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From: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: HE CALLS ME UNAMERICAN -- Note to NKS subscribers from Russell Hoffman January 9th, 2004 + Comments from readers

January 9th, 2004

Dear Readers,

First, I want to thank those who stood up on my behalf against Mr. Mount's absurd criticisms (see below).

Long-time readers know that I have said for many years that there is a "Nuclear Mafia" at work in America.  Letters like those from Kenneth Mount -- hardly the first like him I've faced, and unlikely to be the last -- show that these people operate with a bravado, an aggressiveness, a fearlessness, and a shamelessness that is unlike anything any of us experience in everyday life.

On the one hand, Mr. Mount claims (erroneously), that computers were invented in order to do calculations for rockets.  When I point out that they were actually invented to calculate the trajectories of artillery shells during WWII, he corrects me -- angrily -- and says that mechanical computers were invented in the 1890s.  But were Herman Hollerith's mechanical computers invented to do space orbital calculations -- his first point?  Of course not.  He just wants to fight.

(Besides, he's ignoring the earlier inventions by Wilhelm Schikard (1623), Blaise Pascal (1642), Joseph-Marie Jacquard (early 19th Century), Charles Babbage's famous "Difference Engine" (1820s), Charles de Colmar machines (mid 19th Century), and Frank Baldwin's 1872 improvements (Gosh! Isn't the Internet wonderful?)).
Kenneth Mount calls me unAmerican.  I have addressed that issue in the past and, in the note below, I give some indication of my own "heritage", of which I am very proud.

How many other activists has Mr. Mount attacked?  Is there one honest anti-nuclear activist out there who has not faced the same sorts of attacks I have been subjected to, year after year?

Adults normally don't fight.  We send children off to war, and let them fight it out.  We don't fight, but we do kill our young.  We pollute their environment with cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, and other poisons, such as those mentioned by Mr. Mount.   How many people do you know who still smoke cigarettes, despite knowing it will very likely kill them?  Probably quite a few.  Nearly all probably want to quit, and they should.  But how long did it take to convince these people that they are killing OTHER PEOPLE, too?  It's been barely 10 years since "second-hand cigarette smoke" has been legally recognized as a carcinogen.

In California, the windows of all the new cars now display new stickers, warning that there are dangerous carcinogens inside the car, which waft into the air for years to come and especially while operating the vehicle, and especially from a new car.  This, obviously, is the result of years of litigation somewhere, about something, and the car company lawyers must have realized that they need a strong disclaimer.

But our nuke plants offer no such warnings.  The nuclear industry and their government lackeys merely tell us the nuke plants are utterly safe.  They tell us we don't understand the laws of physics if we don't think so.  They tell us the nuke plants emit nothing, and they tell us we don't know a thing about how they work if we don't think so. And they tell us the nuclear waste problem is solved.  It isn't.

The Nuclear Mafia steals money from future generations, and lives from all of us.

Mr. Mount calls me unAmerican.  He has thrown down the gauntlet.  I fully intend to find him and sue him.  Because in America, we don't get mad.  Instead, we go to court.

One of the Big Nuclear Lies is that a little radiation is perfectly safe.  Added to this first big lie is that a little more radiation is still safe. The Nuclear Mafia never changes its tune, even when all those "littles" have added up to a doubling, and a tripling, and more, of the total radiation dose we each receive over a lifetime, which coincides with other statistical facts, such as the general increase in cancer and heart attack rates.

Nuclear hazards are very hard to study, but enough studies have been done which prove there is a significant danger, and the proof is now being suppressed.  Every nuclear power plant in the country needs to be shut down forever. We could get more than enough electricity from renewable energy -- in under ONE YEAR!  How could this be done?  By forcing several large corporations to switch products.  Not capitalist enough for you?  Why not?  Chrysler made tanks during World War Two.  Halliburton sells Kuwaiti Oil to the U.S. Army in Iraq for inflated prices right now.

Why can't we demand that all jet ski, snowmobile, and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) manufacturers build wind turbines, and when they are allowed to go back to making jet skis, snowmobiles, and ATVs, they have to be electrical, not gasoline powered (this would kill many of the arguments of the "environmentalists" who want to ban snowmobiles from various national parks, wouldn't it?).

In 2003, about 115,000 snowmobiles, 75,000 "personal watercraft", and about 700,000 ATVs were sold in America.  If, for every TEN of these complicated machines, we built just ONE 2 megawatt wind turbine, we could close ALL nuclear power plants and many fossil fuel plants, too.

