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January 8th, 2004

In the correspondence below, notice how this person's letters start out claiming he doesn't want to insult me, while at the same time saying my web site is "brown and smelly" etc. etc. etc.! It is truly sad that this is the level of support that keeps NASA going. You'd think NASA would be ashamed to have friends like this... but then, who knows -- maybe they are!


Russell Hoffman

Carlsbad, CA



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From: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: Re Re Re: I feel sorry for you.....
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Mr. Mount;

Computers were originally created to calculate the trajectories of shells, not rockets.  I've been a computer programmer for about 25 years.

And I guess you must have missed the absurd spread in the National Space Society's summer (2003) issue about the need to procure contracts to rocket nuclear waste into space.  It's good YOU realize it's a crazy idea (except when someone calls that waste a power or heat source), but your compatriots, unfortunately, are not even that wise.

The rest of your letter is full of fallacies and fantasies as well.  You are obviously a very troubled individual who is suffering, at the very least, from coprolalia.


Russell Hoffman

At 12:16 PM 1/8/2004 , kenneth mount <> wrote:

What the F@$#@%Q#@$% do you think that computer your
typing on is powered by jackass. 12 % of it is from
nuclear energy. In your opinion, why do you think that
you are not balancing your checkbook with an abacus?
In your opinion would your beloved computer even exist
if there was no need to calculate the dynamics of
space travel and other complicated calculations? Do
you know why electronics miniaturized so fast and
became so light and powerful.....I will tell you.....
Because it was required to achieve successful space
exploration as every pound sent into space is about 10
- 15 thousand dollars and that need drove the
electronics industry to develop that DELL DUDE. Do you
like that cell phone in your pocket? It would likely
have to be strapped to your cars re-enforced roof if
the space program did not exist. Do you use
electricity? If you do then you are using nuclear
power, isn't that a little hypocritical? Do you like
the internet that allows you to spew your ridiculous
point of view? Look, of course its dangerous and of
course I don't think any amount of 238 is safe and no
I would not prefer it be rocketed into space. If there
was a viable alternative even it were costly I would
support it whole heartedly BUT there is not and I did
not see anything in regards to compromise and
alternatives besides just not going at all which is
not acceptable. Besides the world has already been
radiated (Canada) from a Russian nuclear powered low
earth orbit satellite. That was a stupid design since
solar power and batteries would have worked fine. How
many times has NASA sent nuclear power plants into
space......let me count the 10 and
11. Viking 1 and 2 Landers. Voyager 1 and 2. Cassini.
and likely a few more that I am not remembering. And
not one micro gram of radiated material EVER has been
released into the atmosphere. As far as sending
nuclear waste to the sun.......any 100 IQ type guy
would see the numbers of several hundred thousand tons
of waste and realize it was not a possibility. There
is a reason that Americas space program has been so
successful and why NASA has been the ONLY space agency
to send man made objects to the surface of mars, Venus
, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.....not to
mention Neil and well as exploring their
moon systems......because the are awesome and I
believe they have improved my life. The meek shall
inherit the earth.....everyone else will go to the
stars! Enjoy the Earth with you and a few thousand of
your buddies,,,,,,I will be keeping company with the
several hundred million people around the world who
realize that risk is a required evil for any kind of
human advancement! People like you command no respect
except from a chosen few.......people like Christa
McCalluf and Ed Chaffee and about another 20 or so
people that gave their lives so you could have your
precious computer to spew your BS in a free society
are exemplary examples of heros. Enjoy the internet
which was origanally called the arpenet and was
developed so scientist could share data......on the
space program. Leave me alone now I will puke if you
send me more of your crap.

--- "Russell D. Hoffman"
<> wrote:

Mr. Mount,

I asked you how much Pu 238 you think is dangerous
(will kill 50% ofthose who inhale that amount) and
several other questions for which youcould have given
exact numeric values, obviously none of which you
areable or willing to answer.

So I am forced to conclude that you don't really know
what you're talkingabout, and are just another blinded
NASA supporter.  If 400,000Curies of Pu for one minor
exploratory mission is not too much, then what
would be too much, in your opinion?  Where would YOU
set thelimit?  4,000,000 Curies?  40,000,000 Curies?
Do you haveANY number that would change YOUR support
into rejection?  Do youthink we should get rid of all
nuclear waste by rocketing it intospace?  If not, what
do you propose we do with it?

