budin, Prof. Karl Grossman, Dr. Joan Russow, Noflyby Newsletter, Stop Cassini Newsletter, and other interested parties


Who has been more tireless than Hans? We thank him for his efforts once again. If only the government of Canada were just a little smarter than the government of the United States! -- rdh

(2) One of 6,000,000,000:


At 07:13 PM 8/16/99 +0200, Jerry V wrote:

Dear mr Rhoffman.

I think , you (we)are losing this. I have so much respect for you.

You know the facts , NASA knows them too, I know them now.

We are deeply involved since the beginning of history of mankind. You and me know that we are covered with sins. So we take responsibility. If the Cassini accident will happen, NASA takes no responsibility because nobody can prove it. They can get away with it. (Maybe some day they set foot on one of the Saturn moons and .......find nothing !)

But seriously, you've warned them about the risks. And many readers of your newsletters are witness.

I'm glad there is somebody conscious .

I wish you all the strength you need for proceeding this excellent job.

Jerry V, 1 of the 6,000,000,000


----- MY RESPONSE: -----


These are very kind words and very accurate thoughts [regarding NASA's attitude]. NASA will hear them in the [next newsletter] before the flyby.

Yours gratefully,
Russell Hoffman

----- END OF MY RESPONSE -----

(3) Index Stuck at Newsletter #150:


Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 18:38:50 +0200
From: Giovanni Scotto (
Organization: Berghof
Subject: Old index page still appears

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

First of all: thank you very for your engagement and generosity in the struggle against Cassini and for a safer world for all. I tried my best to contribute to the movement, writing open letters to the Italian and Swiss governments, and writing an article about Cassini which will be issued on tomorrow's (17.08) "Unita'". Perhaps too late to mobilize against the flyby, but important to shed some light on the issue. Your webpage will also be mentioned (so I hope for a sharp increase in contacts from Italy).

I contacted Mr. Flamini, project manager at ASI, who was very polite, but did show an absolute faith in NASA's argument, even repeating the story that if Cassini had gone solar, it would have need panels of the about 2 tennis court's size...

I would like to say that from my website your page animatedsoftware/cassini/index.htm/ still contains the index up to nr. 150 of your newsletter... quite annoying.

Thank you very much, again.

Giovanni Scotto
Peace researcher


----- MY RESPONSE -----


THANKS for your email! The reason for the newsletter index going only up to #150 may be the way you originally came into the site (from a "web ring", perhaps?) See newsletter #173 which went out about 7 hours ago for a description of the problem.

THANKS again!

Yours, Russell

P.S. For a free CD-ROM please send me an address to send it to!

----- END OF MY RESPONSE -----

ANYONE can ask for a free CD-ROM which we will distribute until we run out of money or disks, whichever comes first.

Perhaps more than just one "web ring" is caching our newsletter index page? (Dear Reader: If you are having a problem accessing recent (or ANY) newsletters, please let me know the details so that I can attempt to get the problem corrected.)

(4) The Gods of Science:

Who cares what happens tomorrow? YOU DO! Your life is at stake. Readers of this newsletter know the problems go way, way beyond Cassini. The political back-deals that have gone on around us have been practically beyond comprehension to most people watching (including myself). I am asked by people not to talk about this aspect, or that aspect, because feelings will be hurt, people will be offended, and my task will not be accomplished.

I apologize to all of them, meaning I wish it could have been easier for everyone. But I chose the route I did because the most important thing that each of us needs to realize is that NONE of us can win this battle alone, but yet, we had better all think that we can (and must!) win it alone, because the chance of getting help is actually pretty slim. The world is full of environmental problems, and many people are working full-time on those other problems. This one is complicated. Even some smart engineers look foolish today for supporting Cassini, and tomorrow, even if Cassini is 100% successful, they will still look foolish and some of them even know it.

Without the INDIVIDUAL EFFORT of the thousands of people who ON THEIR OWN (perhaps after reading these newsletters) have made others aware of what NASA is doing, another flyby would have gone by unnoticed.