Honda alone sold about 1.35 million vehicles in America in 2003.  If instead, for one year, they made ONE 2-megawatt wind turbine for every TEN of those vehicles, they could make 135,000 wind turbines, which, at 2 megawatts each (not even the high-end of today's technology), could produce more than enough electricity to close all the nukes in the country.   That's all it would take.

GM and Ford and all the other car companies could go on making cars and trucks that whole time.  Honda ALONE could do this.

There's nothing unAmerican about demanding a sane environmental policy from our large multinational corporations, from our government, and from the other people we live with on this earth.  In fact, doing ANYTHING ELSE is not only unAmerican, it's insane.

Our current environmental policy is insane and needs to be changed, and the first change is -- close all the nukes.  I think we can solve the rest of the environmental puzzle, once that is out of the way.

There's a lot of radiation in our environment already, and a lot of rusting containers of radioactive sludge which are seeping ever-more into our environment every day, and it's time to STOP.

For saying these sorts of things, I get letters like Mr. Mount's.  I get people like Ken Chang, writer for the New York Times, writing to say he thought I meant "sloppy" when I said "fake", as if he can't hear very well, no matter that I spelled it out more than once.  I get people like Gary L. Jones, director of environmental enforcement at the Government Accounting Office (GAO), ignoring every letter I wrote her, and then suddenly demanding to be removed from this list, as if she had ever read one single word.

I get a lot of abuse from the Nuclear Mafia, it's true.

But I also get letters like those shown below -- thank you all, again, for your support.

Warmest regards,

Russell Hoffman
Concerned Citizen
Carlsbad, CA

Below is correspondence between Jack Shannon and Kenneth Mount, Gai Ooglesbee and Mr. Mount, and Hans de Jong and Mr. Mount.

Correspondence between Jack Shannon and Kenneth Mount:

Subject: Re: I feel sorry for you.....

Sounds to me like your the one who is crying.

I was "laid off," as you put it, for exposing outrageous deficiencies at a
nuclear plant, i.e., 3 plants w/o emergency core cooling systems or containment
At the time I was 56 years old, with 30 years of GE service. They did give me
a disability pension [never told me what the disability was] and I got SS
security disability without ever being interviwed by SS or given a medical exam
by SS, first time in the history of the Country.

 Try to get a job at 56.

You seem to think that I have no right to fight back against the Criminal
Actions of the DOE/GE. Well, I do have that right. I came up through the ranks in
the Marines Private to Major [we are called Mustang Officers], and guys who
can do that never stop fighting injustice.

I don't know why you got laid off, and I hate to see it happening to
Engineers because this country will wake up someday and find out that only the
engineers can save us from financial ruin, not Harvard business School jackasses.

You love George and Ronny, good you deserve them. I thought Reagan was the
worse President in the History of the Nation, plus he committed treason, until I
saw George at work. Now there is a piece of work.
Good luck. Your going to need it.
John Shannon


Subject: Fwd: I feel sorry for you.....

Guess he's not interested in some facts.

Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 16:35:45 -0800 (PST)
From: kenneth mount <>
Subject: Re: I feel sorry for you.....
In-Reply-To: <>

