Gary Robbins' (Orange County Register) additional libelous comments to Russell Hoffman -- June 16th, 2001

From: "Russell D. Hoffman" <>
Subject: Re: Your libelous comments to me. An apology+ is expected
Cc:,, California Senators, governor of California

To: Gary Robbins, Orange Country Register
From: Russell Hoffman, Concerned Citizen
Re: Your libelous comments to me. An apology+ is still expected
Date: June 16th, 2001

Mr. Gary Robbins,

Your letter this afternoon (shown below) is anything but an apology for your biased comments, unfair criticism, misrepresentations, and general unprofessional behavior.  In my previous letter to you, I laid out my claim very carefully as to how and why your remarks were libelous (and rude, etc.).  I still expect you to be fired, and a formal apology be made, and other appropriate retributions from the Orange County Register, including that a fair description of this incident being published in the paper in a timely manner.

But your libel of me is only the tip of the iceberg.  Your unforgivable transgression is the betrayal of journalistic values and the right of the public to know the truth.  This is why we protect freedom of the press as one of the most basic American valuesSo that the public can learn the truth.

Sometimes bias is simply a matter of not reporting relevant facts.  Or not even investigating them.  The public cannot evaluate what it does not hear about.  I shudder to imagine what the results have been of your bias, in your reports of various problems at SONGS, let alone on all the other issues I sent you information about, like renewable energy solutions for California.

The value of freedom of the press to society depends on the honesty of the reporters.  You have violated the public trust by your libelous comments to me, and in so doing, you have shamed your profession.  And that is your real crime.  And I find it hard to believe that your reaction to me is an isolated behavior.

Each day SONGS operates, it creates more than 500 pounds of High Level Radioactive Waste along with a ton of new Low Level Radioactive Waste.  We have no place and no way to safely store the waste.  The problems with Dry Cask Storage are many, including lack of proper government oversight, as I've written about in the documents I sent you and our Governor and others, and posted at my web site.  Documents you obviously didn't read before dismissing my claims and libeling me.

I can't see any reason for a meeting between us at this point.  I've provided you with plenty of information which you or your paper could use as the basis of several in-depth articles which could, if properly written, fairly and without bias look at all the facts of each potential energy solution.

From this point forward, I ask that you not write me, or phone me, or try to communicate directly with me in any way.  All further communication from you or other Orange County Register staff (or their parent companies, subsidiaries, contractors, etc.) should be directed to my lawyer, ..., whose practice is in ...; He will be expecting to hear from you on Monday.

Russell Hoffman

Carlsbad CA


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Mr. Hoffman:
      If you'd like to get together for lunch to talk about your concerns
regarding San Onofre, I'd welcome it. I enjoy talking with readers.
Newspapers wouldn't exist without them.  And government wouldn't exist
without "concerned citizens," as you described yourself.  But as I stated
earlier, I must look at all sides of an issue. You can reach me at my
office at 714-796-7970.   Gary



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