So when someone insulted me or my point of view, I decided I would "throw the book at them" (usually NASA's own Environmental Impact Statement) and defend myself as best I could even on the most trivial of matters -- if indeed something misleading or wrong had been said by someone. Whether I defended my honor successfully or not, helped the movement, the cause, whatever, will be for others to decide (not to imply I'm finished or anything). I did the best I could, and I relied on as many of the best people as I could surround myself with, and I accept all the blame for any technical, philosophical, protocol, or any other errors within these 174 issues. Along the way, Scientific American has been exposed, Astronomy Magazine, I.E.E.E. Spectrum, Dr. Jackie Alan Giuliano, Dr. Louis Friedman and even James Randi (whom I certainly used to respect), and most recently Dr. Jerry Grey (and not to mention a few outside the Cassini arena, like Bud Aaron and World Net Daily's Jeff Nyquist).

Every one of them is no friend to anyone who wishes to propagate the human DNA sequence on an environmentally healthy Earth (which is what life is supposed to be all about, isn't it? Living, learning, loving, and leaving a luscious land and a legitimate legacy?).

Be careful, dearest readers, as you go through life -- you will find many people who will claim to be your friend, and will look you in the eye, and place the finest wines before you, and toast your health in the warmest terms, and they will know the names of your children, and inquire about them -- there are many who will do that and be genuine, but sometimes those who do that will NOT be genuine. And sometimes, there are those who are genuine, but genuinely misguided (which many of course, claim I am).

We have met all these types, time and again, in this study of the STOP CASSINI movement.

We did not join this movement to make friends -- though we have indeed made many wonderful friends here -- we were invited in by someone (Karl Grossman) whom we have come to love deeply and admire greatly. He and I had never met before he sent me a package of material about the military connection to NASA's nuclear space missions. He sent me the collection of articles, most of which he had written himself, because he had found a statement of mine from 1995 on the Internet about space debris, which included a remark about the absurd idea of rocketing nuclear waste out to space. After reading what Grossman sent me, I delved into the question with full effort, but it soon became evident that it was going to be a long and unpleasant activist experience. Everything we would try to do would be thwarted. Everything we said would be countered with silliness or derision or both, but NOTHING would be answered, because practically everyone knew from the start that there were no good answers. NASA was pulling -- is pulling -- a fast one on the public. (How fast? 43,000 miles per hour!) They are committing a crime. The crime? Today, I think it should be called "reckless endangerment". Tomorrow, who knows? Murder? Genocide?

Probably tomorrow Cassini will successfully do a flyby of Earth and no one will get hurt. Are the chances of that really "one in 1.2 million"? We will never know! But if the flyby is successful, I will then get a flurry (or perhaps a flood) of foolish letters saying words to the effect of "hah hah hah! See? One more successful flyby proves NASA can do anything!"

These writers will all be the fools, and we will of course present samples of the least foolish and most foolish (and funniest) things people say after the flyby. They will all be guilty of some version of "The Gambler's Fallacy", and probably many other statistical stupidities. Yes, some people can lie with statistics. We will show you which ones do and why, as the letters come in and we have the time to respond to them.

We will continue to strenuously oppose nukes in space until they have been banned (for at least 100 years!) while the health effects, the debris problem, and the actual track records (NOT the hopes and dreams) of the participants are studied more carefully. That is the shortest length of time during which such a ban should be implemented! We want to build a society which will get to the third millennium, and the fourth, and the fifth. We want to protect all the other species as well. Even in outer space these same sorts of considerations hold true. Plutonium debris encircling the sun is a hazard for space travelers as well as for earth dwellers -- there is no place on Earth where radioactive waste is safe, and no way to get radioactive waste into outer space and properly aimed (every time) towards the sun -- and that's all Cassini is -- 400,000 Curies of radioactive waste disguised as a vital part of a key science experiment which, NASA says, might tell us why we are here. But if they would look into their hearts for just an instant, they would know why we are here! We each are here to help one another.

To tell each other the truth and assume we are each as intelligent as everyone else. Oh sure, science can deduce what really amounts to minor statistical differences -- but even those who may not be very "intelligent" have created classic and important contributions to society. And so-called intelligent people have killed others less fortunate than them for sport. Neither money, nor fame, not level of intelligence nor of education, determine absolutely, what an individual's contribution to society will be. A pauper's opinion can be just a valuable as a rich man's -- often even more so. Although education raises the odds of someone being a productive member of society tremendously, any of us are capable of doing something wonderful.