You are waisting keystrokes as I am not going to
bother to read your E-mail. I did see that you are
retired from the marine Corp though. Thank you for
your service to my country. I truly mean that. AND I
am comfterable with my beliefs.
--- wrote:
> To:
> From John P. Shannon [
> I have dozens of comments to make about people with
> your mentality.
> Conservatives who have their minds made up
> independent of the facts. Like most
> conservatives it is better to have lots of toys
> [Mercedes, two houses, eight
> bathrooms, you get the picture], and use as much
> energy as possible to run these toys,
> which includes putting a man on the moon, etc.
> You probably think that Americans should eat as much
> steak as they want and
> let the poor people of the world starve [every day
> 350,000 children starve to
> death in the world, 25,000 of these children in
> America].
> Most Americans barely make it every day, while the
> defenders of the great
> American free enterprise system steal billions every
> day. The free enterprise
> system now consists of Haliburton making a
> guaranteed 8% by dealing only with the
> American military, used to be 3%, until Haliburton
> became about 25% owner of
> the USA and 100% owner of George Bush.
> Read a book, any book to find out what is really
> happening concerning the
> destruction of the world, and our part in that
> destruction. Does landing someone
> on the moon feed a single child or stop the
> destruction of a single species? I
> don't think so. It gives a hell of a lot of NASA
> engineers useless jobs doing
> useless work. It also helps NASA develop smart bombs
> that can kill people 40
> feet below ground people, by the way, who were not
> involved in the destruction
> of the world trade center [most of them were Saudis
> -- as I recall]
> I don't really know what political party you belong
> to but I can and my guess
> is you are probably a
> Republican/Conservative/Fascists. The Republican
> party
> has done everything it can since 1861 to make it
> impossible to form Unions,
> maintain Unions, stop welfare programs, destroy
> unemployment programs for the
> majority of Americans who need these programs. Stop
> a National Health care
> program.
> Today [1/8/04] I/we found out from the Carnegie
> Endowment for International
> Peace that George Bush lied to Congress and the
> American people about the WMD
> and the reasons we had to fight in Iraq [an
> impeachable offense].
> I could go on and on about the
> Republican/Conservative Party but why bother.
> Republicans usually are not concerned with facts,
> just getting rich and
> screwing every else.
> I will now give you some information about Nuclear
> Power [my field of work
> for 30 years]. Nuclear Power is intrinsically
> unsafe, and will never be safe, we
> will never find a way of disposing of nuclear waste,
> the DOE/NRC are
> intrinsically corrupt [as are most Government
> agencies -- including the FBI] the
> agencies charged with overseeing Nuclear Reactor
> Safety, as well as nonreactor
> safety in the USA.
> I spent 30 years as a GE Nuclear Engineer assigned
> to the Nuclear Navy
> program.
> Their is not a more unsafe Nuclear Program in the US
> and not a word hits the
> papers about it, a fact I did not become aware of
> until I became a manager in
> the program during 1982. I wonder if the lack of
> disclosure has anything to do
> with the fact that all of the networks are owned by
> big corporations.
> I wrote a report exposing the entire Naval Reactor
> safety matters and got my
> head handed to me. And I'd do it again.
> As part of the war that
> GE/DOE/FBI/GAO/OPM/Judges/Justice Department/DOE-IG/
> etc., it's a long has waged against me since 1985 I
> found that four GE
> managers had provided false information to the
> Office of Personnel Management as part
> of a security clearance investigation. I brought the
> information to the FBI
> and they stated that it was not the policy of the
> FBI to investigate these
> matters. The problem is that such action is a felony
> and must be investigated, as
> a criminal matter, by the FBI. The FBI probably has
> a different set of
> regulations than those posted on the Internet.
> If the real truth were exposed about Nuclear Power
> every single plant would
> be closed overnight and the leaders of the DOE/NRC
> would be put in jail for
> being the criminals that they are. Virtually every
> single power plant in the good
> old USA is now being run with unsafe pressure
> vessels. The originals were
> designed for twenty year lives, and without the NRC
> doing a single calculation
> these pressure vessels have been blessed for another
> twenty years as being safe.
> Great Science. I'm sure some Scientists/Engineers
> were fired for complaining
> about such deficient technical work, but no matter
> the industry keeps on
> marching.
> I'm tired of writing. Russ if you have anything to
> add go ahead.
> John P. Shannon, Major USMC [Retired]
> Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer

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Correspondence between Gai Ooglesbee and Kenneth Mount:

To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: An apology of sorts from Mount

From:  <> 
Date:  2004/01/08 Thu PM 11:51:31 EST
To:  kenneth mount <>
CC:  <> 
Subject:  Re: Re: The "Blumin' idiot" label desturbs Mount

Mr. Mount:

I am not a sir.  I am a female National advocate who the USDOE/USHHS/USDOL agents refer to by my nickname.  I haven't gone after the "US government", yet.  I go after their minion caretakers.  Where have you been?  The US
President and his staff "admitted liability for their nuclear caretakers' negligence and abuse that caused death, disease, and suffering of untold numbers of victims and their families."  Where were you when the 9th Circuit
Court of Appeals recently established a precedent by overturning condemned and publicly reprimanded Yakima, WA Federal Judge Alan A. McDonald's unfavorable decision in a very controversial case.  A three panel judge assembly said, "Any dose of radiation is harmful."  The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the sick Plaintiffs could proceed to trial because their statutes begin
when the USDOE Contractor admits their wounds were caused by their workplace exposures.

Yes, WE are living an an era of revelations.  I can assure you, that you don't seem to get it.  But, that is not Russell's or my fault.  You seem to have to learn the hard way.  So, keep going in that direction. 

Don't be out on our WEB sites if your only purpose is to criticize and call us vile names.  I am sorry you have lost loved ones.  I just buried a dear friend whose six mutated children are buried across a little path from her gravesite. 

Every fourth or fifth generation shall be affected according to the World Science Observers who wanted to follow my family and I around for the rest of our lives in 1994 which I refused.  I have high profile expert witness and a team of 10 International experts who completed a packet of supporting evidence that I am irreparibly damaged by ironizing radiation and components.  I and four others were matched with cohorts.  One of the victims was born with no eyes., etc. etc.  Obviously, you haven't experienced enough yet.

