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Dear Readers,

The real PATRIOT ACT -- the one that needs to be passed, not the one that was passed -- declares the United States of America a nuclear-power-free zone.

It declares Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction ILLEGAL, even for superpowers.

It declares that the public shall be told the full truth about America's enormous nuclear waste problem.  (It's everywhere.  It's growing.  It's unsolvable.)

It declares that NASA -- and SPACE -- shall both be demilitarized.

It declares the individual's right to live in an clean environment -- one where the so-called "background radiation level is NOT creeping up and up and up every year, causing the premature DEATHS OF MILLIONS.

It declares radiological weapons immoral and ceases operation at LANL, ORNL and other all WMD facilities.


Russell D. Hoffman
Senior Policy Advisor
Planet Earth
HQ: Carlsbad, CA , USA

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House Republicans today released their agenda for the U.S. nuclear weapons
program. The report expresses nostalgia for the Cold War and calls for a
return to development of new nuclear weapons. It endorses preemptive nuclear
strikes and declares the "end of arms control." The white paper was drafted
by a subcommittee of the House Republican Policy Committee chaired Rep.
Heather Wilson (R-NM-1), whose district includes the Los Alamos nuclear lab.


Below are some excerpts from the report: House Policy Committee,
Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Differentiation and
Defense: An Agenda for the Nuclear Weapons Program, February 2003.


The full report can be found on Rep. Wilson's web site at




David Culp, Legislative Representative

Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quakers)

Tel: (202) 547-6000, ext. 146


February 13, 2003



There is no obligation to wait to be hit first. There is a limited right of
anticipatory self-defense in some circumstances, even if it is not certain
that a strike is imminent. (p. 4)


The timeframe to be prepared to conduct an underground nuclear test must be
reduced to no more than 18 months, and possibly as low as 12 months. (p. 6)


The President should have options -- the options of conventional forces, of
precision conventional weapons, and of nuclear weapons that are capable of
holding all targets at risk. The Congress should continue to support the
study and evaluation of munitions to hold hard and deeply buried targets at
risk in order to ensure robust deterrence and effective Presidential options
if needed. (p. 7)


During the Cold War, America had an active advanced development program that
explored ideas for new or modified nuclear weapons . . . The 1993
prohibition against research on low-yield weapons (under five kilotons
yield) is a significant barrier to a robust advanced development program.
(p. 8)


Congress should consider repealing this ban . . . The Congress should
support the revitalization of the nuclear weapons advanced development
program. (p. 8)


The United States should use its intelligence resources and technological
capabilities to overtly and covertly disrupt the supply and efficacy of
weapons of mass destruction being sought by countries and sub-state entities
whose interests are contrary to our own. (p. 11)


The End of Arms Control . . . There is some potential to strengthen
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections, and develop stronger
export control regimes with likeminded states. But these efforts alone are
marginal and cannot be relied upon to significantly increase America's
security against those who would threaten us. (p. 13)


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