It would be nice to discover what a CLEAN Saturn looks like some day, with a CLEAN set of 18 (or more) moons, and CLEAN rings (whatever they are). But instead whoever gets there CLEANLY will find a nuclear mess imposed on them by a callous NASA decades or perhaps centuries earlier -- namely this Cassini probe, with it's 72.3 pounds of plutonium (mostly Pu 238) dioxide.

Long ago this society concluded that human Earth-based society -- that's us -- owns the outer planets, the inner planets, the moons, the sun -- everything around us -- we own it all. Dr. J. A. G. is absolutely right to decry the future desecration of Saturn by Cassini itself. But there is a far greater crime at hand which he dismisses as "unlikely".

He's right about that too, of course. It IS unlikely. But what is unlikely? And how unlikely is it? The devil IS in the details. But so is the truth, so you have to wallow there. NASA is unquestionably willing to risk YOUR death (the general public's) by the thousands or millions (NASA only claims by the hundreds). Why is NASA willing to do this? Because they are in utter denial of their comparatively trivial role in society and in the search for the meaning of life. That question will not be answered on Saturn in 2004, or whenever, or on Jupiter, or Pluto, but instead is answered every day in our hospitals, our schools, and our homes, and on our streets -- wherever someone cares about somebody else.

NASA scientists are not the high and mighty Gods of Science they think themselves to be. Science has a heart. Science is democratic. Science is open. Science is a public asset, not a military secret. NASA is a common criminal organization like so many other government agencies these days -- in this, the greatest country of them all!

The fact is, America's government is failing its citizenry. We are unprotected from thousands of hazards our government is SUPPOSED to protect us from! Most of us do not particularly care WHAT kills us, so much as we care WHEN and HOW it kills us! That a quarter (or more) of the population will die of cancer is unfortunate to say the least, but when NASA mentions that awful fact, they actually use it to EXCUSE THEMSELVES FOR ADDING MORE DEATHS to the cancer "pool"! "A few more will not show up on top of so many", they say. What kind of an excuse is that?

This is sick, sick behavior indeed, but it's there in black and white in hundreds of documents throughout NASA's nuclear Environmental Impact Statements and public press releases and such. They compare the risk from Cassini to dental x-rays, plane trips, and other risks many of us take quite seriously, but they then pass it off as if THEIR RESEARCH is so important, that the whole of society should take these extra (for the effect is cumulative) x-rays and plane trips and so forth, so that they can (perhaps) explore Saturn a little sooner and a little more easily than they would have explored it anyway.

The flyby could fail tomorrow and who knows? NASA might not even tell anyone! That's right! It COULD go unnoticed, and some people have reasonably questioned whether NASA would tell the truth at all or not! (Fortunately, after I wrote those words, a UPI (United Press International) reporter contacted me and said that he (Leonard Davis) would be inside JPL at the time of the flyby, watching the screens).

But even with some civilians watching NASA's monitors carefully, the fact is, NASA could probably STILL pull off a BIG LIE, and say Cassini did not impact Earth even if it did. If no independent agency (and I don't mean the U.S.A.F.) goes to the South Pacific and flies back and forth collecting plutonium samples, we could never be sure. Then later, NASA would claim the probe "went dead for some reason" out among the outer planets, and then NASA will conveniently forget about it.

NASA could say all that, and it could be a lie because the probe had reentered Earth's atmosphere during daylight hours somewhere. Nearly ALL the potential impact areas tomorrow will be in daylight at the time Cassini does the flyby (or impacts Earth). Therefore an accident directly overhead may be INVISIBLE! In fact, Cassini could be heading towards us right now, and NASA could know that, and yet not be able to do a thing about it, and they might appear to the public to be doing EXACTLY what they are doing now. Hopefully their brows would sweat and give their game away, or they would giggle while the news-cameras are rolling. But they seem pretty cool under pressure.

For all we can trust NASA, the Cassini probe might have gone dead weeks ago and how would society know if NASA is telling the truth?