I will leave you with this thought.

No, "death is not the end; it is but a passage that WE all must take."  Think about it.  I am of Christain faith. 

The Father is the only one who knows all and sees all.  "GOD never changes his mind."  He states 37 times in the Bible that he despises evil.  You and I don't
understand evil of the kind you simply dismiss as your right to analyze.  Satan and his followers aren't my charge to deal with?

Peace. . . Gai


From: kenneth mount <>
Date: 2004/01/08 Thu PM 11:12:33 EST
Subject: Re: Re: The "Blumin' idiot" label desturbs Mount
I am truly sorry for your family I would wish that on no one. I agree with some of what you said even.....the problem is that I do not believe that all cancers are caused by radiation exposure. Although some are of course. If your family has been subjected to radiated material from some source you can show me I would be more then willing to help you fight for the justice that you deserve.....but to simply point atthe united states government and say well
they must have done it......I am sorry I don't buy that and you should not be trying to sell it.....its weak.

To: kenneth mount <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Re: Re: The "Blumin' idiot" label desturbs Mount


Not so fast, there, oh shallow one.  There are nine members of my family currently battling with the medical effects caused by cancer and exposure to radiation/components.    This would include my 8 year old little cousin who has terminal brain cancer.  That makes me a stakeholder, doesn't it!  It is the nature of your messages that indicates you are definitely an abusive little fellow who is definitely not an humanitarian.

You came on line to attack an alliance member, confidant, and friend who is very knowlegeable.  Okay!  So, you tucked your tail between your legs and claim you are innocent.  You wrote the script!  Just evolve to understand what being "sick" means due to your day by day toxic exposures you can't avoid.

You aren't the hurtest of us all, yet;, or you would be as experienced as Russell is. 

Your lessons learned will be noted if you "go away" and don't waste Russell's valuable time promulgating your vile language and piti-pot reactions. 

Russell does support humanitarian issues every day.  You don't reflect any creditionals.  So, who are you?

I will pray for your recovery! 

No -- "Death is not the end.  It is only another passage that WE all must take."  GOD's wisdom through Tolken. . . a Catholic Chritian who was the author of "Lord of the Rings" -- a fierce battle between good and evil.


From: kenneth mount <>
Date: 2004/01/08 Thu PM 07:37:40 EST
Subject: Re: The "Blumin idiot" label desturbs Mount
Good. Then leave me alone.

--- wrote:

Usually a "horses ass" who is also "dingy" refers to others in the same manner.  Go ask any qualified phychiatrist.  I forgive you, though, because obviously you don't know any better.  Your messages prove that and what you are.  So go impress whoever you feel will listen to you such as the poor person who is listed as a Cc recipient.  What is it that you don't understand regarding the thousands of victims who believe you are a blumin' "idiot."
I don't mingle with pitiful and troubled individuals with many axis to grind for reasons such as you present.
From: kenneth mount <>
Date: 2004/01/08 Thu AM 11:32:02 EST
Subject: Re: Your  attacks on a well-rehearsed and experienced National advocate

At least your friend was polite and seemed are a horses ass. Pro nuke.....I am pro advancing humanity and if that requires the use of atomic energy so be it. And I did not attack your buddy, I simply made some suggestions for his website and I probably should not have used some
of the descriptive language that I did which I appoligized to him for. However, clearly you are a horses ass and can go to hell. I understand that satan uses nuclear fusion to generate all that heat so you better wear your lead panties!
--- wrote:
Other alliance recipients undisclosed --
Mr. Mount:
You must be an blumin' idiot for coming on line like this to attack a National alliance advocate in good standing.  There are thousands of us.

You do know that you represent a dying breed of pro-nuke activists who wear your stupidity on your sleeve each time you open your vile mouth regarding this particular subject. 

You and your comrades do try to stay healthy for the rest of your natural lives after ingesting the many toxins year after year.  Your families don't deserve your stupidity if your are aware and simply need a nuclear position to survive.

