Description of LABELER diskette labeling software

Makers of LABELER diskette labeling software for antique 3.5" computer diskettes -- to see our CURRENT LINE of educational software products, please CLICK HERE!

Diskette labeling software

There was a time when nearly everyone needed to be able to label diskettes easily. This program is for when you need to label 9 or more disks with the same label. You can include blank areas to hand-write specific label information.

VERY EASY TO USE -- if only it still had a use!

  • This program labels both 3.5" and 5.25" labels
  • For 3.5" labels, prints not only the front and back of the label, but also prints the title on the spine for easy diskette identification.
  • Written by Russell D. Hoffman for his own in-house labeling needs.
  • Print unlimited number of labels with or without sequence numbers.
  • Totally WYSIWYG on a dot-for-dot basis.
  • Store unlimited label formats on your hard drive.
  • Drop in your own logo or use one of our generic images.
  • Compatible with AVERY label stock numbers 5196 and 5197.
  • 150 DPI printer resolution so 512K printer RAM is enough.

LABELER: Great in the short run!

Here is a bit-map image of a 3.5" diskette label created with LABELER.

SHAREWARE! License fee is just $15.00!
Requirements: IBM PC or compatible. LABELER runs in VGA screen mode.

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Our software
is hand-crafted
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