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Artist Garret Izumi

Phone: (510) 790-0375

Starting March 19th, 1997 Garret Izumi's new series "The Big Bang" can be seen in the Willamette Week, Portland, Oregon. WAY TO GO, GARRET!!! To enjoy more of Garret's work please ask your local paper or alternative weekly to carry Garret Izumi's Strangely Dark Yet Lightly Flippant Comic Art!

Big Bang

The above comic strip first appeared in Garret Izumi's series The Big Bang, Willamette Week, Portland OR.

sheep to slaughter
Copyright (c) Garret Izumi


Copyright (c) Garret Izumi

"Strangely dark yet lightly flippant comic art."

Garret Izumi's business card

39120 Argonaut Way, Suite 731, Fremont, CA 94538

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