Even if the flyby is successful, there is NO REASON Cassini cannot go dead on the way to Jupiter, or out by Saturn, and -- perhaps after all the experiments are successfully concluded -- then do a random flyby that causes it to come flying back towards Earth at a million miles an hour (literally) a dozen or a hundred years from now! NOTHING BUT LUCK stops that and I do believe America ay be running out of luck, because the kind of luck we are insisting on, cannot be counted on consistently (otherwise, there would be no deaths, no tornados, no asteroids in space, no floods, no hurricanes, nothing bad going on anywhere, and NASA's rockets would all make it into orbit). But instead, there is reality, and the reality is, we are each lucky beyond description and beyond words to be here. It is sorrowful that NASA would so glibly risk taking away that lovely chance we each have had. Every "soul on board" is precious. Those souls who have made it here today, and will arrive tomorrow along with Cassini should have a chance to breath CLEAN air, and drink CLEAN water, and eat CLEAN unpoisoned substances. (Those newborns -- who certainly did NOT vote on Cassini! -- are the members of the population who are most at-risk from Cassini's poison (fetuses are at even greater risk).)

A healthy environment is a basic right which NASA (and the Department of Energy) has decided to become judge and jury over. They have decided, without asking you or me, to draw out a brutal sword in a crowded room, which tomorrow they might start swinging aimlessly about. If the millions of trillions of particles of plutonium are released into the atmosphere, it will be like someone has fired microscopic bullets into each of our bodies, for, as NASA says, "5 billion of the estimated 7 to 8 billion..." will receive a dose from Cassini if even the most mild of "worst case scenarios" occurs.

If the worst happens, what will the United States Government do? MY government -- the government of a supposedly free country which has slandered those opposed to Cassini (always avoiding actually naming the people they accuse of being confused, of course), tricked the media and the public with changing Cassini Earth flyby locations, speeds, heights, and so forth, and on top of all that, played deaf and dumb to the many fair complaints from numerous people -- what will they think of next? Pretending the flyby was a success when it wasn't? I wouldn't put it past them.

If the flyby fails and they determine that they cannot possibly get away with lying about it and pretending it's still heading towards Jupiter, then I expect that President Clinton will take the reins on this issue at last, and lie to the public about the relative dangers.

The SER will be utterly ignored (even though IT TOO lies) and the NASA figure of an estimated 120 deaths will be firmly expressed as the sum total of how many might die (as if they could know for sure) and those potential deaths will be solemnly apologized for. And that will be that. Or maybe they'll give that awful x-ray comparison, which makes no sense since x-rays happen once and are a carefully controlled dose (at least theoretically), but plutonium doses will be randomly administered. Some people will get more and some will get less. The particles can lodge permanently in your body and irradiate all the living cells which are closest to the plutonium, with tens of thousands of rem of alpha radiation. A horse of a very different color (might be produced!).

Meanwhile, seeping throughout the environment will be 400,000 Curies of plutonium (mostly Pu 238), a dastardly amount, which will drift throughout our small, fragile, unique blue planet, invading our bodies and stealing our souls (120 of us, according to NASA, but perhaps 10's of millions of us).

Some truly myopic space cadets will write to me and say "look! You said we would all die yet you can't point to one single person who you can prove died from Cassini!" just as they do today regarding SNAP-9A. And some people might write and say "sure, 120 people might have died but so what? That's not that bad, for the science return we might have had if Cassini had worked!" And NASA will write that the RTGs are safely deposited deep in the South Pacific Ocean where they can do no harm. Once again NASA will ignore the RHUs.

I grieve for our planet, that it is being lead by people like NASA's Daniel Goldin. Regardless of what happens, NASA should get rid of Mr. Goldin and put a health-conscious and honest-public-education-conscious person in at the head of NASA.

Let's hope for the best now, and hope that come Wednesday, everything has gone well, and Cassini has managed to randomly dodge for us, all the dangerous debris, and let's further hope that somehow, despite NASA's success, we still start to see an open and honest NASA begin to be formed -- by cleaning up the current one if possible, and by dismantling it and building something better in its place if we must.