By the way it's also obvious you didn't spend a lot of
time at my website, anyway.  What books on the subject
of radiation dangers haveyou read, and are you going
to answer my other previous questions or justtry to
continue to BS your way out of this with lame and
vaguemeanderings about how wonderful space exploration


Russell Hoffman

At 08:24 AM 1/8/2004 , kenneth mount
Well what a surprise. I thought I gave yousome good
suggestions. You know it is not my intent to insult
you since I believe you are trying to accomplish
something nobel. The point is your website is listing
about 45 degrees LEFT. I would not want to inhale any
Plutonium. I don't want to inhale carbon monoxide
either or eat eat fish that are mercury laiden. Since
there is NO benefit to mankind from poisening our food
and air, except for a few greedy people, Why don't you
try to effect some change there. My point sir is
simple. There are too many benefits to human kind to
simply not do the mission and with current technology
there is no other way to do the mission. As I
suspected you have no alternatives or compromises in
mind, just a demand that everyone see it your way. And
incidently I do have tremendous respect for NASA, ESA,
JSA, CSA and the russian space program. All of which
are brilliant examples of what mankind exemplifies!
And in stark contrast to you.......I hope that you
will learn one day that not everyone is willing to sit
on the sidelines, some of us want to play the game!
One other thing to consider.......Why don't you do a
little research and you will find out how many things
you personally have benefitted from that were
developed in the space programs of the world. Good
luck with your website but I am affraid that even
modestly inteligent and informed individuals will see
your website as I did.....Right up there with the flat
earth society, the fake moon landing crap and the
elvis sightings web sites. Good luck you are gonna
need it. Are you planning to look at the pics from
cassini? Are you at all curious what the hyguens
lander will land on when it touches down on Titan?
What it looks like and is made of? I am and I am not

--- "Russell D. Hoffman"
<> wrote:
> Mr. Mount,
> In your opinion, how much plutonium 238 is perfectly
> safe to inhale?  What
> studies do you base that opinion on?  How much Pu
> 238 does it take to kill
> 50% of the people who inhale that amount?  How much
> worse is Pu 238 for
> developing fetuses than for adults (which I presume
> you are, since I'm sure
> your parents wouldn't let you write such
> potty-mouthed letters)?  How large
> are the particles which are ideal for lodging
> permanently in the human
> lung?  How large are the particles NASA's Pu would
> have been turned to, if
> Cassini had incinerated during the flyby? What
> mission failed one month
> after Cassini's flyby of Earth?  What is your own
> experience with this
> stuff, besides writing email flames in support of
> NASA's pseudoscientific
> arrogance?
> I see no reason to take down any part of my web
> site, least of all because
> of your vile letter.
> Good day.
> -- Russell Hoffman
> P.S.   I suggest you contact the GENERAL ACCOUNTING
> OFFICE of the U.S.
> Government if you really think my information is
> inaccurate, because I have
> assured them it is well-researched and the facts
> I've presented are
> unassailable.  Ms Gary L. Jones is the head of the
> environmental department
> at the GAO.  Here's here email address:
> "Gary L. Jones" <JonesGL1@GAO.GOV>
> "Dwayne E Weigel" <WeigelD@GAO.GOV>
> (Dwayne Weigel is an assistant to Ms Jones.)
> Of course, if you have an actual correction to make
> to my web site, I'd
> love to see it, and I'm sure this reporter for the
> New York Times would
> also be interested:
> "Ken Chang" <>
> At 08:46 PM 1/7/2004 , kenneth mount
> <>wrote:
> cc: Cc:
> Your web site regarding Cassini is not accurate. You
> are spewing something brown and smelly with it and I
> truly feel sorry for you and your type. Nothing
> risked....nothing gained.....oldest lesson there is
> to
> learn....If the country or world was run by your
> type
> we would all be [s#itting] in holes and hunting for
> our
> dinner pulling our women around by the hair. Look I
> don't want to insult you but if you want people to
> climb on board your band wagon here is how you can
> do
> it. First take the propaganda and spin off of your
> website. Next show a comparison between the risks
> and
> the potential gains ACCURATELY so that visitors to
> your website can make up there own mind. Last, like
> the Democratic candidates for president have NOT
> done,
> Present a reasonable alternative to LIMIT risk and
> still do the mission perhaps with some compromise. I
> do not like radiated material going over my head
> either but I do enjoy plumbing and microwave ovens.
> And I have the desire like most humans to learn and
> advance human knowledge so that we can one day
> figure
> it all out. Think about it. There are some accurate
> facts on your website too but for starters you could
> suggest a way to generate 200 watts of electricity
> continuously for 20 years without nuclear material
> at
> a distance of 1.5 plus billion miles from the sun.
> Hey
> I am with you if you have any ideas besides solar
> panels the size of Siberia. I would be the first guy
> to sign up. Please present some alternatives for
> your
> visitors. You know there are still people who
> believe
> the earth is flat, and there are people who believe
> the Neil Armstrong walked in a movie studio and not
> on
> the moon. These morons who can not even grasp a
> simple
> concept like rocket power, Gyroscopes and simple
> photography are right up there with this website of
> yours in my opinion and if you have one ounce of
> honor
> and intelligence you don't want modestly intelligent
> people to think of your organization as member of
> the
> ostrich brigades sticking their heads in holes and
> denying the facts.
> Think about it and good day.
> /Ken Mount
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