Gai Oglesbee, Manager
National Nuclear Victims for Justice

Correspondence between Hans de Jonge and Kenneth Mount:

Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 23:31:03 +0100
From: Hans de Jonge <>
To: kenneth mount <>,

        "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: another website to feel sorry for....

another website to feel sorry for.... (see below)
In April, 1964 a U.S. military satellite with 2.1 pounds of
on-board fell back to Earth and burned  up as it hit the atmosphere
spreading the toxic plutonium globally as dust to be ingested by the
of the planet obvious is that millions of people have contracted cancer
from this concentrated Pu particles. No one can proof this fact but
can imagine this fact together with all the nucllear bomb tests and
is the claim of 1.3 billion victims in the nuclear age not far from the
With regards,
Hans de Jonge

[Hans included many items from that web site; the full email will be posted online]

Kenneth Mount's xenophobic response to Hans de Jonge's email:

Subject: Re: another website to feel sorry for....
To: Hans de Jonge <>,
        "Russell D. Hoffman" <>

OK I knew something was up. Neither one of you guy's
are Americans. First off there have been only three
re-entries of spacecraft with radioisotope thermal
electric generators in history and the one listed
below is bullshit. What was the name of this
Where did it re-enter and contaminate earth? It is a
fact that only the Russian space agency and former
USSR space agency have had these accidents. Here are
the facts you may verify and I suggest that you do.
Cosmos 954 in 1978 launched by the USSR as military
spy satellite in low earth orbit. Contaminated a small
area of Canada and the USSR paid a lot of monetary
compensation to the Canadians. It was stupid to put
that in LEO. Cosmos 1402 launched by USSR fell in the
Indian ocean in 1981....again stupid to put RTG's in
low earth orbit. Mars 96 in 1996 which was a Martian
Lander re-entered over Chile launched by the Russian
space agency. Reparations and such were paid by
DONE THIS. Please give me the name of the American
space craft and location it re-entered the can't because it did not happen. Out
of all these accidents that caused contamination, only
Mars 96 was a launch failure. Do the math.....30,000
attempted launches into space by the world since 1957.
0f those approx. 5,000 launch failures. Of those 5,000
launch failures 80 % happened before 1968. 20 % of
5,000 is 1,000. Of that 1,000 launches there have been
10 American spacecraft with RTG's all sent to deep
space except for Ulysses and Viking one and two. Also
improvements in technology (provided by previous
missions) have made American launch vehicles much more
reliable so we will factor in a 50 % increase in
reliability of the launch vehicle. So we have 10
launches of RTG's. so 10 launches X 1000 failures
divided by 50% gives you a roughly .5 % chance that an
RTG from an American launch vehicle would re-enter the
atmosphere from a launch failure. Thatís 1 in 200. I
can live with that risk for the potential benefit to
mankind. I don't believe the Netherlands has a
successful space program and neither does Germany. I
can not think of any benefits in human kind that were
developed in the Netherlands. The Germans although
politically foolish are brilliant but only WW2 German
scientists ever had an impact on the space program
although it was a big impact. Hey if you want to hate
NASA or America fine, at least you don't live here so
I don't have a problem with that. All I ask is that
you hate America for factual and not made up reasons.
You should know Hans that you could be speaking German
right now and so could I. Lastly I read the stuff on
the animated software sight about atomic and nuclear
weapons. I found it informative and reasonably correct
technically. There couple exaggerations though. the
Tokyo fire storms of 1945 were led by 1000 B29 bombers
and 500 P38 and hellcat fighters. they were much more
destructive and deadly then both the atomic bombs
combined. It says that the "Excuse" for using it was
to save a million soldiers which it
failed to mention however that it also saved millions
of Japanese to by surrendering. Japan WAS a formidable
fortress by 1945 with almost the entire population
ready to die for the emperor.........Japan militarily
was in ruins but the Island of Japan had one hell of a
defensive set up. It is likely that an American
invasion would have cost 500,000 to 1,000,000 American
GI's and 5-7 million Japanese. In contrast less the
500,000 dies from immediate effects and likely another
250,000 for radiation. that is a  lesser of two evils
and the good of the many out way the good of the few
which Spock so eloquently said in Star trek 2. Simple
/Proud, Republican, conservative American PROUD as
hell of my countries accomplishments..... Ken  

My response to Hans:

January 8th, 2004

Hi Hans,

Thanks for your support.  You might be interested to know that my father fought in WWII and in so doing, helped liberate Europe.  He slogged through Italy, France, Belgium, your country, and into Germany (he has five battle stars and two invasion arrowheads).  He spent 150 days straight in combat at one point, mainly as a mortar man, but also as a radio operator / forward observer for the mortars.  He also "liberated" a camera at one point, took pictures of Jews incinerated by the Nazis in a barn during their retreat -- those pictures now hang in a museum in Israel.

My late uncle was a career military man around the time of the Vietnam war.  I am of course born in America, and love my country dearly.  It's too bad it has so many people like Mr. Mount in it, though.  I hope America can recover from the scars such people as he have inflicted on our already-spotty history, but I don't know if she/we can.  The going is very tough.


Russell Hoffman
Carlsbad, CA