History of THE HEART: THE ENGINE OF LIFE educational software

History of THE HEART: THE ENGINE OF LIFE educational software



A classic educational tutorial


Please check out comments about earlier versions of this animated classic educational tutorial, which has been available since 1986 and used by tens of thousands of people. It was originally programmed in an Assembler Language animation tool; it is now available in FLASH!

During part of its long history, early versions of the program were marketed as "shareware". Although THE HEART: THE ENGINE OF LIFE is now a commercial product again, we accept "hardship" cases and allow those users to "pay what they can". Please ask for this special discount where appropriate. No one will be denied the right to use this program to learn about their heart!

Beating Heart Featured Top Pick by The Free Software Store the week of October 7th, 1996!
"If you have an interest in your heart or would like to see some of the excellent animation effects that P11 can produce--this is certainly worth a look."
Featured on What's New opening screen on CompuServe September 18th, 1996!
Averaged 600 downloads a day!

Read what reviewers have said:
Pumps & Systems Magazine, March, 1996:
"Takes the viewer on a complete exploration of the heart...From this program I learned how this remarkable pump feeds a 30,000 mile distribution system and an equally long waste collection and treatment system. Thus, the human heart is a dual source multi-destination circulating system, one of a fantastic magnitude..."

ComputerCraft, September, 1993:
"Wonderful animated expositions and tutoirals on heart functions...It explains the heart's conductive system, and the cardiac electrical cycle that can help you to understand the relationship between your heart beat and the waveform [it] produces. The Engine of Life analyzes your risk factors, too."

Physicians and Computers, July, 1993:
"Very easy-to-use...the menu-driven interface allows me to easily navigate the various sections...interesting and educational."

PC Laptop, December, 1992:
"Actually more comprehensive than the training that hospitals provide recovering heart patients...With a little luck, it might even help someone change their risk factors before it's too late. Life - now that's a gift."

LACS Journal, February, 1992:
"Maybe "tutorial" isn't the right word - "owner's manual" describes it better...This program is for anyone who enjoys the wonders of a PBS nature series. It is that well done, that well written, and, by the way, so inexpensive, that anyone with a heart should have it."

Here are some user comments:
  • Really great graphics/animation! C.G.; Pittsburgh, PA
  • It's a great program. J.L.; Acton, MA
  • I am interested in other medical programs similar to this one... M.B.; Gainesville, FL
  • What a superb concept, especially for the lay person! P.H.; Grass Valley, CA
  • Excellent program especially for me who has a heart problem. I understand my heart much better. K.B.; Plaistow, NH
  • Great program. W.R.; Lansing, MI
  • Excellent program - I have had two bypass operations - this is something every cardiologist should have! R.G.; Raleigh, NC
  • The animation helps my students visualize something that was two dimensional before. - T.W., Tandala Hospital Full Text.

Written by John Keenan and animated by Russell D. Hoffman.

Our software
is hand-crafted
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