One way or another, things have got to change. NASA's behavior is NOT democratic and it ISN'T working, and it isn't befitting of one of America's high-tech showcases (NOT the only one, although NASA thinks they are). We want an open, peaceful, honest, CIVILIAN space agency, dedicated to the preservation of space and of the planet that floats so delicately within that space. We want the full nature of the RTG/ RHU, ARPS, and all other civilian and military uses of plutonium exposed and stopped. We want honest government, lower taxes, better schools, less crime, and a clean environment.

Instead we have been given Cassini.

I'm tired, but I'm not tired of yelling, because nothing has changed. More nuclear launches await. Worse even than that, "Y2K and nukes" awaits, and the importance of that is perhaps a million times greater than that of Cassini. Time is running out on all of us.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to write these newsletters and I'm sorry we couldn't change the course of history.

Russell Hoffman
Founder and Editor,
STOP CASSINI newsletter -- now in its 174th edition before the flyby of Earth

Media note: The author has been invited to appear on the local (San Diego) station KPBS tomorrow (August 17th, 1999) at 6:30 pm (two hours before the flyby) for about 15 minutes, they tell me, on Adolfo Guzman Loper's show.

Russell David Hoffman
Carlsbad, California

Peace Activist, Environmentalist, High Tech Guru:

Founder and Editor of the Stop Cassini newsletter:

Learn the madness of NASA's ongoing nuclear policies! Visit the Stop Cassini web site:

Y2K worries? We've got em! Meltdowns, EMPs, Terrorism, you-name-it:

Facing facts: Learn about The Effects of Nuclear War here:

What is a half-life? (Compares Plutonium 238 to Plutonium 239)

What is the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)? Is nuclear war winnable?

Hug a tree! Read why it should matter to you what happens to the great Redwoods in California:

Why you need encryption: An interview with Phil Zimmerman: (also available in Spanish)

(5) Plutonium percentages on board Cassini:

These percentages are INCLUDING the Oxygen and are the weights at launch time:

Pu 236: 0.0000010 (half-life of 2.851 years)
Pu-238: 70.810 (half-life 87.75 years)
Pu-239: 12.859 (half-life 24,131 years)
Pu-240: 1.787 (half-life 6,569 years)
Pu-241: 0.168 (half-life 14.4 years)
Pu-242: 0.111 (half-life 375,800 years)

Other: 2.413 ("small amounts of long-lived actinides and stable impurities)

Oxygen: 11.852

Total: 100%

(SOURCE: NASA, 1995 EIS for the Cassini Mission, Table 2-3, Page 2-18)

(6) What you can do today to stop the Cassini flyby of Earth:

Tomorrow if all goes well Cassini will do its flyby of Earth. Today Cassini is still over a million miles away. It should be IMMEDIATELY redirected away from Earth's manmade orbital debris field and away from Earth. To stop Cassini and other future mad-scientist launches, please redistribute this newsletter to everyone you know! Chances are they have never heard of Cassini, never visited our STOP CASSINI web site, never heard of or considered the effects of the Electromagnetic Pulse that will undoubtedly start a nuclear war if one occurs at all. And chances are good they would not even be able to tell you who played Dr. Strangelove (and two other roles) in the movie of the same name! There is a crisis in education in America and around the world -- you can take it seriously or you can let it kill you. But if we all join together and oppose this impending global destruction, maybe, just maybe, we can convince the powers that be to put down their genocidal toys.

To learn about the absurd excuses NASA used to launch Cassini and its 72.3 pounds of plutonium in 1997, ask them for the 1995 Environmental Impact Statement for the Cassini mission, and all subsequent documentation. At the same time, be sure to ask them for ANY and ALL documentation available on future uses of plutonium in space, including MILITARY, CIVILIAN, or "OTHER" (just in case they make a new category somehow!). To get this information, contact:

Cassini Public Information
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena CA 91109
(818) 354-5011 or
(818) 354-6478

NASA states that they do not have the resources anymore to answer most emails they receive. Liars! They have $13 billion dollars to play with. They can answer the public's questions!

Here's NASA's "comments" email address:

Daniel Goldin is the head of NASA. Here's his email address: or

Here's the NASA URL to find additional addresses to submit written questions to:


Be sure to "cc" the president and VP and your senators and congresspeople, too.

Always include your full name and postal address in all correspondence to any Government official of any country.

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