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We need to clear up a error regarding the mysterious "project engineer". It was not he who called the Art Bell Show, but rather it was Karl Grossman, who read a transcript of the call the purported "project engineer" made to NC-WARN.

Sincerely, Russell D. Hoffman, Editor, STOP CASSINI NEWSLETTER

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By Russell D. Hoffman
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It is now clear that the caller to the Art Bell show was NOT the project engineer himself but actually Karl Grossman, who read a transcript of the message that was left on NC-WARN's answering machine. Apparently my original contacts did not realize that that was what they had heard and thought it was the actual project engineer making the call, and when I checked the Art Bell web site, they had not yet posted information about Karl Grossman's call.

Here is the information from Art Bell's web site regarding the call:



8/19/98 Wednesday / Thursday

Art discusses The Cassini Mission and the pending slingshot manuever with [Karl] Grossman, an investigative reporter. Also, Art has astounding news he will bring to you through Jim Warren of WARN, Waste and Reduction Network, along with Mr. Grossman. This info has not been confirmed, it was received by an anonymous phone call to Jim Warren's organization. Mr. Grossman reads a transcript of the call pertaining to the Titan rocket failure last week in Florida involving a plutonium based energy cell that was on board. Here is the Sound Clip of that call..


This means, of course, that the "project engineer" is not near so bold as I had thought, and not near so likely to get caught if indeed anyone wants to catch him, having only made the one initial call. But he has still, as intended, stirred up a hornet's nest of scuttlebutt.

Also, I should note that I have now heard a copy of the tape, and the guy sounds like a pretty good actor. In other words, he is much more convincing as a sound clip than as a transcript, for what that's worth. (You can read a transcript in newsletter #69).

We are still left with a fairly bold person, though not quite as brazen as I had thought. And, there certanly may still be some important truths BEHIND what this person had to say, even if what he ACTUALLY says is hogwash. And if "they" are bugging anybody's phone that has heard the tape, they probably could have caught this guy by now. Someone would recognize the voice. If he has been caught, he should be presented to the public.

*** A level-headed view from the Mailbag:


At 08:53 AM 8/27/98 LS wrote:
Dear Russell,

I have been following the information flow about a possible plutonium generator on board the Titan which blew. I am skeptical because some radiation should have been detected somewhere that is not under national security control. At the same time, I would not put it past the national security gang to be using such generators and hiding any losses. My thought is that the story about the plutonium may well have been put out as misdirection and appears to be succeeding.

What we do know is that a Titan IV was destroyed upon launch, that the Titan IV is the same rocket which carried the Cassini, and that, therefore, the NASA probabilities of a launch accident, presented in the EIS and to the court, were dramatically wrong.

Those who support using the plutonium generators know full well that we now have the proof that NASA's probability assessment for launch accident was not credible and, therefore, a serious question is raised about the probability assessment for an inadvertent reentry and burn up during flyby. How better to deflect us from focusing on that irrefutable information in our public education campaign than to dangle the possibility of a plutonium generator on board the lost rocket? We may spend weeks following that possibly false trail without ever developing the proof or eventually face an official denial that we are not able to counter. Meanwhile, all the energy behind the same rocket, false risk assessment, and questions raised about the flyby will be dissipated.

Just a thought.



[NOTE: The editor of the Stop Cassini newsletter no longer considers this to be the "level-headed" view it appeared to be, so soon after launch. Rather, it is the view of someone who wishes (for whatever reason) to avoid what should have been the quintessential incident following the launch of Cassini. The editor, that is, believes that the Titan IV which exploded August 12th, 1998 contained at least one RTG, and furthermore he believes there WAS a release of some sort in the explosion. That release was NOT monitored by local (misguided) activists, and then a storm scattered any available evidence. (Winds were out to sea at the time of the launch, making detection difficult if an accident occurs (and protecting the local populace somewhat, but protecting the global environment not at all). Detection would have been difficult, but hardly impossible, however the effort was not made. -- rdh, 19990711)]


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